Am I seriously about to write an Adventure Time fanfic? Oh jeezus, I've just taken my weirdness to a new level. I can't stop thinking of the Ice King being all, "So whaddaya guys think about the fan fiction I wrote about you?". Oh well, at least it's better than a Justin Bieber fan fiction. Seriously, who READS that kind of... glub?

Anyways, thanks for reading, I hope you like it. It was harder than I thought to make a Nightosphere character because they're supposed to be average Joes and sheeple and such, but they also live in a realm of chaos and violence. Then there's always the risk of making a Mary Sue. If you want to offer any criticism, I'd be grateful, especially if it has to do with characterization.

Here's a link to a picture of the Nightosphere (I'm sorry you have to take all the spaces out, but if I don't put them in it will be marked as spam):

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Gwen woke up to the sound of an even rhythm pounding below her, as well as a gentle rocking of the surface she lay on. With a start, she jerked herself to her knees and looked around before realizing she had fallen asleep on the back of a Half- Monster demon.

Sighing in relief, she leaned back onto her hands and surveyed the scene around her. It was just an ordinary day in the Nightosphere- fire, stone ruins, demons scattered here and there. The sky was a menacing violet today, she noted, which made the bright orange flames stand out brilliantly. Her eyes scoured the landscape for anything interesting. Seeing nothing, Gwen sank down onto her back again and closed her eyes.

She thought of how she used to travel inside demons like these when her dad was still around, when they used to go scavenging together. He showed her the best places to find food, like deep down underneath abandoned buildings in forgotten cellars, or in cliffside crevices where no one looked. He explained the rules to her that every demon should know: stick to the systems and follow the crowd. When he had been disintegrated by one of Hunson Abadeer's clouds, she hadn't dwelled too much on his death. After all, everyone in the Nightosphere fended for himself. Many demons didn't have any parents around to teach them the rules- if you did, you were lucky, and if you didn't, you figured them out yourself. By that time, she knew what you needed to know. But still, it was nice to remember the time when there was someone else with her.

There had been other demons from time to time that had been her companion. Usually it was when you wanted something that you found someone to help you. But you never stayed long with a group, unless you joined a cult like the Midnight Circle. That was just how it worked.

Gwen realized that she couldn't remain on the Half- Demon's back forever.

"Hey, you wanna let me down here?" she called to it. He knelt knelt down. "Thanks."

The creature got up and sped away. Immediately, Gwen leaped under the threshold of a building to avoid being crushed by the foot of a giant Tarantula Demon. You had to be wary when you lived down here. She waited until it was gone before cautiously venturing back out.

She jumped down the stacked ledges that formed the different floors of the building until she stood on the ground. Gwen navigated carefully around pillars of flame until she came to a strange bridge made of twisting red tendrils. Normally, one would turn a blind eye to them as nothing but supports, but it was common knowledge down here that one could scrounge a tasty breakfast from the strange vines.

Gwen climbed underneath the bridge to where the tendrils formed a tangle of branches that held up the pathway of the bridge. Underneath the thick limbs of plant grew a number of purplish apples. Only agile climbers could reach them, but sometimes peddlers traded them to the demons whose legs were too stubby to reach them. Gwen swung to them and plucked three off of the vine. She bit into one of them with a satisfied crunch. The other two she stuffed in the pocket of her red burlap sack dress for later.

"Hey! You can't go down there! That's restricted property!" Gwen heard a voice say. Alarmed, she jumped up to run until she realized it wasn't directed at her.

She ducked in between two tendrils so as not to be seen. The voice had come from a tall demon with three eyes and two horns that stuck out the sides of his head. He was outfitted with a quiver of broken arrows and a bow that was much too small for him.

"Since when are you in charge of what I do?" said another voice, which must've belonged to whoever the first demon was addressing. It climbed back up onto the bridge, and Gwen got a glimpse of a squat little four-legged demon. She chuckled to herself. Everyone knew that you can't climb with four legs. Even you tried, you would be too slow and get caught, or else not be able to pick the fruit. No one must have told him that, she supposed.

"I'm the policeman!" said the first demon. "I'm supposed to tell people what to do!"

"Who said you were the policeman?" the short demon yelled angrily.

The tall demon started to respond, but having no answer, the four-legged demon took off with a gleeful laugh. The policeman started after him, but just then, both were devoured by a huge mouth- worm.

Gwen laughed and hoisted herself back up onto the bridge. Kicking a couple smaller demons out of the way, she grabbed onto the tail of a giant bat that was flying overhead and held on tight. The bat soared over the sea of lava and a couple of small cities. She saw a long line of hooded figures traveling swiftly towards their temple atop a hill, one of the only well-kept buildings in the Nightosphere. The Midnight Circle, she presumed. Today must have been one of their ceremonial days, because one by one, the figures ascended the stairs, entered the temple, and pitched themselves off the steep ledge on the other side. Even though it was blatantly suicide, the order of it seemed out of place among everything else.

Just then, something strange caught her eye. Something seemed to have appeared down in one of the cities. She let go of the bat and landed a few yards below the thing she had seen. Gwen looked around. No one else seemed to have noticed it. She scrambled up the stone to reach it.

The thing glowed at she stepped apprehensively towards it. It looked to be some sort of light vortex. Gwen noticed that it was blue. That was odd... most things in the Nightosphere were red or black or violet. The vortex gave off a faint hum, as if the energy inside of it was stirring. The light seemed to swirl around itself. The edges crackled oddly with heat.

Her footsteps echoed on the concrete. It felt like the rest of the world had been put on pause, and now it was just her and the vortex. It felt like it was drawing her towards it with its intense blue energy. She didn't know if she would be able to turn away from it, even if she wanted to. But it wasn't as if she wanted to. She reached out her hand and touched it.

Instantly she was pulled into the vortex. A strong wind forced her down a tunnel of bright blue light. She felt hot electricity coursing through the swirls of blue and in the air around. Everything was spinning like a cyclone, and she feared she would pass out. The energy became more and more intense as her vision grew more and more faint...

Suddenly, everything stopped. Gwen found herself sprawled on solid ground. Around her, everything was bright- brighter than the Nightosphere, at least. She blinked.

In front of her was a very strange group of people. They sat absolutely still, their mouths frozen open. Gwen realized she must look the same way. One of the people was a young boy with a green backpack and some sort of animal hat. Next to him was a yellow dog. A small electronic being in the shape of a box was perched nearby, and the other person was... Hunson Abadeer's daughter? They held cards in their hands, and it looked like they had been playing some sort of game before she had interrupted them.

For a few long moments, nobody moved. Then, the boy spoke.

"What are you doing in our house?"