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Chapter 5: Welcome to Hell

Sakura grinned to herself as she once more stood upon a newly made platform in front of the training grounds; she looked over all the gathered campers who were looking at her with a more than distrusting stare. "Oh come now, I've seen you lot almost naked why do you still look so tense?" she jeered a now shark like grin on her face.

The campers merely shuddered.

"Alright then." She tossed a faux broken hearted look at them before looking at the list she had made up in the few hours since their examinations. "When I call your names, in groups of three, you are to step forward and go behind the stage where one of the satyrs will take you to your next exam point. You are to stay there and wait until I come to officially start the exam, clear?"

The groups looked at one another before grudgingly nodding to the pink haired hellion.

"Good! Now!"

She began reading out the groups she had established with the help of Chiron and Dionysus. She was enjoying the looks on the camper's faces when they realized none of the called campers appeared on either side of the stage or when most realized they seemed to be paired with people they really didn't get along with. As she came down to the last few teams she smiled as she finally called; "Percy Jackson, Connor Stoll, and Katie Gardener."

Watching as the last teams were escorted away, (flash stepped by her clones), she smiled deviously. "Well now… time for some fun…" she chuckled and disappeared in a swirl of cherry blossoms to start all the teams which had been separated across the valley. "Let the games begin!"

Upon reaching Annabeth's team of which was made up of: Silena Beauregard and Sherman (a son of Ares), she was most amused to see them standing in a small circle glaring at one another, "Hem, hem." She coughed primly.

They turned their dark looks on her, "Where are we? And why are we," Annabeth motioned to the others, "Together?"

"They," Sakura used the same motion as Annabeth, "Are your teammates. Get used to it." Sakura answered smiling, "Now Camp thirty miles that way." She pointed to the east. "You've got a week to get back… oh and you won't be meeting other campers along the way if you were thinking that. Good luck and the pink golems are safe's you can stay by them to heal, strategize and regain your senses. Well what are you waiting for?!" she laughed, disappearing as an enormous red tinged snake erupted out of the trees. She heard their shrieks as they took off.

After another hour she met with Percy's team, smiling brightly at them, "Good morrow my dears!" she greeted. She ignored the fact that Katie was sending scathing looks at Connor and Percy standing uncomfortably between them.

They stared at her, "Camps that way," she pointed north, giving them the same directions as all the other groups, "You've got a week and hopefully you'll make it back half alive." She said finally catching the glaring duo's attention. "Good luck, don't die, and the pink golems can be trusted!" she popped away just as the snarling hounds began to emerge from their hiding places sending the group running in the wrong direction.

Arriving at the camp she gave a faux dark laugh as she took a seat at Ares table, "Darling, be a dear and come down here after the next week, I'll have some brats for you to begin the process of beating into soldiers." She hummed grinning when the portion of her offering blazed up in a most voracious response.

"You're cruel…" Chiron said as he approached, Dionysus had a large bottle in his hand as he followed behind.

"You know I think she's a genius." He piped in, "she gave them the right direction… but her little genjutsu will send them running in circles unless they realize the trick to bypassing it." He laughed handing her the bottle.

Sakura accepted nicely, "Mmhmm, the poor dears… I almost feel bad."

Chiron didn't look as amused, "Should you really have just dumped them into the deep end so soon?"

"Oh posh!" Dionysus waved a dismissive hand at the centaur. "They may be kid Chiron, but none of us have a choice but to treat them as adults. Besides even the youngest ones have already been forced to fight monsters of the vilest Jackaby and the harpy teacher he had. Had to kill his own teacher… but then again it probably shocked him even more when his Latin teach appeared with a horses ass attached."

Sakura choked on her wine as she snorted. "I believe having to turn ones teacher to gold dust would be more traumatizing, but the horse's ass would be most amusing to watch the expression…"

Chiron really didn't look impressed now, "What if ones seriously hurt?"

"Pink Golems show up. Left arm has a stock of ambrosia in it, though it will only give out enough for the injury to be healed to a manageable level." Sakura answered. "Besides, they are against my summons they won't be hurt to the point of fatality. Just maiming."

Chiron sighed pinched the bridge of his nose, "As I said you are cruel."

"What are you going to do when we reach the actual mock fatality?" she queried.

"Mock fatality?!" he exclaimed looking alarmed, "How do you mock death?!"

"That's for me to know and you to find out." Sakura answered.

Dionysus looked both amused and marginally worried. "I concur you are most deviously cruel."

So the week went by as Chiron continued to pester her about mock deaths, Dionysus joining in every once in a while.

The first team that stumbled in came after five and a half days, and that was only because one had accidentally come across the answer to breaking Sakura's genjutsu. Tired, beaten, and one with a slightly sever burn from a monstrous slugs acid, were handed small rations of ambrosia, food and water. Rested for six hours then given packs of more rations before Sakura deposited them in a new area, an island shrouded in mist. Told them to survive for the eight days and left them to wait for the next team.

Oh yes, Sakura was certain that they would hate her more than anything, but in the end they would more than thank her for it.

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