You make your way out of the room after grabbing a cute blue purse and your phone. You take a left and go through a door and see a living area and kitchen. Dave is leaning against the wall and his eyebrows rise when he sees you. He is wearing his Aces suit which is black and has a broken white record on it. His hair is slightly slicked back and is Ben Stiller Aviators are in perfect place.


You see her and can't help but grin and raise your eyebrow. She looked beautiful. Her hair bounces as she walked towards you and her elegant legs make you have to fix your shades. She was so smooth the way she walked, you thought.

"You look great." You say smoothly. She smiles brightly and stops in front of you.

"Hehe you too Stider!" Her giggle seals the deal. You so want to kiss her right now. But you can't, or won't. You cannot lose your cool with her. You just…. no.


You grab his hand and smile at his shocked expression and move toward the door. You pull him to the elevator and go all the way down to meet up with his bro.

"Where's your bro?" You squint through your glasses but you can only see an unattended desk and a plastic plant in the lobby. There were also rugged old chairs that had stains and patches from their years of wear and tear.

"He said he was meeting us at the club." Your hand is still wrapped around his as you make your way to the revolving door. You let go of his pale hand and make your way to his truck, your cheeks flushed.


You really can't believe that she had really just held your hand! Wait… she made the first move didn't she? Damn, you wanted to make the first move. Oh well, at least you have an idea that she really does enjoy you being with her. She did in fact grab your hand like a baby grabs a fucking bottle or something.

You slam the door shut and shove the key in and turn it and the truck rumbled to life. You decide that there should be no awkward silence this ride so you turn the radio on. A really bad rap song is playing and you can see her trying to smile but hating it as much as you do.


You are so thankful when he turns that trash off. The only rap you will listen to is if it is made by him. His mixes are actually quite decent to listen to since they actually have meaning behind them.

"Harley, look in that CD holder there. They are all my mixes that I made for you over Pesterchum through the years. You can pick one if you want."

You open the glove box and find a black leather CD case and as you unzip it, you freak out how heavy it is. It must weigh over 10 pounds! When you open it up, you see each individual CD in their own invisible pouch and you skim over the familiar names. You see "Explore Remix" and think that was probably your favorite. Although you want to listen to it, you mark the place with your thumb and keep reading the names and memories overflow your mind.

You decide that you really want to hear the Explore Remix and place the disk in the disk holder. As soon as it starts playing, you remember the exact time when he sent this to you. You even remember seeing the "NEW" text by the name when you opened it on FRESHjamz.


You turn the wheel to the right and enter the club's parking lot. Right when the guards saw the truck, they immediately let you through knowing that you practically own the place. You do get sick of people bowing down to your coolness but eh. The thing that you are really worried about, but of course won't show it, is your fan girls.

You are nervous as you park in a signature spot they left for you with "STRIDER ONLY" written on a sign in front, because you think that either Jade will get jealous of the fan girls, or the opposite. You figure you will just have to wait and see. You watch her jump out and shut the door behind her and she stands on the sidewalk waiting for you to accompany her.


You observe Dave as he steps out of the truck and you now realize how tall he is. You knew that he was like 5 inches taller than you but you are 5' 6" so he has to be around 6 feet tall. He puts his hands in his pockets and walks next to you as you head up the stone sidewalk to the main entrance. A guard nods and lets you both in and you are surprised how the party almost stops completely when Dave walks in. All the girls came rushing over and offered him to be their date instead of "the dorky freak" he was with.

Your blood boiled and your hands clenched into fists as they kept winking at him and the flirts became almost too much. You could see Dave trying to take your hand and pry away from the group but he was slowly drifted away from you.

"Hey ladies! Dave was with me! Not any of you, so get your slutty hands off of him and stop being so jealous!" You scream and they all turn to look at you, including Dave. Your cheeks turn a dark shade of pink and you step forward to claim your man and he grips your hand and pulls you to a stairway and leans you against a wall.

"Jesus Harley. I really didn't know that you would be so-"

"Gog I'm sorry!"You could feel tears coming, "I just didn't like seeing them all over you." You were about to cry, correction! You were about to cry in front of Dave!

"Let me finish." You could feel the warmth of his hands on your face as he tried to calm you down. "I really didn't think you could be so cool. Back there, those girls would have taken me away from you without even my permission and you sent them bitch-whack crazy. It was awesome."




She hugged you just then. She buried her face and tears into your shoulder and you would have to give up soon. You would have to tell her how you felt and why you thought she was awesome for doing that. You would have to kiss her.

Wrapping your arms around the curve in her back, you couldn't help but take a deep breath. You were Dave strider and you were a fucking nervous freak. You smelled her wonderful hair and her arms wrapped a little tighter around your neck. The world had stopped spinning. You were the only two still in motion.

You rubbed her back gently and thought about how brave she would have to be to stand up to all of those bitches. There must have been at least 15 of them! And then you started to think about how uncool you must look like right now. What would bro say to you now…

Hold on a fucking second.

Where was he?


You are crying into your crushes shoulder at the moment. You really just want to stop, but the tears keep coming. You don't even know why you're crying! Is it because you just embarrassed yourself? No, you don't feel sad…

It was because he just told you he thinks you're cool. Dave Strider, the coolest guy on Earth, said you're cool! Okay then why are you crying? Out of joy? Lame.

You then just stop, and look into his eyes. (Or try to that is!) You lean in a bit closer, feeling his breaths and feeling your heart skipping a beat.

He had leaned in and kissed you. His lips were firm but soft. You kissed back and held the curves of his neck as he wrapped his arms around your back. He broke the kiss, leaving you stunned and bemused.


"You have no idea how long I have wanted to do that." You're voice is so uncool right now, but who gives a shit? You are in love with this girl, and you plan to make it known. You grip her back again but softer this time and push your lips against hers. A wave of happiness went through your body, actual happiness. You slipped your tongue into her mouth and she did the same. You could tell that she wasn't as experienced as you and you probably just took her first god damn kiss. You start to feel like you are controlling this, you mean, what if she didn't want this? What if she only wanted me as a friend? You start to pull away, unsure of how she will take it.


You feel his lips leave yours again and you blush when you realize your mouth is still the same. You close your mouth and try to look into his glasses once more to read what his eyes were saying.

"Why did you stop?" You really hoped it didn't sound as whiny as you heard it.

"I just… I was thinking about how I didn't want to ruin our friendship if you didn't want to kiss me." He uttered. His pink cheeks got brighter and you wanted to scream at him. What the hell does this mean?

"W-What do you mean?" She stuttered.

"I just wanted to know," he started,"How you reacted to this."

"Dave, I wouldn't want to insult you but, why would you ask something like that?" You really wanted to sound sophisticated and not like a 9 year old whining.

"It's just; I think I love you Har- Jade." Your legs went numb. Your were speechless.

"Dave," You were thinking of how to express your love for him in a cool manner, "I know I love you." You saw his eyebrows go up and he pulled you into another deep kiss. Your arms rested on his shoulders and his on your waist and your foot started to rise back like a princess.


You pulled away from her again and grabbed her arms to pull her up the stairs and into your office. You grabbed the CD from the inside pocket of your coat and placed it into the CD holder and played the only track: Jade Eyes.

It was the mix he had made especially for her. It even had her name in it for Christ's sake! It started playing and you made your way over to the couch she was sitting on and plopped down next to her.

"I made this mix for you."

"You make a lot of mixes for me."

"Jade, do you want to know what it's called?"


"Jade Eyes. Just like you."

"Oh Dave!" She pulled you into another blissful kiss and you never wanted to leave this spot.