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"Hey." Is all Jade said as she got comfortable on the slanted roof. She squinted her eyes as she saw the figure's legs swing out of the window so he could sit exactly like her.

"Sup Jade."

There was a long silence between the two houses as both of them seemed to be distracted by the night sky. Jade took little peaks though, to see his expressionless face as it lit up in the moonlight. She was awestruck at how smooth and freckly his face was, the way his nose held his aviators just right, the way his lips so soft and delicate…

Her face flushed as she realized he was looking at her looking at him. He smirked, not that she could see it since they were about 20 feet apart.

"Um… so… the stars are," She clears her throat in hopes to better herself at that simple thing called talking, "The stars look beautiful." She looked up once again to admire the tiny little flickering lights and couldn't help but smile knowing he was doing the same.

"They aren't the only beautiful thing out here." Jade was soon glad at their distance and the fact that it was night since she always thought her blushes were ugly. She looked down and fiddled with her hands that were wrapped around her knees. It was kind of chilly and she started to regret the fact that she was only wearing a tank top and shorts, so she just huddled up close to herself pulling her knees to her chest.

"Well thanks Mr. Smooth." She put her hand up to her mouth to quiet her giggles.

"Hey I was talkin' bout these beautiful houses here. Can't go wrong with fine siding and shingles." His voice was stained with sarcasm and that smirk was still plastered on his face. Jade couldn't help but nod her head and chuckle at his Southern accent. (She loved it though)

"Oh right, sorry for the confusion. I feel incredibly stuck on myself now." Jade shot the blonde a goofy grin that showed off her front buck teeth nicely. As she looked back at where he was however, she could see a corner of his mouth twitch as if he had winked. She couldn't be sure since she couldn't see his eyes though.

"S'cool." Another pause in the night as they were both brought back up to the sky. Jade couldn't really call it a comfortable silence since she really had no idea what to say, but it definitely was not uncomfortable.

"So, where did you move from-" She looked back to where he was sitting but he had disappeared somehow. Her shoulders slumped when she realized he probably just had to go to bed or something. She really liked this boy, he was funny and handsome and seemed really nice, but she guessed that while looking like that and acting like that, he must be a chick magnet. Slowly she got up and turned to her window before a rustle behind her made her stop.

"Yo Harley."

Jade whipped around to see the one and only Dave Strider standing on her roof, carefully walking toward her.

"Oh I thought you left!" Unknowingly, she put out a hand to help him up. "Hey, it's kind of cold out here want to come in?" He squeezed her hand a little and nodded and she pulled him in behind her.

Once inside, the teenagers sat in another silence on her bed. This one was rather uncomfortable unlike the first two. Thought's raced through Jade's mind of what to do next but they were completely forgotten when he took the lead.

"Listen Jade… I uh I know that we haven't known each other for a while but I think you're funny and smart and you're the prettiest girl I met." Now that she could see his face, she noticed his cheeks were dusted with a light shade of pink. Her face burned as he took both of her hands into his own and leaned in towards her.

Then they were kissing. A little hesitant at first since neither of them knew what they were doing, (Not that they would know that the other still had virgin lips), but soon got into the hang of it. A few moments pass and her hands are on the crook of his neck and his arm had slung around her waist to pull her close as they continued to suck on each other's faces.

As they finally begin to realize that they have to breath sometime, they reluctantly break away but hold the embrace. They look into each other's eyes and since Dave's shades had fell askew, his ruby red eyes were visible.

"Wow…" Jade said breathlessly as she smiled up to him.

"Yeah, wow." Nope he wasn't smirking anymore. Dave Strider was smiling. An actual smile, which made the brunette only smile more.

"Want to do it again?" Jade asked.

"Fuck yes." She pulled him down on the bed next to her and began to kiss again. This time though, he snaked his tongue on the edge of her lips until she parted them and invited him in. As he explored the unfamiliar territory, chills ran through her like lightning. When his tongue teased and fought with hers, she practically melted in his arms.

After a while of teasing and kissing, Jade finally realized where this could go. She was old enough, being 18, but was she really ready? Instead of thinking about it too hard, she just rolled on top of him to straddle his stomach, careful to not make much noise.

"What are you doing?" Dave asked. It didn't sound like he didn't want this, just that he really had no idea what she was doing. He soon found out though, when he felt her hands on his pants button.

"I just… Dave listen I really like you to and… and… I don't really know exactly what I am doing…." She stuttered, letting her gaze drift from his stomach to his chest and finally to his soft eyes. He sighed from under her as she finally unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, letting the pressure off his somewhat hard manhood.

"Jeez Harley you work quick." He whispered with a smirk. She let out a breathless giggle and pulled his pants to his knees, then ankles, and finally ripping them off and to the ground.

With a slight twist, Dave flipped Jade onto her back so he was on top of her, pressing his body to hers. The blonde's hands roamed up and down her sides, hips, and thighs, eliciting little gasps from the squirming girl beneath him.

Eventually they got both their shirts off, Jade's shorts, and were now only in their under garments. The two teens hungrily looked over one another, their eyes trying to remember every freckle or tan line. Jade flipped over once again so she was on top and laid little wet kisses on his neck. She kept going down all the way until she reached the hem of his dark red boxers. Fiddling with the hem she finally started to wiggle them down his hips.

"Jade? Sweetheart are you okay? We heard some noise." Her mother was knocking at the door. The two teens both gave each other wide terrified glances before realizing she had to say something.

"Yeah mom I'm fine. I think my calendar just fell or something." She tried as hard as she could to sound like she was sleepy and even yawned at the end.

Ever so carefully after her mother said goodnight and left, they got off the bed and gathered their clothes.

"To be continued?" She quickly kissed his lips before he stepped out of the window with a nod.

"Definitely, see ya Harley."

Jade watched him as he made his way over to his house, climbed a ladder covered in weeds and vines, and jump into his window.