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True Agenda

Chapter 8 - What I've Done

Morana took her time heading back to where she last remembered the jet being parked. She had no reason to doubt it had moved, though she would be highly irritated if it had. She was still a little weak from everything that happened in the past couple of days, so she chose to keep walking. She was confident that nothing in this forest would bother her; and if something did, whatever or whoever it was wouldn't be bothering her any more after that. She was heading back to the jet because it would be the fastest way to track down Dr. Williams and . . . discuss her future living arrangements. She wasn't about to give up her new outfit - it was too awesome for that - but she also needed to get her sword care kit from it to prepare her new swords for their task. The one regret she did have was the loss of her Gurkha kukri; she really liked that blade.

Something else to talk to 'mom' about, she thought, a dark grin pricking her face.

"Why are we still hanging around here?" Tic asked as Echo sat down in the jet's 'lounge.' She looked over at the team's leader. "I mean, there's no way Morana could have survived a hit from Zero, or the collapse of that building."

"Maybe Roulet saved her," Sta suggested.

"Why would he do that?" her 'twin' demanded. "She was trying to kill him, if you recall."

"Well, maybe he isn't as bad as Doctor Williams made him out to be," was the slightly hurt reply. "I mean, she's lied to us about pretty much everything else."

"Sta has a point," Echo interrupted. "Roulet obviously planned that building as a trap, and we were dumb enough to fall into it. It was only dumb luck that we managed to survive at all, and a miracle that Nano lived. If it hadn't been for that strike team, whoever they were, we all might have died."

"They were Failsafe operatives," Zero put in. "Elite strike teams deployed to take out individuals dangerous to the company's existence. And the founders of Failsafe were the survivors of the DeathTech massacre orchestrated by Morana forty-two years ago."

"Any reason you're bringing that up again?" Tic said.

"Yes," the mercenary replied. "DeathTech learned from their mistakes with Morana. Their security teams had absolutely no chance against her. When they formed Failsafe, any successful results were applied to their combat personnel. If it hadn't been for Morana and Roulet, none of you would have survived."

"So do you agree with Sta and Echo?"

"If Roulet moved fast enough, and used the teleportation belt he has, then, yes. Morana would have survived, though it would have been a close thing since I used one of my custom long distance rounds to hit her. Superior powder compound, special 'spiral' unraveling of the casing to ensure penetration of non-soft obstacles." She shrugged. "And I never miss. I hit Morana precisely where I intended to hit her." Now she looked over at Echo. "How is Nano doing?"

"She's healing fine, I guess," the other girl replied. "I don't really know anything about her physiology. She's never been injured that badly before."

"It is something to research into. Or, rather, gather data upon, since there more than likely wouldn't be any data available on her people anywhere on Earth."

"It'll be a while, at least, before she'll be able to move about, and longer before she can participate in missions," Echo went on.

"So what's the plan, boss?" Tic asked flatly.

"Well, we can't take off until Nano's more stable; I don't want to risk worsening her," the raven-haired teen responded, sardonically raising one eyebrow. "We can't go back to headquarters, since Williams knows about it. And that would mean that Failsafe knows about it, too. Of course, they know about the jet, but I know the transponder's frequencies so I can generate a blocking field. And Zero has told me about the electronic tracer implanted in the navigational array, so I had her disable the inertial guidance and GPS systems."

"That it?"

"Nope. I'm not like Zero; I can't be a mercenary. I won't speak for you or Sta, or even Nano, but I intend to try and hook up with a super hero group and work with them. I've always wanted to be a hero, and until everything was exposed I thought I was. I can't stay with CATZ, not after this."

"So what are we supposed to do?" Tic demanded.

"I want to go with her," Sta said, drawing her a surprised glance from her 'twin.' "I'd like to do some good, too, without it having to be hidden. Look at the Teen Titans, or the Justice League; they do a lot of good and everyone knows about it. It's not the attention I want, it's-"

"-the chance to be legitimate," Tic finished without missing a beat. She nodded, agreeing with her 'sister.' "Alright, then. Echo, we'll go with you, too."

Zero just shrugged. "I'll go back to what I was doing before I was hired by Williams," she said. "But I'll stick around long enough to help you three, at least, pay back Doctor Williams. As payment, I want this jet."

"Deal," Echo said.

Carter sat alone in another of his safehouses. He had a bottle of whiskey in one hand, and a loaded gun in the other. Most people in this situation would be contemplating suicide, or possibly Russian roulette; not him. For one thing, he knew better since the only thing he'd lose in taking his own life would be his memory. For another, the whiskey tasted much better than a bullet. He wasn't missing Morana, though he wouldn't lie to himself and say he didn't care at all; he knew himself better.

"It wouldn't have worked out," he told himself. "I mean, my body's killing itself, with only my super healing keeping me alive. Wouldn't be a good relationship with that." He shrugged and drank a third of the whiskey. "She looks great, she's the only one - that I can remember - who seems to understand me. But it's for the best that we went our own ways. I don't know if I ever started out human, but I want to be human. I'm tired of living in constant pain, tired of being on the edge of death all the time." He stood and walked to the window in the bedroom. Bracing an arm on the frame, he looked out at the city before him. "Williams made me what I am. I still intend to kill the bitch, but first I'm going to force to make me normal. As far as my DNA is concerned, at least."

Everyone was stunned when Morana walked into the jet. She walked right by everybody, heading towards the back of the jet where she kept her gear. As she walked by Zero, her fist lashed out with blurring speed and smashed the girl's face, knocking her into the cabin wall. Zero had no time to react, so she wasn't able to block it; now, she hit the cabin's floor, unconscious.

"That's for shooting me, bitch," Morana said without breaking stride.

"Morana," Echo began.

"Shut up, Echo," she interrupted. "I've got things to take care of."

"About Williams-"

"I already know. I'm going to have a talk with 'mom,' so I need to get ready. Now, shut up before I make you shut up." With that, she shut the door to the jet's rear-most section, leaving Echo standing there in disbelief at her 'uncharacteristic' behavior.

Inside the room, which was a compact armory, Morana stripped herself naked. Walking over to a cabinet, she pulled out everything she needed to polish and sharpen her new swords. In the room's low light, the scars covering her body were barely visible; the most recent being the slightly puckered indention on the left side of her torso. Pulling the swords out of their sheaths, she set to work readying them for their coming task. As she worked, her hands going through the more than familiar motions, her mind wandered. During her walk back here, she had seen Nano lying on the bed in the medical station, hooked to so many IVs and monitoring devices she looked like the back of a TV. The should-have-been-fatal gash in her side had been covered and sealed with absorbent bandages containing disinfectants and antibiotic creams, though it was uncertain if those would work on a 'living machine' like her. Nano was like a sister to her; as far as Morana was concerned, they were sisters. The path I'm on will estrange us, she thought as she carefully and lovingly sharpened her katanas. There are other ways, other methods, but not for me. I am what I am. I am a killer, a monster. I am not a protector, a hero. And I have no problem with that now. I will bath in the blood of my enemies.

Finishing up her swords, she carefully cut herself on her forearms with the blades before sheathing them. Then she walked over to the same cabinet she had before, but this time she knelt down in front of it. Hitting a section of flooring with a precise amount of force in a certain spot, she revealed a hidden compartment, from which she extracted a box that was as long as her arm, as wide as her torso, and roughly three inches deep. Sitting down in the same spot she had polished her swords in, she reverantly set the box down and opened it, smiling with dark satisfaction at the contents. It's time for you to be used, she thought.

Coming out of the room, fully dressed, Morana stopped by Nano's bed. She stared down at her best friend, her sister, and felt a pang of regret. This mission had changed everything, for all of them.

"I wish I could have been there for you," she whispered to the cyber girl.

"No . . . problem," Nano panted, her eyes opening.

"Fuck!" Morana exclaimed, jumping. "You're awake."

"I'll . . . get back to you . . . on that."

"Dumbass." Nano looked over at her friend and frowned a little.

"You . . . going somewhere?" she asked.

"I'm going to go kill Doctor Williams," she replied nonchalantly. She saw the other girl's eyes widen in shock and said, "She's lied to and betrayed us, Nano. And she nearly succeeded in having me killed. If it hadn't been for Roulet, I would be dead. Zero was the one who shot me."

"But why?"

"She was paid by Williams to do it."

"You . . . will die . . . if you go."

"I'm already dead, Nano. I've been dead for forty-two years, ever since that day when DeathTech decided they didn't need me anymore."

"I don't want you . . . to go," she said.

"I have to go. No, I want to go. I intend to bathe in that bitch's blood, and the blood of anyone who gets in my way," Morana told her. She watched the shock and horror grow on the other girl's face and waited for the pangs of guilt to appear - but they didn't. "I'm a monster, Nano," she went on. "I've tried to be a 'hero,' a 'good guy,' but it's just not in me. I enjoy killing, not for sake of killing, but because it's what I was made to do. I won't kill indiscriminantly, but I will kill. When I leave . . . I won't be coming back. I'm sorry. You're too good of a person to come with me, and live the life I will be. I suppose, though, that 'unlife' might be more accurate, since I am already dead." With that, Morana walked off, not giving her blood sister a chance to say anything. Everything she'd said was true. The dead have no one but themselves, she thought, walking to the jet's hatchway - and finding Zero there.

"You're not coming back," the assassin said.

"Not at all."

"I'll see you again, though."

"When you're dead." Nodding in agreement, she stepped aside and allowed Morana to leave. Sta was upset, and Echo was trying to comfort her - Tic wanted to, but couldn't because touching her sister would merge them. But, with the exception of Nano, they all watched as she walked out of the jet and their lives; possibly forever.

One Week Later

Failsafe's Secondary Facility Beta-3

Morana was walking up the road to one of Failsafe's hidden facilities; not the main one, but a secondary one. The information she had ruthlessly and remorselessly gathered had indicated that Doctor Celia Williams was currently at this facility. She wasn't running, but neither was she walking sedately. She was striding, with a purpose, and nothing was going to stop her. This place was surrounded by a concertina wire-topped electrified mesh fence, and was portraying itself as a 'secure government research facility;' there was some kind of light wheeled vehicle out front with a couple of guards. The smile on her face was devoid of warmth or humor. "Stop right there!" one of the guards said, stepping forward and holding out a hand. "This is a restricted government facility, kid. You just turn around right now and go back the way you came." Morana's grin grew wider as she kept on walking. The vehicle's turret swiveled towards her and its barrel depressed to point straight at her and the guards raised their rifles to the ready position. "Turn around right now, or we'll open fire!" Right about then they blinked, and Morana's katanas flashed, sending blood fountaining into the air as their heads flew off. The crew in the vehicle didn't have time to react as she leaped atop it. Her blades moved and sliced off the lock for the hatch. Kicking it open, she dropped in a fragmentation grenade. Jumping off the 6-wheeled vehicle, she sprinted to the gate as it shook a little from the grenade's detonation.

"Excuse me, Doctor Williams?" Celia Williams looked up and saw one of her aides looking in her office door.

"What is it?" she asked, setting the report she'd been reading on her desk.

"We have a situation. Someone's gotten through the gate."

"That's impossible," she said, before pulling up the security feeds on her computer. She felt her blood run cold as she saw a familiar individual flash by with swords flashing. "No," she breathed.

It wouldn't have shown on the security feeds, but Morana's eyes were a glowing gold color as she literally slashed through the Failsafe teams protecting the facility. She had shifted to her rarest combat mode, a state that caused her telekinetic ability to affect her muscles and reflexes. This meant that she could move and react much faster than even her berserker state, but the cost was a greater strain on her body. In one smooth motion, she sheathed her katanas and drew out the weapon she'd taken from the CATZ jet a week ago. Snapping her wrist, the metal poles and blade flung out and clicked together - forming a scythe. As the final piece snapped into place, Morana swung her arm around and - with the scythe making a whistling sound - sliced the heads off of two Failsafe commandos and the head and shoulders of a third. Blood sprayed into the air and drenched her clothes. Fortunately, they weren't the clothes that Roulet had gotten her; she knew what she'd be doing today and had gotten a black jumpsuit and a knee-length duster for the occasion.

Grinning like the psychotic maniac she seemed to be, she ripped into the next wave of soldiers, her enhanced speed and reflexes allowing her to nearly dodge bullets; she actually did, but by predicting the soldiers' firing lines rather than avoiding the bullets themselves. Jumping high into the air, she grasped her scythe with both hands and brought it down as she descended, her coat flaring out behind her. The scythe went through two soldiers before gouging the facility's floor; the first soldier's upper torso from the left shoulder to under the right armpit slid off while the second soldier did the same, but from below the left armpit down to just above the waist. Once again, blood sprayed into the air and innards spilled out across the floor. Laughing, Morana spun around in a circle, her scythe flashing through the rest of this particular security team as they tried to back away from her. One's arm and head flew off, another lost his legs, a third developed a splitting head(ache), and so on. A grenade flew through the air towards her, and was smacked back to its thrower where it detonated, killing two other people as well. One Failsafe security trooper threw his weapon down and cried out, "Mercy!"

"Sure," Morana said, swinging her scythe around and through the man's neck. "There you go," she added. "Quick and merciful."

Doctor Celia Williams was in a state of utter and complete shock. She'd been too young, much too young, to have been a part of DeathTech, but her father had been. He'd also been one of the few survivors of Morana's rampage through their main facility, and one of the founders of Failsafe. She'd seen the video records of DeathTech's final day, once she'd risen to the position she now occupied, and what she was witnessing now was exactly like those old records - except far, far worse. Morana had been a trained, but untested weapon then; now, she was highly trained, fully tested - and thoroughly pissed off. Williams knew that she was coming for her, that she was the main target of this back-from-the-dead girl's vengeful fury.

And that there was little she could do to stop it.

Screaming in battle lust and fury, Moran ripped her scythe through a soldier's torso, bisecting him from crotch to head, swinging her scythe in a full vertical circle to imbed the blade into the skull of a soldier behind her. She was, by now, soaked head-to-toe in blood, though her eyes had changed from glowing gold to the blood red of her berserker mode. She was in her element, doing what she had been created from birth to do. After all, hadn't DeathTech name her after Morana, the Slavic goddess of death? And it wasn't just soldiers she'd killed; there were far more than a few white labcoat wearing bodies - and pieces of bodies - behind her, as well. She licked her lips, tasting the metallic coppery flavor of the blood drenching her lips and smiled. Some of the blood soaking her was her own, but very little of it. Bringing her scythe up to rest on her shoulder, she began humming "What I've Done" by Linkin Park; while the lyrics didn't really seem to match the situation, she felt they were strangely appropriate.

By the time she'd made it to the office of Doctor Celia Williams, she'd killed a few more guards and scientists, though she hadn't had to since most of them ran from her. Slamming open the door, she said, "Knock, knock, mom."

"You're supposed to be dead, you know," Williams replied.

"Oh, I am dead," she agreed. "But I was named after a Slavic goddess of death, after all. Who also happens to be associated with rebirth in addition to death." She smiled, but it more was more like a skull's grinning rictus than an actual smile. "And don't worry about compensating your people; they kept me very amused while I was waiting for you to become available."

"You're sick."

"Actually, I've never felt better."


"You would know, of course, considering your daddy was one of those responsible for creating me. And looks like you followed right in his footsteps; right down to the mistakes he made." She slipped a katana out and swiftly jabbed it into Celia's shoulder, eliciting a piercing, pain-filled shriek from the mature woman. Blood swiftly began soaking her white labcoat. "I didn't appreciate you hiring Zero to kill me. After all, I'd done everything you'd asked me to do, killed everyone you told me to kill - and some I needed to kill because they were in the way - and how do you repay me? By having me killed." She pushed the sword in deeper, bringing another scream forth. Which was followed by an even more gut-wrenching scream as she twisted the blade. "And don't say you're sorry; we both know you'd be lying, and I wouldn't care, anyway, if you were sincere or not. I'm not sure if you're lucky or not that I got to you before Roulet did - again."

"You're a fucking monster," Williams said in a pain-filled, barely conscious growl.

"Considering I was virgin until eight days ago, give or take," Morana replied, "that's just rude." She twisted the blade more, nearly causing Williams to pass out from the unbelievable pain. "I'm sure you're curious as to how I'm here, slowly and enjoyable killing you. You have Roulet to thank for that. For some reason, he mixed a lot of his blood with mine, which allowed me to heal from something that should have killed me."

"He what?"

"Are you deaf as well as dying?"

"You're both fools."

"That can be argued, considering most everyone at this place is dead or dying - maybe both in some cases."

"What was done to you, from your conception until you were froze forty-two years ago, has made your blood unique. There is no other blood type like yours in existence." Williams gasped as the katana shifted slightly. "Your blood has . . . enzymes, antibodies, and . . . DNA clusters that can affect Carter Roulet's genetic structure."

"What are you saying, bitch?"

"I'm saying that your blood neutralizes the modifications to his - the healing, the cancer, the longevity - everything."

"You're saying that, somehow, my blood is the cure he's been searching for?"


Before anything more could be said, the coughing of a gun was heard at the same instant a searing pain radiated from Morana's sword arm. She jerked her arm, partially in reflex, and a nearly inhuman scream of pain tore through the room as the katana's extraordinarily sharp blade sliced Celia Williams's arm from her body. Snapping her other arm up, she flicked her scythe through the bottom of the man's jaw and out the back and top of his head. Realizing that she had run out of time for her vengeance, since more personnel and soldiers would be on the way, she looked back at the 'good' doctor, who had passed out from the pain. "I'm sure you'll survive that," Morana told her unconscious form, "so you better keep both eyes open. Because I'll be coming back for you one day. And you're not going to like it then, either." With that, she sprinted out of the office and, after a few minutes, the death-filled Failsafe Facility Beta-3.

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"What I've Done"

Written by Chester Bennington, Robert Bourdon, Brad Delson, Mike Shinoda, Dave Farrell, and Joseph Hahn

'In this farewell

There's no blood, there's no alibi

'Cause I've drawn regret

From the truth of a thousand lies

So let mercy come and wash away

What I've done

I'll face myself to cross out what I've become

Erase myself

And let go of what I've done

Put to rest your thought of me

While I clean this slate

With the hands of uncertainty

So let mercy come and wash away

What I've done

I'll face myself to cross out what I've become

Erase myself

And let go of what I've done

For what I've done

I start again

And whatever pain may come

Today this ends

I'm forgiving what I've done

I'll face myself to cross out what I've become

Erase myself

And let go of what I've done

(Na na na, na na na, na na na, na na na)

What I've done

(Na na na, na na na, na na na, na na na)

Forgiving what I've done

(Na na na, na na na, na na na, na na na, na na na)

(Na na na na)