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"We Saiyans get stronger each time we come back from near death. Do it now!"

Vegeta and the Z Fighters were no match for Frieza's monstrous third form. In a desperate ploy, Vegeta lowered his defenses, allowing Krillin to blast him through the chest. After Dende healed the prince, his power soared to unimaginable heights. For a moment, Vegeta believed he had actually become strong enough to defeat Frieza. Was he the Super Saiyan?

Yet the frost demon had already transformed, and his fourth form proved to be far superior. In fact, Vegeta was completely incapable of even laying a hand on the tyrant. Alas, he was now on the verge of hopelessness...

Frieza Saga - Part 1: Deathbringer

As Vegeta failed in trying to hold back his shock at Frieza's true might, he knew that his death was at hand. For years he had contained his feelings of fear, always clinging to the hope that one day he would be the one to destroy Frieza. Now he finally knew the truth. He was no Super Saiyan. Vegeta, Prince of all Saiyans, would die by the hands of the same tyrant who had destroyed everyone he once cared about. In spite of how far he had come, he, like those who came before him, would be eradicated like an insignificant minion by the heartless monster.

It seemed like a lifetime ago, but Vegeta once again felt the loneliness of being a child without a father, a mother, or even a home. They had all been ripped away from him, and he had been proud enough - even as a child - to suck it up, never once showing any sign of weakness. The lies he had confidently boasted throughout his life, claiming he cared nothing for his home planet or his race, shattered in his mind and brought him to tears.

"Stupid weakling," Vegeta angrily grumbled in self-loathing.

He was choking up, furious at how unbecoming of a warrior this emotional display was. He longed for his father to see his progress as a warrior, to share in the triumphs and victories of his life. More than anything, he wanted to awaken from the dream of being enslaved to Frieza, as if waking from one long nightmare. Very soon it would all end. Would he awaken, or would he lie forever in dreamless sleep?

"Vegeta, face it. Your fight with me is futile and useless."

Frieza had emerged completely unscathed from Vegeta's last attack, as the dry dust of Namek dissipated to reveal the icy tyrant's cruel smirk. He had laughed at the very best Vegeta could possibly muster, the strength he spent his entire life training to achieve.

"Just wake up, you're blind and delusional."

Vegeta's weeping eyes had already confirmed that he was out of ideas, but Frieza was just starting to have his fun. Before he granted death, he wanted to break the lone prince, spirit and soul.

"You keep going on about being a Super Saiyan...But it's just a myth, Vegeta! I've never seen one. Have you?'re such a chump."

Vegeta already knew it was over in his heart, even as he pondered his situation. "Why! Why! Why!" A small droplet of sadness and regret trickled down his cheek. "My entire life has been leading to this confrontation against Frieza, so how can I fail myself like this?" He crashed to his knees, looking at his open palms through the watery haze. "Is this all some cruel joke? The stories of the Legendary Super Saiyan, passed on to me by my father - all just teasing me, mocking me with power I can never have?"

In a distant realm, King Kai watched the events unfolding. "Poor Vegeta," he spoke mostly for the benefit of the deceased fighters of Earth, still on his planet. "Even now, the prince has been brought to tears by the icy tyrant. His heart of stone is beginning to melt, but I fear it is much too late. All things come back around in time, and Vegeta's treachery is about to be paid back on him tenfold."

"Oh, poor Vegeta." Frieza's voice dripped with sarcasm. "Have you finally realized the hopelessness of your situation? Finally recognized your imminent death?"

The Prince just knelt there as resolve drained from his eyes, each hot tear bringing him one second closer to the inevitable.

"You're just like your father; proud, arrogant, and destined to be forgotten. The name Saiyan will never be remembered!" Frieza stepped forward, crushing the rocky ground with his three pronged foot. "The memory of your race will be obliterated as easily as I will snuff out your life!"

A wave of heat suddenly flooded Vegeta's ears and forehead, jolting him back to reality. His gloved hands, braced against the blue grass of Namek, each grasped a handful of the soft dirt and clenched tightly.

"No, Frieza! You're wrong!" Saiyan wrath suddenly began to smolder inside him, pure and directed. He lifted his head, his eyes piercing through the heartless murderer in front of him. Vegeta felt himself slipping deeper into the rage, and he welcomed it. With fists shaking with tension, teeth clenched, and all his muscles rippling with pure unadulterated anger, he welcomed the power of death into him.

"Ha ha ha, oh Vegeta. Must you spend the last few moments of your worthless existence blubbering on about that nonsensical fairy tale? Here all these years you were my favorite. You're so pathetic."

Frieza stood several meters away, his arms crossed lazily against his chest. He always enjoyed sucking the last bit of hope out of someone before he ended them. To him it had become a bit of a craft, a game. How far could he make them fall?

"I'll tell you what. Swear your loyalty to me right now, beg for my mercy. I am not without a heart, Vegeta." He chuckled inwardly. "Perhaps I will give you a swift and painless..."

THUUUUM, the interrupting thunder shook the ground, as a storm of blinding lightning and howling wind erupted around Vegeta. His eyes had vanished, the pupils now white and deathly. As his energy rushed out, the air around him was suddenly warm and thick. At his feet, the increased intensity of his aura crushed rocks into fragments of nothingness. His head suddenly jerked uncontrollably upward and then back down, all the time his blank eyes fixed on Frieza.

"Oh my, what's this?" laughed Frieza. "Got a little bit of your fight back, have you Vegeta?"

Vegeta's head jerked again. This time, a flash of golden-yellow light rippled through his hair and vanished as his head dropped again. The sudden flash seemed to encapsulate that moment, freezing it in time. Nearby, the faces of Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan were captured in a transfixed state of fear and awe.

"Wwhhawhat's happening to Vegeta?" the young and scared Gohan asked no one in particular.

Vegeta's head jerked back again, this time for a second longer, the golden light in his body trying its hardest to violently escape.

"Gghhhrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh...Freeiii...zzaaaaaa!" Vegeta growled in fury.

"Ha ha ha. Fool...Nothing can save you from MEEEEE!" cried Frieza as he lunged, his right fist rushing towards Vegeta.

"I...AM a Super Saiyan!"

Vegeta screamed with all his might as the wrath within him exploded outward in a force of pure rage. Golden light consumed and bled from him as it ripped Frieza from his trajectory and hurled the icy tyrant away.

A stunned Frieza attempted to regain his balance in midair as he shielded his eyes from the blinding energy emanating from Vegeta. The Saiyan's hair now stood sharply erect, no longer black but a shimmering gold. His eyes burned with the rage of a blue fire. His muscles had somehow bulged as well, and he appeared at least an inch taller.

"What's this? Saiyans transform into apes." Frieza was stunned. "This is completely different from anything that I've ever seen before. Darn! What does this mean?"

The Saiyan Prince, now fully aware of himself, of what he had finally become, spoke the first words Frieza had ever truly feared.

"I am no longer Vegeta!" he smirked. "I am the legend, your worst nightmare now made a reality!" he chuckled, making sure to look Frieza dead in the eyes. "Super Saiyan indeed... I am death, brought to life!"


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Bringer of Death is organized into sagas for each major story arc, ranging from 6 chapters up to 16 chapters in length. We also have several special chapters throughout. The following table of contents should give you a pretty good idea of where the story has gone and where the arcs are (spoiler warning if you haven't read it yet).

VOLUME I: The Frost Demons (Chapters 1-26)

Frieza Saga (Chapters 1-12)
Part 1: Deathbringer
Part 2: The Legend Awakes
Part 3: Domination
Part 4: Trump Card
Part 5: Power Up to the Limit
Part 6: Clash of the Titans
Part 7: The Power of the Super Saiyan
Part 8: Invincible
Part 9: Kaioken
Part 10: Father and Son
Part 11: Resurrection
Part 12: Reparation

Cooler Saga (Chapters 13-18)
Part 1: Lord Vegeta
Part 2: Diplomacy
Part 3: Preparation
Part 4: Transformation
Part 5: Instinct
Part 6: Execution

Cold Saga (Chapters 19-26)
Part 1: Vehemence
Part 2: Immortal
Part 3: Bait
Part 4: Woman
Part 5: King of Arcose
Part 6: Dual Pride
Part 7: Triptych
Part 8: Amalgamation

VOLUME II: The Curse of Gero (Chapters 27-78)

Android Saga (Chapters 27-42)
Part 1: Tales of the Future
Part 2: Concession
Part 3: Anger
Part 4: Modus Operandi
Part 5: Learning Curve
Special: Retribution
Part 6: Infection
Special: Brave Sword
Part 7: Judgment Day
Part 8: Supremacy
Part 9: I am a BEAST
Part 10: Deja Vu
Part 11: Acquittal
Part 12: Assassination Protocol
Part 13: Tabula Rasa
Part 14: Revelation

Cell Saga (Chapters 43-59)
Part 1: Recompense
Part 2: Upgrade
Part 3: Ashes of Hope
Special: Son Goku, the Super Saiyan (Part 1 of 2)
Special: Son Goku, the Super Saiyan (Part 2 of 2)
Part 4: Damn Kakarott
Part 5: Unexpected
Special: Power Levels (I)
Part 6: Trust and Blood
Part 7: Desperation and Futility
Part 8: Slice of Life
Part 9: I Came Here Alone
Part 10: Destroyer of Worlds
Part 11: Super Namek vs Super Namek
Part 12: Artificial Immortality
Part 13: The Calm Before the Storm
Part 14: The Longest Night

Tournament Saga (Chapters 60-78)
Part 1: Of Mice and Men
Part 2: Serenity
Part 3: Nowhere to Hide
Part 4: Intimidation
Part 5: The Final Countdown
Part 6: Dawn of the Destroyer
Part 7: Pride Goeth Before Fail
Part 8: The Truth of a Liar
Special: Interview with Son Gohan
Part 9: Break Through the Limit
Part 10: Insurgence
Part 11: The Face of Your Affliction
Part 12: Devastation and Reform
Part 13: Fire for a Dry Mouth
Part 14: Mersisse Imperfectionem
Part 15: The Homecoming
Special: Generations (Part 1 of 2)
Special: Generations (Part 2 of 2)
Part 16: I Open at the Close

VOLUME III: Space and Time (Chapters 79-100)

Otherworld Saga (Chapters 79-87)
Part 1: Into the Light
Part 2: Storm the Gates of Hell
Part 3: You Only Live Twice
Part 4: A Chorus of Incineration
Part 5: A Battle for Pride
Part 6: Gods and Generals
Part 7: Prizefighters
Part 8: The Mutant and the Myth
Part 9: Majcnavn

Immortal Saga (Chapters 88-92)
Part 1: Barre Sinister
Part 2: Tales of the Dreamer
Part 3: Heart of Darkness
Part 4: A Soul On Fire
Part 5: War of Lords

Future Saga (Chapters 93-95)
Part 1: Nightmares Never Last
Part 2: Faces Without Names, Men Without Aims
Part 3: Master and Commander

Heroes Saga (Chapters 96-100)
Part 1: Legacy and Ambition
Part 2: Loco Parentis
Part 3: The Affairs of Dragons
Part 4: Get Schooled
Part 5: Earth, Wind, and Flight

VOLUME IV: Ancient Magicks (Chapters 101+)

World Championship Saga (Chapters 101-104)
Part 1: The Old Stomping Grouns
Part 2: The Prequels
Part 3: Don't Stop Believin'
Part 4: A Shot in the Dark
Part 5: False Prophets
Part 6: A Kaioshin's Grand Gamble
Part 7: The Family that Trains Together
Part 8: A Calculated Deception
Part 9: The Wizard's Gambits