Chapter 14

A furious looking Arthur and Leon stormed past Cundrie's chambers, making her wonder what else could have happened to possibly elicit such a response. Alis clung tightly to his sister's wrist as she began to follow them, before shaking his head and pointing in the direction of Gaius' chambers.

"They came from that way," he stated. "There must be something wrong with Merlin, we should go see if we can help him."

Cundrie couldn't falter her brother's logic, so the pair of them scrambled towards the elderly physicians chambers, fear slowly clenching at their hearts.

They weren't alone. Guinevere was fed up of waiting for her husband to return from whatever had occurred, and so had slipped on a warm cloak before stepping into the cool corridor. Her curiosity only intensified as she noted that there were no guards patrolling the corridors, the majority of noise seeming to emit from the courtyard.

As the young queen peered out of one of the large archways that overlooked that area, she was shocked to see a mass of bodies still littering the yard, with scores if knights clearing the massacre.

What on earth could have happened, she thought to herself, before making up her mind to see Gaius, for she wanted to make sure he was alright.

As Gwen made her way towards Gaius' chambers, she noticed two small figures creeping along in the inky black corridors. As she got closer, she noticed it was Cundrie and Alis, so she decided to follow them. Maybe they hold the answer as to what has happened.

Cautiously, Cundrie knocked on the elderly physician's chambers, before gently tugging down on the latch and opening the door. Inside, the sight that greeted the two children shocked them. Merlin was convulsing heavily, gasps and whimpers escaping the young warlock's mouth every few seconds. Gaius was frantically trying to comfort his unconscious ward, pressing an icy compress to the clearly fever ridden forehead.

"What happened Gaius!" Alis yelled, startling the elderly physician out of his fumbling.

"Alis, Cundrie, is there anything you need, it's only I'm very busy right now," Gaius asked wearily, his voice combining exhaustion with the fear for his ward.

"We saw Arthur go past our room looking very angry, and we wondered whether it was something to do with Merlin," Cundrie said. She leaned in closer to Gaius. "Is it something to do with his magic?" she asked cautiously. Gaius dropped the glass beaker he had been holding, but worse still, a gasp was elicited from behind Cundrie, revealing a very upset looking Gwen.

"Did you just say that Merlin has magic!"

I know this is both short and late, however I've spent the last week trying to extend it to no avail. However I am already working on the next chapter, so if you want to suggest what you want next feel free :)