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Moment 1 part 2: Gokudera Hayato

It has been several hours since Sawada Tsunayoshi was last seen outside the bathroom. Ever since his spar with Hibari Kyoya had ended, the boy has never stepped out of the mentioned place and his right hand man, Gokudera Hayato could not help but to worry for his boss's welfare.

"J-juudaime? A-are you okay?" the silver haired boy knocked at the bathroom's door for the 59th time; however, just like the rest of his attempts to get his boss out of the comfort room, all he got in reply was a loud moan, which, once again, brought a blush on his cheeks.

Blushing, the silver haired man decided to just let his boss be thus exited the room wherein the bathroom is located, only to be greeted by Yamamoto, who wasn't as worried as he is, for he knew exactly what was going on with their boss, "Maa maa Gokudera, I told you Tsuna will be fine, so just leave him alone for a while, neh~?" he assured and attempted to give the other a one-armed hug.

Gokudera slapped the arm away, "Shut up baseball idiot! Don't tell me what to do! I know what to do!" he yelled at him.

Yamamoto was about to say something logical when the thought hit Gokudera like a lightning bolt, "Hibari Kyoya…" he muttered out loud.

Yamamoto raised a brow, "G-gokudera?" he stammered, sort of getting a hunch of what Gokudera had in mind right now. Somehow, his instincts did not fail him at all when Gokudera spoke up, stomping to the direction of the skylark's nest, "Hibari… I'll kill him! He must have done something to juudaime for him to act like that!"

Before Yamamoto could stop his hot-headed friend, the storm guardian was already nowhere to be found.

Gokudera stomped towards Hibari's room, 'Damn that Hibari… he must have done something to juudaime. I will never forgive him for this!' not bothering to get rid of his deadly thoughts for the raven haired cloud guardian, the silver haired continued stomping until he finally reached the other's room.

Not bothering to knock, he kicked the door open and– "OI HIBARI WHAT DID YOU DO–" he was, however, cut off by the scenario before him; it was Hibari Kyoya wearing nothing but a towel; dripping wet; fresh from the shower.

The Italian's eyes wandered from Hibari's wet hair, down to his sexy facial features down to his manly yet feminine body build that did not fail to turn Gokudera on. Feeling his cheeks heat up and his pants tighten, he gasped and began stammering. However, no real words really came out.

Hibari sighed, "What do you want herbivore?" he asked, ruffling his hair dry with the towel that was formerly hanging down his neck.

Some sprinkles of water from Hibari's hair hit Gokudera and snapped him back to reality. Shaking the dirty thoughts away and hopefully losing the tightness in his pants, he stomped towards Hibari, supposedly challenging him in a fight, only to trip on his own shoelaces, that for plot development's sake suddenly and miraculously unraveled, which ended himself up to fall straight right into Hibari Kyoya's heavenly body.

'H-Hibari's skin… i-it feels so smooth… s-so warm… s-so…' Gokudera cut his own thoughts off and looked up, staring at Hibari in the eyes, '…so beautiful… like an UFO.' his eyes glimmered as his cheeks heated up. Due to too much arousal, in the end, he passed out.

Hibari twitched, "…What the hell is wrong with you people?"

Shrugging, he laid the hardened Gokudera on his couch, not noticing the other's erection thus put on some boxers and pants, 'Stupid herbivores… they shouldn't be thinking about those their sexual frustrations in a crucial time such as this… hmph, what do I expect from weaklings.'

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