You open your eyes and smash your alarm clock to stop that high pitched ringing. Tumbling out of bed you look into your mirror to see a 16 year old girl with a mass of black hair curled up in different directions, bright green eyes behind crooked round glasses, and a smiling buck tooth face. You push up your glasses to straighten them and make your way to the restroom. It was pretty lonely on this island of yours, and you barley see Bec anymore; which made you feel anymore alone.

After going to the restroom, you start to plan your day, which will hopefully be without your sleep attacks. This is why you wake up early everyday! You figure if you're going to sleep most of the day at different times, why waste the day with sleeping in? You walk over to your way back to your bed and uncaptchalogue your Lunchtop to login to Pesterchum. Right as you sign in, you scroll down to see who's online. Of course Rose and John won't be on considering they "grew out of Pesterchum to be with each other" but still manage to get on now and again.

You see the last person in the list is Dave and it seems he has logged in as well. Double clicking on his name, you open a conversation with him.

- gardenGnostic [GG] began pestering turntechGodhead [TG] at 9:22 -

GG: hi dave!

TG: sup harley

GG: oh nothing just chillin!

TG: cool

GG: how about you? :D

TG: just catchin up on my bad ass mixes

TG: my newest have literally made little kids piss themselves once they heard it

GG: sooooo coooool!

GG: anyway hey dave?

TG: what

GG: i was thinking about how i haven't seen you in while

GG: or anyone of you for that matter

TG: okay and?

GG: i was thinking that maybe i could come to the united states maybe this weekend?

GG: :D

TG: sure that would be cool

TG: where do you plan on staying

GG: oh um … i was getting to that actually

GG: you see its just that since rose and john are always together i was just thinking

GG: and you can say no!

GG: but…

TG: spit it out Harley

TG: i got things to do

TG: come on

GG: okay okay sorry!

TG: go on…

GG: i was wondering if i could stay with you?

GG: :)

TG: sure

GG: really? are you sure?

TG: so sure itll make me piss my pants

TG: for ironic purposes of course

GG: of course!

GG: well gee dave! thankyou!

TG: hey no prob Harley

TG: i can always help out a friend

TG: even if i have to piss my pants

TG: at least it will be with you

GG: im not sure how to take that

TG: it was a compliment

TG: jeez

GG: oh right! sorry!

TG: its fine

TG: actually its better than fine

TG: just go pack and ill pester you when i have the deets

GG: alright! im going to go pack a giant green bag!

TG: k bye

GG: see ya!

GG: 3

- turntechGodhead [TG] ceased pestering gardenGnostic [GG] at 10:03 -


You stare at your screen and see that heart that she always puts. You love that little heart. That tiny, tiny green heart. Of course no one knows about this, since you keep your cool poker face on at all times. You push up your aviators from then sliding down the sweat from your nose. Texas was always like this. Always too hot, so you had a rusty old AC unit in your window. Still didn't help, it was broken.

Seeing that she hasn't responded to you yet, you put your mood as OFFLINE and head downstairs to ask your bro if Jade could stay.

"Yo." He turns to you to answer your presence.

"Sup." His triangle glasses glare from the sunlight spilling in through the kitchen window and onto the old counters and cabinents.

"I was wondering if a friend could stay here for a weekend. It's her first time in the US." Your poker face was unbreakable and you stared deep into your bro's shades.

"Sure that would be fine, lil bro." he returned to… um… doing whatever he was doing you guessed, and you ran up to tell Jade.

- turntechGodhead [TG] began pestering gardenGnostic [GG] at 10:24 -

TG: yo harley

GG: oh hi dave!

GG: im almost done packing!

GG: :D

TG: great

TG: asked my bro and he said it was ok

TG: you coming over that is

GG: aww great! hehehe

TG: yeah

TG: awesome

GG: okay! i have to go now so i can call a plane company! ill call you when i land!

GG: :3

TG: okay

TG: see ya

GG: bye!

GG: 33

- gardenGnostic [GG] ceased pestering turntechGodhead [TG] at 10:31 -


You squeal with joy and run to keep packing, grabbing anything you think would be useful! You grab some clothes, a brush, a toothbrush, your cell, and a few squiddles. Oh and don't forget your I-Pod for the plane! You look up online for a good price on plane travel and settle on a small plane that was going to be at your island at around 11 tonight. This way, you will get to Texas by noon tomorrow.

After setting up the plane and talking with the pilot you can finally relax and think about meeting Dave again. The last time you saw him you were 14 and really couldn't hang out with him a lot from the game being a huge distraction. This would be a great way to get to know him better and try to tell him your feelings possibly. After all you consider him as your best friend.


You wonder when she will get here, but set your inference at probably tomorrow. It was Thursday today so she could spend probably 2 and half days with you, you guess. You sit back in your black swivel chair and think. The thought that keeps coming to mind is her though. You remember what she looked like and had liked her since you first saw her. Her black curls always made you jealous, her bright green eyes could always put you out of a bad mood, and her dorky smile always made you resist the urge to smile back.

Even with the window open and fan turned on high, you felt unbearably hot and sticky. Maybe you should buy another fan? You are pretty sure you can't afford one but think it would be so embarrassing if you were presented to her like this. Even the thought of it made your stomach spin and you stood up to shake it off. Minding the uncontrolled wires, you step through your room and lay back on your bed. The sheets were still messy from your restless sleep but you really could not give a fuck. The draft was better in this corner of the room, you thought, and it was probably because the fan was now pointed directly at you. Houston was an awful place that you have wanted to move from for years, and especially to get out of this heat and old hill-billy apartment.


After getting a call from the plane company saying that the plane was almost there, you felt a wave of relief wash over you. All you have been doing for the past 10 hours was having sleep attacks and gardening. You were kind of thankful for your narcolepsy for once because it made time go by faster. Even though you only fell asleep 2 times, each was about 3 hours long so you only had about 4 hours until it was 11.

You head down to your garden by transpotalizing downstairs and make your way to the pumpkin patch. It all seemed okay but just to make sure you got out your water bucket and poured equal amounts on each orange vegetable. You were glad that you were a vegetarian, but really you couldn't be anything else. You can't grow meat, and even though you have guns, you could never kill and eat an animal. Being like this was your only choice. It made your figure get curvy in all the right places you think, and now you are very skinny and strong. Aside from your smile, you liked your body.


It was getting darker and darker so it was cooling off, finally. You wake up drenched in sweat anyway though from that dream. What was the dream about again? You forget. Oh well, it's not like it was about anything bad or about killing or anything. You were pretty sure you heard Jade say your name several times and you had to find her… or something.

You wipe your arm across your face, taking off your shades momentarily before slipping them back on. You check your phone and are surprised to see a text from Jade.

From: Harley
Sent: 10:56 PM

hehe hi dave! the plane is in the air and i am about to board! i hope you get this! i should see you around noon tomorrow so be expecting me! 3

You stare at your phone and then at your clock. It was 1 in the morning. She sent you this while you were asleep so you just decide to text her that.


From: Dave!
Sent: 1:02 AM

hey harley sorry you texted me when i was sleeping, hope you land safely

You read your phone and simply reply with an "okay" and a smiley. You thought that he was going to be asleep so you really didn't care. You check the time on your cell and read it as 2:33 am. 10 more hours of flight, you tell yourself. You drift off to sleep in the uncomfortable plane seat while you glide through the air.

When you wake up, you can see the sun bleeding through all the windows in the plane and check to see the time again. It was about 9 in the morning and your excitement returns as you unbuckle yourself to relax. You pull out your I-Pod and set it on shuffle so you can enjoy the flight. You peered out the window to see white puffy clouds and you actually saw land instead of water. Since it was around 9 you would think that you were either in Texas or just about to enter it.

You walked up the aisle and knocked on the pilot door. He said to come in and you asked him where you were.

"We are right above San Antonio so about 3 hours away from Houston."

"Alright, thanks!" You return to your seat and plug in your ear buds again and start to drift off again. Only this time, it was a sleep attack.


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