Students begin to pile into a familiar-looking classroom as the loud ring of a period bell reverberates within the hallways of this suburban Toronto high school, reminding the local adolescents their few short minutes of freedom were coming to an untimely end. Haley had already made her way to the classroom and had begun to copy notes from a missed lecture that took place the day before. Ever since joining the Instant Star Universe competition, this had become a regular occurrence for the would-be pop star.

"And what exactly was that about back there?" The sounds of familiar male voice echoed from the side of Haley's perifacial vision. The girl made no effort to engage with the mildly handsome boy whom up until the night before she had shared a deep bond with.

"I really don't have time for this right now, Brandon. Just leave me alone." The tapping noise from Haley's pencil increased in aggressiveness, matching the subtle tones that made up Haley's increasing facial expression.

"I seriously have no idea what's going on here, Hays." The boy remarks while undoing the messenger bag he had carried into the classroom with him from his torso, placing it to his side as he took a seat in the unoccupied desk directly beside his friend. The shorter brunette female adjusted her bangs with her available hand and sighed in frustration as she dropped her pencil onto her notebook using the other one.

"Last night. At the competition. I saw you and Sam totally making out, Brandon. How could you not tell me?" The expression on Haley's face changed from a frustration to slight disappointment as she turned to address the teenager to her side. "We tell each other everything. You could have costed me the contest!"

"We were going to tell you after the competition." He whispers in response as an elderly woman located in the very front of the classroom began to talk to all of the seated children whom had piled in just minutes before. "We didn't want to hurt you or ruin the competition by upsetting you with this." Haley shook her head in disapproval as she adjusted herself and began to write into her notebook again.

"You know, I could have taken it if you had just sat down and told me! You're my two best friends, it's not like I don't want you guys to be happy!" The raise in Haley's voice triggered a "Shh" response from her teacher. "I just wish I had known. This changes things. I mean, it's always been the three of us together. I guess I just never assumed you two would go all Yoko Uno on me."

"We're not breaking up the Three Amigos, Hays. And we definitely didn't mean to fall for each other. It just kind of happened. You've been so busy with all of your Instant Star stuff, it kind of just naturally pushed us to spend some time together. One thing lead to another and-"

"I don't need details!" The girl exclaims as she closes her ears with her fingers.

"It's not like that!" Brandon busts out in reply, embarrassingly watching the teacher as if he had just committed some kind of crime. "I really like her; we haven't even had…sex yet."

"Is there something you two would like to share with the class?" Mrs. Frasier interrupts, crossing her arms in disapproval.

"No, no! Brandon's just catching me up on some of my missing assignments. No biggie." A remorseful Haley shrugs, the guilt of her face indicating to the instructor that her words and actions were two very different things.

"Now isn't the time to play catch up! Haley, see me after class. We need to have a discussion." The pair look at each other in disgust and roll their eyes as they adjust their bodies to the front of the class.

"This convo isn't over." Haley mouths to her friend as the two of them begin to play catch up to the notes written on the board at the front of the class.