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A Trick Only Hibari Kyoya Can Do

"If there was anyone in the world who can turn on all of the Vongola Guardians as well as the Vongola and the Cavallone Bosses, then let me tell you who that person is. That person is no other than, the forever great, Hibari Kyoya!"

Moment 1 part 1: Sawada Tsunayoshi

Time was something that should not be wasted in a crucial situation such as this. Eventually, Vongola Decimo knew, he will have to face off with the boss of Millefiore Famiglia, which is why, no time must be wasted and every second must be spent training and becoming stronger.


A groan escaped Sawada's lips as his cloud guardian from the ten years of the future's tonfa hit him straight at the abdomen and sent him flying away, crashing on the nearby wall. Down on his butt; dying will flame died out, he shakily stood up, rubbing the damaged part in hopes to relieve the pain even for just a bit. Hibari Kyoya huffed in disappointment, "Is that all you got?" he taunted; lowering his weapon down as he walked closer to the brunette.

"O-one more time… I… I will do it right this time Hibari-san!" the other yelled as he chugged on a few pills of Hyper Dying Will pills and shifted to HDW Mode once more.

Hibari smirked as he shifted to defense position and let cloud flames engulf his tonfas, "That's more like it Sawada Tsunayoshi~", if Tsuna didn't know him better, he'd definitely think he moaned.

Shrugging the dirty train of thoughts that was about to take off, Tsuna took a deep breath. Gracefully, he spread his arms like wings and after closing his eyes and taking another deep breathe, his eyes blinked open and then… "X-Burner…"

Soon, both his hands emitted flames like how a rocket. The speed and velocity of the flame was so fast that it didn't take long enough before Hibari felt the impact.

Minutes passed by and the flame has not yet died out. After half an hour, the flame had finally died out.

Tsuna's eyes widened after realizing what he had just done, "H-Hibari-san!" he thought out loud.

"Hn. Not bad herbivore." from the back, he heard Hibari complement him.

Tsuna turned back only to see…

'OH MY GOD… I don't remember being gay…'

Tsuna felt his member hardened as his eyes unconsciously traveled, Hibari's exposed torso, '…so this is the power of the X-Burner… showing someone Hibari-san's hot body- GWRAAH! No Tsuna! No! Bad Tsuna…t-this is… so unrighteous!' he mentally cried, trying his best to get rid of the perverted thoughts roaming in his mind.

Just as he was about to get rid of it, Hibari touched blood from the side of his forehead, "Oh… I'm bleeding." he plainly stated staring at the blood. Shrugging, he licked the blood off his fingers. He even went as far as putting the fingers in his mouth and sucking them a bit.

Feeling his cheeks heat up and his member hardening even more, Tsuna bit his lips, "A-ano H-Hibari-san… m-may I go to the bat-bathroom?" he asked, trying to hide his groin.

Hibari only glanced at him, "Sure, do what you want. You did a good job after all Sawada."

After hearing those words from Hibari, Tsuna ran off to the bathroom and did not come out… not for a while.

End of Moment 1 part 1: Moment 1 part 2… Up Next!

This fanfic is actually just supposed to be a one-shot; however, I realized it'll become 'too long' so I decided to cut it in 8 parts instead. The flow would go just like this:

Moment 1 part 1: 2718

Moment 1 part 2: 5918

Moment 1 part 3: 8018

Moment 2: Lam18 / TYL!Lam18

Moment 3: 3318

Moment 4: 9618

Moment 5: D18

(Last) Moment 6: 6918

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