Oh gog another AU? Whatever these are a blast to write! This time it's that Dave moved in right next to Jade and lived with John…. only as friends! Hey guys this is Dave/Jade okay? Anyways they are seniors and Dave actually can't keep away from Jade and feel nervous around her… unironically! You'll see why this is called stargazing later. For now how about you get started on this story! ^w^

Jade looked out her window and saw a U-Haul truck outside and two unfamiliar faces. They were two teens one with short blonde hair and sunglasses and another with longish black hair and glasses, almost as dorky as her own. With all the commotion, she had forgotten that she was talking to her friend Rose on Pesterchum and told her something interesting had come up.

The neighbors that used to live in the house next to her had been jerks. They always would yell at her parents if their dog, Bec, would accidently leave the house and run around in their yard. She thought it was pretty foolish on their part though. Everyone loved Bec. Everyone in the neighborhood!

She focused her gaze on the boy with blonde hair. He was wearing a red and white shirt with a broken record on it and tight black jeans with black converses that screamed out cool kid. He walked with his back arched back and took large steps. She kind of thought he was cute, but she didn't even know his name yet, so that was a mistake waiting to happen.

Then she had an idea.

She logged off of Pesterchum and closed her laptop. She looked out of the window again, parting the pale green curtains a little more. She raced down stairs and slipped on some flip flops and made her way outside. She walked down her driveway and onto the sidewalk to walk up to the new neighbor's door. She knocked once and the door opened with a smiling face and a face with no expression.

"Hi I'm Jade! I'm your new neighbor." She said proudly and clasped her hands together waiting for them to introduce themselves. The excited black haired boy jumped in front of the other to give her a warm hand shake.

"I'm John. And this is-"The blonde put his mouth over his friend's mouth so he could introduce himself.

"Sup I'm Dave." He nodded his head and pulled John inside the house behind him.

"Well I really hope you enjoy your stay here! All the neighbors are really friendly!" She starts to back away waving and she hears the John guy giggle and wave back.

"See ya." Jade hears Dave say. She is pretty sure he is still leaning against the open door when she turns her back to walk home, but she is too wimpy to turn around. Plus, what would she do if he was? Smile? Not with those buck teeth of hers. She scurries into her house and up to her room to kick off her sandals and lay back on her bed.

He is too cool, She thinks to herself, I wouldn't have a shot. Jade tries to push the thoughts out of her mind but fails at it. She thought he looked so…. She can't really describe it. Cool? Sweet? Cute? All of these made her feel like she was in middle school again, drooling over some boy she had a crush on.

This was not a crush! She tried to reassure herself. Again, she failed, miserably. She had a crush on the kid next door. She hated herself for being that easy but what could she do?

She stared up to her ceiling thinking of ways to talk to him again and had a brilliant idea. She was called downstairs to eat her dinner and get shower so she started thinking of flaws in her plan. She hadn't thought of one. It was about 7 now and just getting dark. It was still April so it got dark at around 8 but the nights were warm and the stars were beautiful.

After dinner she got her sandals on and headed back downstairs and told her mom that she was going to walk around outside. Since it was spring break, she let her, and she went out the back to the nice big backyard. Bec was in his little dog house and jumped out at the noise she made slamming the door. Running up to her, she remembered that this was the way he always greeted her. She's had him all her life and it amuses her that he doesn't seem to age. Even at being 18, same age as her, he looked like he was 2 still. He even acted like he was a young pup again.

She put her brilliant plan to work and unclipped the chain from his collar so he would "accidently" wonder over into their yard. She would knock on the door, apologizing and maybe getting to smile at him. He darted to the neighbor's lawn and circled around and around. She ran to the sidewalk around front and put on a worried face. She could hear John already giggling and telling Dave there was a dog in their yard and she knocked softly on the door. No answer. She knocked again. No answer. She then found a flaw in her plan.

Since they were distracted with the dog in the back, they couldn't hear her knocking. She decided it would be okay to just go to the back of their house to retrieve Bec. Once she rounded their house and saw that John was rolling around with the dog, she giggled and all the attention was turned to her. Then, she realized again another flaw. They wouldn't know whose dog this was. And they are probably freaked out to just see you there.

"Oh uh sorry! That's my dog!" She says trying not to let her smile show through. "I think his chain was unclipped or something." That wasn't a total lie since that's what really happened. Jade starts to walk to Bec and John and catches a smirk on Dave's face when she walks by him.

"Yo Jade." She heard him whisper.

"Your dog is really fun!" John yells and chases him around.

"Hehe thanks!" She watches as they tumble to the grass in a cluster of licks from Bec. "He seems to like you!" Jade smiles and turns around to try and start a conversation with Dave, but he already was talking.

"John really likes dogs," He says, "It's like fucking Dr. Seuss and his Lorax stories or something." She snorts and he smirks again. Her eyes catch a glimpse of his eyes through his aviators from the glare of the opened door behind them. She stared into them like they were diamonds, no they were rubies. He started to turn a light shade of pink and she looked away to make it a little less awkward. She couldn't resist the urge to look back at him though. Jade looked back into his aviators to see his ruby red eyes were gazing right back at her.

She heard her mom yell her name, which ruined this moment she never wanted to end, and turned her attention to Bec.

"Here boy!" She called and he instantly got up and ran over to her. "Hey this was fun!" She looked back at him and she started to blush herself.

"Yeah, we should do it again sometime." He put up his hand to signal a wave and she did the same. John waved as well with a big goofy grin on his face.

As she strode down the sidewalk to go back to her house, she kept thinking about Dave. Sure he was cute, but was he really going to like her. She didn't want to think about it but her mind kept jumping back onto it. She saw her worried mom on the porch and she waved. Her mom waved back and Jade went to the back and chained up her Bec and sit to play with him. She could barely see through the hedge that divided her yard from the neighbor's and saw Dave and John go back into the house.

"Come on in, Jadie." Her mother called. She got up and dusted the grass off of her skirt and went inside to the warmth of her home. She kicked off her sandals and slowly made her way up the stairs and into her room, shutting the door behind her. She checked the clock to see that it was 11:55 pm and lay back onto her bed. Turning the lights out, she curled into a ball and snuggled under her mass of blankets and squiddles. She shut her eyes and soon found herself unable to sleep.

She sat up and looked toward the window. Since it was directly across the bed, she could see Dave and John's house right in front of her. Through a window to their house she could make out a figure leaning on the window, either facing her or facing the opposite direction. She realized that it was Dave from the outside outline of his shades. Turning her legs and getting up, she made her way to the window.

Heeeeeyyy soooo what do you think? Pretty cheesy right? Whatever! I think this one will turn out pretty good…. Oh and remember that they are like 18 so that's why Dave and John live together… and its spring break right now! Oh also I will be updating this maybe once or twice a day! Happy Memorial Day everyone!

~ Lynn