Title: All of the unsaid ~ Chapter 2 (Complicated)

Summery: It's the day after the kiss. Has Carter and Abby's relationship changed? And if so….is it for the better?

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Author's note: I apologize again for any spelling or other mistakes that may occur in this chapter. Oh…I also put the song Complicated by Carolyn Dawn Johnson in the beginning of this b/c I just think it fits Carter and Abby perfectly. Enjoy…



I'm so scared that the way that I feel, is written all over my face.

When you walk into a room, the room becomes a hiding place.

We used to laugh, we used to hug. The way that old friends do.

But now a smile and a touch of your hand, just makes me come unglued,

Such a contradiction,

Do I lie or tell the truth?

Is it fact or fiction?

Oh the way I feel for you.

It's so complicated

so frustrated.

I wanna hold you close, I wanna push you away,

I wanna make you go, I wanna make you stay.

Do I say it?

Do I tell you how I feel?

Oh I want you to know,

but then again I don't.

It's so complicated.

Just when I think I'm under control,

just when I think I got a grip,

another friend tells me that

my name is always on your lips.

They say I'm more than just a friend

they say I must be blind.

Well I admit that I've seen you watch me from the corner of your eye.

Oh it's so confusing,

I wish you'd just confess,

but think of what I'd be losing

if your answer wasn't yes.

It's so complicated,

so frustrated.

I wanna hold you close, I wanna push you away,

I wanna make you go, I wanna make you stay.

Do I say it?

Do I tell you how I feel?

Oh I want you to know,

but than again I don't.

It's so complicated.

I hate it,

'cause I've waited

so long for someone like you.


The next day…..

As Abby walked into the bust ER she couldn't help but think of the hurt that she had seen in Carter's eyes yesterday. She had never wanted to hurt him. All she wanted to do was prevent both of them from getting hurt. Because, let's face it, when it came to relationships, Abby didn't exactly have the best track record.

After she put her coat inside her locker, Abby immediately set out to find Susan. She knew that their budding friendship was still a little bit undefined, but she had to talk to somebody.

Carter was rifling through some charts when he saw Abby come out of the lounge. His idiotic Instinct told him that he should duck down behind the admit desk. So….he ducked down behind the admit desk. He did want to talk to Abby about last night, but he had no idea what to say to her. Plus, he didn't want to push her either. Suddenly Carter realized that he was still on the floor.

" Carter? " Jing-mei asked, noticing her friend on the floor. " Uh…what are you doin'? "

" Uh…I was, I was looking for my, my…" Carter's eyes darted around until they finally focused on something on the floor next to him, " My…dead bug. " He said unsurely, as he stood up and showed the bug to her. Just then, Abby walked back by and Carter dove back down under the desk.

" Oh….I get it. " Jing-mei said, finally getting what was going on.

Carter got up off the forth and gave her an " I have no idea what you're talking about " look.

" Right. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that Luka's in Exam 3 if you still need to talk to him."

" Oh, yeah I do. Thanks Deb." Carter said, has he headed off towards Exam 3. Part of him was telling him that he was crazy. Was he actually going to talk to Luka about his kiss with Abby?! He had to talk to someone. He was going nuts thinking about it. Plus…who else was he going to talk to? Gallant? He could….but Gallant was usually the one that was always coming to him for advise, so it might be a little weird. Not as weird as talking about it to her ex-boyfriend though. Carter thought to himself. He could talk to Deb about it. But he kinda needed a man's opinion on this. Pratt? Well….Pratt was Pratt. Carter took another second to catch his breath, before he opened the door to Exam 3, and walked in.


" You kissed?!" Susan shouted with excitement.

" Shhh….I don't want the whole world to know." Abby told her.

" This is so great! I can't believe this. Wow…."


" Wow," Luka exclaimed, " This is…wow."

" Yeah….that's what I thought too." Carter told him.

" Uh…when did this happen?"


" It happened last night, when we were quarantined together."

" Uh-huh. Wait a second….you two didn't…."


" Sleep together? Are you crazy?! No…we just kissed." Carter told him.

" Okay….so what happened after you kissed?"

Carter sat down on the gurney across from Luka. " That's when Susan came in. She gave us our vaccines, and then she left."


" And….Abby looked at me, and then she just smiled and walked away."


" You just smiled and walked away?! What is the matter with you?!"

" Look, it's more complicated than that."

" I don't see what's so complicated. I mean, you two are obviously crazy about each other."

Abby remained silent and just starred down at the ground, " I just don't know what to do."


" You need to talk to her. You two just need to sit down together and, and talk."

" It's not that easy. I mean….it's complicated." Carter stood up and headed towards the door, " I just don't know what to do. "

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End of part 2

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