A.N.: E/O challenge, the theme this week is bars! So I figured why not have a little bit of Bobby/Rufus fun. 100 words on the dot. Hope you all enjoy and thanks to anyone who reads this.

Disclaimer: Not mine. A little bit of me dies every time I have to say that.

"You finally awake?" a soft feminine voice chirps by his ear.

"God," he mutters, running a hand down his face to clear away the drool and bile.

"I prefer Darlene, but God will do." She replies, placing a tall glass of heaven in front of his face.

"What," he swallows, attempting to talk.

"Happened? You and MJ over there spent all night drinking my best whiskey."


"And rattling my bar windows with karaoke."


"The best of Journey."

"Oh, just kill me." He groans.

"Me too." Rufus grumbles.

"No way, not before you two pay your tab."