Here's a companion shot to "Ways to piss off Rose."

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Tell him Rose doesn't love him

Have Rose yell at him

Have Tasha kiss him

Kick/Knee him in the nuts

Tell him he can't fight

Deport him

Tell him his family is dead

Kill Rose

Kill his charge

Bring Ivan back from the dead, then kill him again right in front of Dimitri

Try to turn him Strigoi

Make him hurt Rose in any way possible

Tell him Rose is pregnant with Adrian's love child

Make Rose kiss Adrian in front of him

Call him an embarrassing nickname that he doesn't like

Turn Rose into a rock

Then throw her into a stream

Make Rose cry

Exile Rose

Put him in a coma

Bring Victor back from the dead

Tell him you killed Ivan

Knock up all three of his sisters

Insult Rose in any way

Have Adrian hit on Rose in front of him

Call Rose a blood whore