Title: All of the unsaid

Summery: What happened after the kiss? A Craby!

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The kiss itself really only lasted a few seconds, but to Carter and Abby it seemed to last forever. This moment was what both of them had wanted for so long. This moment was what the had waited for. This moment was….over. Carter and Abby broke apart to catch the breath just as Susan had walked in.

" Hey guys, I thought that the two of you might want these. " Susan said, holding up to syringes and a bottle of the smallpox vaccine.

She gave the doctor and nurse their shots, and then left, leaving Carter and Abby alone.

An awkward silence filled the room.

Okay, Abby thought to herself, this would a good time to speak. But Abby had no idea what to say. The kiss that she had shared with Carter was great, there was no denying that, but that's all that it was…a kiss. Or was it? No….she had let her guard down once, she wasn't about to do it again. That's all that that kiss was….a moment of weakness. No matter how much she wanted it, Carter and her just couldn't happen. She loved Carter. She always had. And that was why they couldn't be more than friends. It wasn't that she was afraid of getting hurt herself, that had happened to her enough times that she was sorta immune to it, but if she ever hurt Carter she could never live with herself. So, instead of doing what her heart wanted her to do, Abby forced a smile and headed out of the exam room.

" Abby, wait a second. Abby… " Carter yelled after her.

Abby stopped and turned around.

" Don't you think that we should talk about this? "

But before Abby had a chance to answer him, Luka came running down the hall calling out for Carter.

" Carter, there you are. Kerry is looking for you. It seemed pretty urgent. "

Carter stole one more glance at Abby and then disappeared.

" Are things okay between you two? " Luka asked her.

Abby just glanced up at Luka and then back down at the ground, " I don't know. " She said, " I guess we'll have to wait and see. "


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