Hello everyone and welcome to my second crossover! As you have probably noticed this one is a Naruto x Percy Jackson Crossover, I decided to make it because when I was looking through the cross overs for it I noticed there was no Sakura! . and considering she is my absolute favorite character well I just had to make one. Any way Hope you all like it, Oh and Before I forget I OWN NOTHING! Takes place just after the Sea Of Monsters.


The Guard of Tartarus

Short pink hair billowed around a young teenage girl as she stood silently on a platform floating above a gigantic hole of darkness. Her eyes were closed and her body was stock still like she was made of stone, she was from ages past and the guard of Tartarus once her time in the world of the living came to an end. She served under the god of death from millennia ago, before even Gaia or Uranus came to be the major gods. Once the titan's took over she took her place as guard of the deep dark that was Tartarus watching all who entered and dared think they could leave. For the millennia that the Titian's ruled she watched and became considered one as well for her immense strength and wisdom. Once they fell Hades came to the underworld he went to her, and dared ask her for her allegiance, she did not agree but she had said that if one were to escape from the bounds of her post she would come to their aid, for she was feared by all who entered the realms of Tartarus.

Hence is now the reason why the pink haired woman now stood upon the edge of the giant hole and stared down into it her lips set in a firm angered scowl. She bore her teeth and was certain that many of the souls trapped within cried in fear as she turned her back and walked away leaving her threat of pain worse than the torture of imprisonment in the dark depths. She stormed toward the obsidian palace of Hades her green eyes burning in anger as souls who crossed her path shuddered and took cover. The large shadow that was Cerberus growled at her before she turned her cold gaze upon him causing the dog to cower back and sit upon the souls that were attempting to go through the gates. "You! Soul!" one of the gate guards yelled moving toward her.

She turned and looked at the ignorant guard her hard eyes flashing in annoyance, she ignored him and continued on the guard huffed and went forward to stop her when she once more turned narrowed eyes focused on him. She raised her hand and chains burst forth from the obsidian ground wrapping around the guards foot. "Leave me be you fool." she hissed, "Less you annoy me enough to throw you into Tartarus." she then turned once more and continued her trek to the black palace.

She threw the doors open slamming them against the walls, "Hades…" she growled menacingly as she entered.

The god turned as the voice echoed through his palace threateningly, his eyes narrowed in anger for who would dare make such a threatening entrance into his domain. "Who dares?" he howled and stomped toward the entrance only to stop as the pink haired woman appeared in the doorway. "Sakura?" he yelped stepping back and his eyes wide, "What are you doing here leaving your post?"

She glared at him, "You know well enough… It is your father who has thought it a good idea to try and escape me…" she snarled.

Hades stepped back his eyes widening even more, "Aa! That well what of your post?" he stammered realising she was probably going to order him to open her way to the world of the living.

"The ones that are still down there have realised that if I even feel them leave they will be destroyed." Sakura answered her anger apparent. "You know why I am here."

Hades nodded and turned to the fire raising his hand in a swift motion and the flames burst forward and swirled up, "Your gate, Milady." he said nervously. She nodded her thanks and walked through the flames.

Once she exited she looked up the hill that she stood at the foot of her eyes scanning over it and rolled her eyes. "Camp Half-Blood, eh?" she muttered and walked up the hill approaching the barrier and only paused looking up at the huge tree that was once the daughter of Zeus. "The Golden Fleece, interesting."

She looked down at the camp below looking straight through the mists and seeing the campers as they slowly roused themselves and headed to the pavilion. She walked forward passing through the barrier already knowing that her presence was no doubt already detected by Dionysus as the wine god appeared upon the deck of the ranch house. Her lips twitched and she nodded her head in greeting to the god, "Hello…" she greeted.

"Hello, Sakura I believe was your name, yes?" he answered

She nodded, "It is." she replied a slight smile on her lips, "I assume you know why I am here?"

He nodded, "Yes, you had told Hades if one of the prisoners of Tartarus was to escape you would come out to drag them back." he answered.

"Good I don't have to explain. Where am I to stay for my duration?" she asked.

"I believe it wouldn't be too hard to arrange a room to be made." Dionysus stated and began to walk along the deck Sakura beside him. "Though we better tell Chiron of your arrival, they will be at breakfast." he explained.

"Alright." Sakura said as they came to the pavilion she looked over the campers that were there. "There are so many half-bloods." she mumbled as she began to count them.

She walked forward Dionysus was beside her as he walked to Chiron. The centaur was looking at her his eyes wide in shock as he took in her form, "Dionysus… why is she here?" he questioned uncertainly.

Dionysus looked to Sakura who smiled at him, "Why else would I be here than other to drag back what has escaped from me." she answered.

Chiron nodded though he still held a nervous stance, "And you are here at the camp why?"

She shrugged, "It's where Hades let me out so I am not complaining it has been enough millennia that I really do not care for where he put me as long as I can see the sky once more." she told him.

By now all the campers stared at her all looking confused and shocked, Chiron looked at all of them then stood up, "Campers!" he declared, "This is Sakura…. She is…" he trailed off looking at her. "Well just do not underestimate her." he said.

Sakura grinned and turned to them, "I will be staying her for the duration of this war…. You would do well not to piss me off." she then turned and looked once more a Chiron. "I will stay in Hera's cabin…" With that she turned and walked away toward the white temple that was Hera's.

All the campers stared after her their eyes wide in absolute shock, "Hera's cabin?" one whispered.

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