Haley Martin is one of three finalists in the fifteenth competition for the Instant Star crown, a competition where individuals from around the world travel to Canada for a chance at a lucky ticket to fame. Competitors battle with vocals and music on Canada's highest rated international reality television series, Instant Star Universe (a subsidiary of Bell Media entertainment and Epitome Productions, a DHX Media Company. All rights reserved.)

The series will primarily focus around Haley's rise to fame and the effects it has on her and the people around her's life. The series will also focus on the life of the now internationally acclaimed pop star, and original Instant Star, Jude Harrison, as she returns temporarily to Toronto, where her fame, fortune, and success started. Ms. Harrison has been asked to return to her hometown as a guest judge on the surprise finale of acclaimed reality series, Instant Star.

G-Major, the Instant Star competition, and pop star Jude Harrison are a lot more successful, well-known and powerful then the last time we've seen them. Although the series will primarily focus on Haley and her group of friends, we will also follow Jude and catch up on where she's been, where she is, and where she's going (along with who she's taking with her.)

Because Jude is now internationally famous, this series with have a bit more glitz and glamour to it. It'll also focus on some of the darker and more serious issues surrounding the struggles of actually being a famous celebrity. Jude has already made it, but she is now learning to maintain her status and realizing that fame was not all it was cracked up to be. Haley's storylines on the other hand will contrast this, and be a lot more mellow and trivial at times, as she is at the pivotal age of just fourteen and is still really just learning who she is, what she wants to be and what fame means to her.

Author's Notes:

I'm very big on continuity and want this to take place after the actual series. While I posted this story years ago, back in 2012, I have decided to reinvest in it. I am retconning the timeline to have things begin in the Fall TV season of 2018, roughly 10 years after the events of Instant Star concluded. September of 2018 marked Haley and friends' Grade 9 year in high school. Jude is roughly around 29 years old at this point. We are currently in the finale of this cycle of Instant Star, so we're currently in January of 2019 when "Just Gettin' Started" begins. As a writer, I've matured a lot since I started this series. I have a better vision of how I want things to go, and I'm in a point in my life where I can be more consistent with my writing. I hope you'll follow along and leave feedback, both good or bad, as you go!

- Being Famous Rocks, Again