Chapter 6 the battle were the Three Become Four then the four become 6!

(This is were the dark forest drags the clans into the dark forest)

Then Alex Mercer felt the ground get ripped from this time and area space and Alex mercer started to scream as his body was changed to Human Alex Mercer after that was done he saw that he was alone then he started to wounded then he found James Heller.

Who was doing the same thing and then he said Mercer do know what is going on?

Yes the battle for the clans has started said Alex Mercer

Then the team of Mercer and Heller found were the Three were but they saw a fourth cat their who was some one Alex Mercer knew it was Blossomfall but they were fighting the dark forest but they were not succeeding then the dark forest cats saw Mercer can Heller

Then the leader of the Dark forest whose name was ApocalypseDeath said oh look who shown up Mercerfur and Hellerdoom.

Then the Three and their plus one looked and saw Mercer and Heller. They said that isn't them their just two legs.

Then Alex Mercer said it's me Mercerfur and my team mate Hellerdoom the 6 of us will destroy you dark forest cats you get your best 6 warriors and if they beat us then the clans are yours to take over. But if we win then you will be absorbed be me and Hellerdoom

Then ApocalypseDeath said "Ok let the battle begin" then Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, Ivypool, Thistleclaw, and A Hunter leader the joined them and a Spiked Brawler did to. Then ApocalypseDeath said "Now fight"

Mercer and Heller killed the brawlers with easy but when Mercer looked over he was that Blossomfall had her neck sliced open so Alex Mercer infected her with The Mercer Virus to make her like him plus he gave her all his powers. Then in about 5 minuets the battle was over. Then Alex Mercer, James Heller, and Blossomfall absorbed then 6 best warriors and ApocalypseDeath.

Then Blossomfall looked up to Alex Mercer and said "Mercerfur is that you?"

The Alex Mercer said "yes"

Then the Starclan Leader appeared and said James Heller, Alex Mercer you are going to you time and you are twolegs again so good bye.

The Alex Mercer said "Starclan Leader wait Blossomfall is infected with the Mercer Virus. Also can she come with use and can she become a two leg please"

Then the Starclan leader said ok you have earned it you saved the clans so good by you three.

Then Blossomfall turned into two-leg and then she was wearing a brown tee shirt and blue jeans her hair is red brown color her eye color was bright blue. She stood at 5'6 and looked about 120 lb.

Then she ran over to Alex Mercer and she hugged him. Then the Starclan leader said "good by." Then their was a bright flash

When the flask ended Alex Mercer realized that that he was in his apartment more specifically his room and he saw that Blossomfall was hugging him still then Alex said "Blossomfall were here." then she opened her eyes.

Then she said ok then she kissed him and she managed to push him on to his bed and they started to make out.

When they were done Blossomfall said "I love you Alex"

Then Alex said "I love you to Blossomfall"