Author's note: This is the scene (you know, where Will comes back to the camp after the Sheriff released him so he could kill Robin and ... stuff happens). Thank you to Tia-Pixie who read through this before I posted it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing relevant.

A human running on hatred
A man released from his cage
A body mottled with bruises
- A soul that's burning with rage

He's angry and he's determined
He's hurting and he's afraid
He knows only one way to end it
- He's silently touching his blade

If he could have killed the Intruder
If no one had stood in his way
If he hadn't stopped; hesitated
- If he only knew what to say

The words tumble out and he's shaking
The tears causes cracks in his shield
The voice that he uses is breaking
- The secrets he kept are revealed

His story is met with confusion
His truth is met with distrust
His secret is out in the open
- His mind has no time to adjust

He's suddenly all out of anger
He feels his whole being deflate
He's numb, confused and so tired
- He's suddenly all out of hate

A human who's all out of vigour
A fire that burned out and died
An empty shell of a person
- A crowd that all think that he lied

He's turning his head to the Other
He sees understanding and grief
He looks at him and sees a Brother
- He finds himself feeling relief