World Championships Saga, Part 6: A Kaioshin's Grand Gamble

"Greetings, little god," intoned Apollo with a mocking bow.

"I have no time for your tricks, demon," snapped the Kaioshin. "You may have been able to fool these mortals, but disguising yourself as an angel of light does not deceive the gods. I can tell you are of your father Dabura. Who are you, really, and what are you doing here?!"

Apollo laughed and stepped closer. "Have you become weaker since we last met? Or is my newfound strength so great that you are even more puny in comparison?"

Shin's confidence wasn't so easily shaken, he'd defeated every demon that had ever dared to step out of line and this would be no different.

"Hey, one sec," the announcer suddenly yelled up at them. "I couldn't understand what y'all were saying just now. Were we all clear? The fight is started, you can begin right away."

Apollo smiled and nodded. Babidi's magic was functioning just as planned.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the announcer said, tapping the ball of his microphone, "we seem to be having some audio issues, but I remain committed to bringing you the very best of play by play commentary. So with that out of the way, let's get this fight started!"

"They're just talking. And Shin looks angry," observed Gohan. "I can't make out what they're saying."

Piccolo nodded, his Namekian ears straining, yet strangely failing him. "It's all muffled, even to me. It's as if they're speaking through water." Worry colored the Namek's face. "Something else is at work here. Everything up to now seems to say it is Apollo, not this Shin, that we should trust, but damn it all..."

"Shin's predictions so far have been anything but reliable," Gohan agreed. "But I'm uneasy about both of them."

"They have no business being on Earth. This cloak and dagger is getting infuriating," the Namek grit his teeth in frustration. "I think I need to get away from here, Gohan, clear my head and think through everything. I won't let us fall into some trap because I wasn't diligent."

"Understood. Contact me right away if you find anything out," the half-Saiyan pupil answered.

"Do not presume to taunt me," snapped Shin. "Who are you? Bithzzelkkohr? Azkoreite? Bealrahm? I adjure you in the name of the elder gods and by the power of Kaioshinkai, reveal yourself!"

Apollo smiled broadly and held out his arms. "You want to know who I am? Hah, very well, I suppose there's no point in concealing myself from you — since you'll soon be eliminated! SO TASTE AND SEE!"

Fire erupted around Apollo's feet, and a dark red aura filled the ring. To the spectator audience, a hazy veil of dark grey seemed to shroud the arena floor, although for some strange reason none of them felt the urge to learn the cause of such a phenomenon.

Goku took a step back. "His energy all of a sudden, it's different."

"Yeah," Krillin agreed. "It's... odd... deeper somehow."

"But neither good nor evil. It's completely hidden," Goku added.

"What... do you think that means?" Yamcha gulped, knowing full well it couldn't be good.

Videl felt herself shudder involuntarily. Something was wrong here, very wrong. She could also sense Apollo's energy, and within it a familiar color — blood red, a near match with her father's Ki outbursts in recent months. She pulled herself more tightly against Gohan's side. How could her father have anything to do with this...alien?

"He is powerful," Gohan said under his breath. "Stronger than a Super Saiyan, though by how much I can't say."

Vegeta's eyes narrowly met with Gohan's from where he leaned against the opposing wall, then silently turned to Goku as well. They didn't have to exchange words to know their plan if things got out of hand.

Shin took a step back in horror and anger. He alone knew the true visage of his opponent, the energy signature of the King of the Demon Realm. "No... it can't be... It's you? Dabura! How did YOU get here? By what authority were you released from the pit where I threw you?!"

The disguised demon king lowered his arms, his aura still swirling around him. "It was a simple thing, little god. The summons of my master Babidi was a greater power than you could have imagined."

Shin gulped, glancing to the Z fighters below, none of whom were able to perceive or hear what he just had.

"Surely you must know by now, my master is in complete control of every proceeding today. Any attempt to thwart Majin Buu's revival by you or these Earthlings will be utterly futile."

"Where is he? I demand you tell me where that sorcerer is hiding! Now, before I flay your twisted soul!" Shin raised his right arm threateningly.

"Ha ha ha ha. You couldn't hope to frighten me," laughed Dabura. "Once, your Kaioshin trickery may have caught me off guard, but master Babidi has amplified my abilities to a league beyond your comprehension. Your efforts are in vain, and you're all alone."

"We'll see about that!"

Shin's arms crossed and pulled close to his body, forming shimmering tendrils of green-gold energy. Fiery symbols appeared at his fingertips, and he wove them together in a spiral of holy light. "OTKRIVHA!"

The spiral shot from his fingertips and enveloped Dabura's body before exploding. When it exploded, so did the image of Apollo, revealing in its place a tall red-skinned devil, his head adorned with fierce horns and a wicked, gleaming smile.

"Now everyone will see you for what you really are!"

The demon king's smile broadened even further. "The overconfidence of the gods on full display once again, it ever is your downfall," he intoned. "Perhaps you can now see my true form, but these mortals remain hopelessly oblivious! Bahahahah!"

"No, that's not possible!" the deity gasped. "Babidi's magic should be no match for that of a Supreme Kai, I'm certain of it!"

"Are you? Poor fool." The demon king gave another chuckle. "Go ahead then, try and warn them if you wish. A spell has been placed over this entire ring, and at Babidi's command no word we speak can pass beyond it. We have captured your underling Kibito. You are on your own, little god."

"Nn... no... it can't be..."

The Supreme Kai of the Universe hung his head at the realization. He had stepped into this ring on a faint hope, one that had now slipped through his fingers like water. If he had no way to warn the others of Apollo's true nature, what hope was there? To fight Dabura was a death sentence; the King of the Demon Realm held a power far greater than any among the Kaio. Whatever weakness he might try to exploit within the devil, he knew Babidi would be there to counteract his own efforts. How had it all come to this?

"I see you're finally grasping the despair of your predicament," Dabura's low voice spoke, his smile dissipating. "But fear not, even you have a part to play in the master's triumphant resurrection of Majin Buu. So let us begin. These future slaves of Master Babidi are all craving a fight, after all."

Shin turned back towards his foe, more angry than ever now, a rage nearing desperation. "No! I will no longer play into you or your master's schemes! You will not defeat me today, Dabura! I'm afraid it is you, this time, who have underestimated my resolve. The entire universe rests on my efforts alone, and I will not fail them!"

A toothy snarl sank into the devil's face as he crouched into his fighting stance. "Excellent."

'Gohan,' Piccolo's voice telepathically entered the teen's mind. 'Did you see that spell Shin just used? It wasn't ki-based magic, it was something else.'

'Interesting. So, you think he's a sorcerer, maybe the one Vegeta warned us all about? Or working with him?'

'Maybe,' replied the Namek. 'But magic like this... it's special. Not just anyone could perform that spell. Because it doesn't use ki as its source, it must be rooted in something mystical. I don't know what type of wizardry Babidi uses, but what we just witnessed reminds me of..."

'...of the spells used by Majcnavn. Even the language was similar,' Gohan interrupted, finishing Piccolo's thought. 'I was thinking the same thing. I wonder what the spell actually did.'

'It struck Apollo and then seemed to fizzle out. Maybe it did nothing at all. Keep your eyes peeled.'

"Wait, here they go!" shouted Gohan.

Shin exploded forward across the ring, energy welling up in both his fists.


A staccato of blows rang out as the tiny deity pummeled the demon king. Dabura snarled as he blocked each punch in turn, blood-red flashes pulsing from his aura. The Kaioshin's technique was simple, if not unique, but demonstrated the precise training of aeons. Still, the demon turned each of the god's physical attacks away easily.

Dabura drew back his right arm suddenly, catching an opening for a backhanded strike landed openly against Supreme Kai's right arm and chest. The force of the blow smacked him down against the ring, tumbling to a halt near the arena's edge.

Hurriedly, the tournament announcer was on the scene to give his commentary of the near ring-out.

"And just like that, Apollo seems to have the upperhand! For two fighters brand new to the Tournament here, that was quite the opening bout! Let's give it up for these two amazing competitors!" Sometimes, the announcer had to admit, he enjoyed his job a bit too much.

The Kai pushed back to his feet, arms trembling already, looking over his shoulder at the fiend. This was going nowhere fast.

"But just like that Shin is back on his feet and ready for more! His first round of punches seemed to bounce right off, I sure hope he has something else planned!"

"One thing's for sure," Gohan noted, his father and Krillin beside him, "Shin is physically outclassed."

"Yeah, Apollo's not bad," laughed his father. "Not bad at all."

Krillin gulped. "Not bad, huh? Goku, you do realize he's way stronger than I am, right?"

"Well sure, now that you mention it."

Krillin huffed with a smirk. "Eh... no point in worrying about my feelings. I guess that just means you've gotten even stronger these past seven years, huh, Goku?"

The Saiyan shut his eyes happily, grinning. "I try, hehe."

Shin raised his finger in front of him, then extended his entire palm upwards — this was it, this had to succeed! He then traced the shape of a cube in midair, lines of energy matching his index appearing in a pattern above the ring. Dabura stared in confusion, hesitating a moment too long.

Suddenly, the lines solidified into an unbelievably dense metal, newly shaped into a massive cube. With a mere flick of his wrist, Supreme Kai sent the Katchin careening at the unprepared Dabura. The Demon King prepared to block against the object, but suddenly had what he presumed was a great idea.

"Sword!" the great Dabura roared, summoning from his own realm a blade of such complete darkness that you could practically hear the screams of its victims. The sword was curved, a notch on both sides near the hilt, with a golden cross guard and pommel, and it appeared to its master the instant it was summoned.

The red-skinned demon grinned as he brought the blade up to meet Kaioshin's laughable projectile attack. A mere slice in half, and then he would use the remaining pieces to batter Shin into submission. Perhaps weapons weren't allowed in this tournament normally, but he was certain Master Babidi would tweak the rules in this instance.

Dabura swung with all his might against the metal cube, already pushing his momentum forwards in preparation for a grand finish. But upon meeting the Katchin, the Darkness sword faltered, shattering instantaneously. The block of metal slammed into Dabura head-on, flattening him to the surface of the ring in a blow that took his breath away.

"What... sorcery... is... this?" he grunted, slowly pushing the impossibly heavy object off himself as he rose to one knee.

A blow from behind overwhelmed him with pain before he could even get back to his feet — Supreme Kai had landed a paralyzing energy fist into his kidney. The shock caused him to gasp and grasp at his side, while another powerful attack from the Kaioshin sent a wave of dullness through his body.

"Paralysis!" Shin yelled, sending concentrated Otherworldly energy into Dabura's demonic frame and causing him to collapse facefirst, his body motionless but for a slight tremble in his hands.

Supreme Kai quickly put his foot on Dabura's head, holding him in place. "This fight is over. You have fallen like the morning star you feigned to be! Soon the Earthlings will see what's really going on here!" The eyes of the Demon King couldn't believe his situation, he was utterly perplexed that he had somehow been outmaneuvered by a vastly weaker fighter. But he truly couldn't move, no matter how hard he tried.

"The terror known as Majin Buu will never again see the light of day!" Shin announced, victoriously preparing a Kaia to send his foe from the ring.

"Oooh!? So you think you've won!?" cackled a voice, speaking from everywhere and nowhere within the arena. Those outside the barrier couldn't perceive the words at all: the wizard was speaking directly into the mind of the Kai and his servant.

"Ukloniti Obnova Paralizu!"

A gust of wind and a flash of light suddenly enveloped Dabura — Shin leaping backwards defensively. Dabura was hoisted to his feet gently as Babidi's superior wizardry canceled out the the Supreme Kai's mystic arts. Clenching his fingers back and forth, he grimaced at the Kai, his pride wounded as he wiped a trickle of blood from his chin.

A dozen thoughts ran through the mind of the Supreme Kai all at once. This wasn't good — how had Babidi's interference gone unnoticed by the referee, not to mention the Z fighters? And what could he possibly try now, with his trump card already on the table? He'd been so close to victory. Perhaps a forfeit would be the best outcome at this point, then at least he could try and explain what had happened.


Dabura's revenge was swift. He planted an uppercut in the miniscule god's abdomen, doubling him over. Shin spat blood, as the henchmen of Babidi then grabbed him by the ankles and hurled him up into the air.

The Lord of the Demon Realm's speed was nothing to scoff at, which he displayed by vanishing and reappearing before the Kai — only to land another more terrible blow launching him even further and faster. A dozen or more attacks followed, each successive rebound battering Shin like a volleyball, before the vindictive devil kicked him back down into the ring's center. Compared to the force of another blow, the hard stones of the arena were almost a relief!

The Supreme Kai's body had been pulverized as he coughed and gasped for breath. His eyes were a haze of blood and tears and his ornate lordly garments had been shredded as easily as his hopes. He pushed himself up face-first with his hands, mustering what resolve remained, wishing for the announcer to come and intervene. Certainly the man's perceptions were warped, preventing him from getting involved. Twisting his neck, Shin could barely make out the haze of Dabura, hovering smugly overhead — as if pondering how long to continue the torture before ending it. No doubt Master Babidi was enjoying the Kai's humiliation just as much as his henchmen.

In that moment, the Supreme Kai dug deep within. He had lived for millions of years, seen the rise and fall of planets and stars. He had seeded life in numerous worlds and watched it flourish, protecting all that was good and right in the universe. What small hope remained for the mortal realm, it held by a small thread — a frayed knot, its chords stretched as thin as his allies.

With all his remaining strength, the Supreme Kai raised his hand up towards Dabura, extending his trembling fingers in desperation. The gesture at first appeared to Dabura as nothing but a feeble attempt to beg for mercy. But as he hovered over Shin, he suddenly noticed a shadow appear behind him. A cylinder of Katchin, shaped almost like an upside-down cup, had appeared just above his head, and slammed down on top of him.

Dabura was trapped in darkness, between the ring and the dense metal — which had hit the ring with such force that it dug several feet into the ground. Strangely enough, he could also feel his connection to Master Babidi weaken considerably, as if the observant eyes of the wizard were suddenly shut tight.

Outside of the small prison, Supreme Kai panted heavily, daring a smile as he made his way back to his feet. He grasped at his side with one arm and at his back with the other, but this time it seemed he might actually win. Dabura was pinned, as per the rules, technically... He looked to the announcer, who hopped into the ring with a puzzled look.

"Uh, folks, as bizarre as all this is, I think we finally may have a conclusion to the match. As I mentioned before, summoning large boulders out of thin air isn't prohibited by the rules — though I can't say we've had it happen before now. And seeing as how Apollo is trapped beneath one, I'm now going to start the count. So long as he's still alive under there, Shin will be declared the victor!"




With each breath, Shin braced himself for a surprise counterattack. He knew he didn't have the strength left to resist all the same, but he nonetheless feared Babidi would find some way to free his servant.



The Katchin prison had suddenly changed texture, no longer the dense and incredibly dark black metal that he recognized. Rather, it seemed to have been transformed into ordinary stone, and not all at once — as if rippling from a single spot through the rest of it.


"Noo..." Shin gasped. "Not that..."

Dabura burst out of his coffin, transformed from Katchin into ordinary stone. From the spray of rock debris came a full-strength demonic fist, which landed in the Supreme Kai's face and launched him out of the ring and into the side-wall. Shin fell to the grass, defeated, unconscious, his mind trailing off to black.

Up in the ring, Apollo wiped a glob of saliva from his chin, trying to resume his composed facade.

"That's a ring out, folks, and you know what that means... Apollo has emerged as the clear victor!"

"Is... he gonna be okay?" Krillin wondered aloud, watching the paramedics load up the Kaioshin. "Maybe one of us should tag along and keep an eye on him."

Goku stretched out his arm in front of Krillin, answering with a slow but stern shake of his head. The midget gulped in hesitation, wondering why not, but didn't argue. Apollo was a few steps away from them now, heading back towards the holding area. His posture on approach was relaxed and nonchalant, but to the Z fighters watching carefully, his demeanor in the ring had betrayed his true nature. More accurately, his Ki.

"Well, I guess you needn't concern yourself with him anymore," the giant addressed the group with a false grin.

"No, I guess not," Goku answered, unflinchingly, eyes locked with the disguised Demon King. "Mind me asking just what happened out there? For some reason we had a hard time making out what you two were arguing over."

"Hmm? Strange, but not unheard of," Apollo chuckled. "In his desperation to hide his true intentions, Shin clearly deployed sensory magic across the arena — though if you ask me he'd have been better served saving that energy for his battle with me."

"Ah, that must be it."

"Assuredly," Apollo grinned, continuing on past the Z fighters. Once inside the waiting area, however, a sharp pain pierced his temple without warning. The Demon collapsed down to one knee, grasping at his head and trembling.

"But... Master..." he whimpered, writhing from the hidden torture.

'You're such an imbecile, Dabura! Do you know how much Ki I was able to syphon for Majin Buu!? None! Absolutely none! All that damage and it seems I can't even use Kaioshin energy! And what's almost worse, you completely lost the confidence of those foolish Earthlings —'

"Master Ba..."

'—Did you not see how the one in front confronted you just now! So on top of your failure to get me any useful energy, you've gone and outed yourself! I swear to you, if the humans manage to figure out my plan because of your ineptitude, I will kill you MYSELF!'

"I'm sorry..."

'How can I trust you to take on one of those Super Saiyans if you can't even handle that puny Kaioshin without me intervening!? If I didn't loath that Supreme Kai to his very core, I might have just let you lose like you deserved! Now listen carefully, if any one of these Saiyans decides to become a nuisance, you will have your hands full! The one named Gohan is apparently strong enough to do battle with a demigod, if the stories are true, so are you going to take this seriously or NOT!?'

Dabura had never seen his master so furious before, but he knew he deserved every bit of the tongue-lashing. For all of Master Babidi's plans, were a few things to go awry he might end up paying for it with his life.

"I'll go and meditate right away, master. With my full strength, I'll crush him like nothing and supply Majin Buu a feast of pure energy!"

Babidi huffed aloud, calming back down ever so slightly. He turned to Majin Buu's cocoon behind him, gazing at the energy dial — which showed just how little progress they'd made. He then glanced at a nearby crystal ball showing the staging area of the arena. All around the magician were glowing spheres that displayed the entire tournament grounds, like a media booth of sorcery. One of his servants, a shadowed figure that towered over the height of even Buu's ball, cracked his knuckles at the sight of the Saiyan Emperor.

Babidi sighed, glancing up at his slave. "Are you certain you'll be able to handle Vegeta?" the wizard muttered, somewhat doubting his plans momentarily. "He's a clever one, more than I gave him credit for..." Babidi grasped the galaxy sphere hanging around his neck, the Drakoshin artifact vibrating with residual power still. "Not only has he tried to bait me out, but he may actually be stubborn enough to avoid my trap. I need every drop of his energy for Buu, I'm counting on you, do you understand?"

"Regardless of how careful he is, he won't be able to refuse a challenge from me!" came the reply.

"Mmmm, that is true, hahaha. I'm looking forward to bringing all his resources under my command," Babidi sneered. "You'd better not fail me like that incessant Dabura."

"Hahahaha," came a cool confident laughter. "I assure you, master, I won't. Unlike him, I have faithfully served you now for years, training and honing myself for this very moment."

Babidi smiled, seeing the unconscious Kaioshin brought before him on a stretcher. "And speaking of failures, hahaha." He threw a binding spell on the Supreme Kai before turning back to his ball — best not to kill the Kai yet, lest he muster some subterfuge from Otherworld. "Now, I believe it's time for my show-pig to face his little girl in my trap! She may only have a small appetizer of energy for Buu, but I still find the prospect of forcing a father to beat his own child senseless most sadistically delicious, don't you agree?"

"Truthfully, I rather do," laughed the demon.

"He's served his purpose of keeping these Earthlings oblivious to my involvement... but thanks to Dabura, I'm not sure how much longer that facade will last. For now, with the Supreme Kai and his servant out of the way, at the very least they get wise to my true aim. And as for Mister Satan... even if the Earth's great hero breaks character here, the world won't be able to turn their eyes away!"

Happy new year! With it, we bring you another chapter of BoD. Forgive us for being negligent, this chapter has been nearly finished for quite a while and never published. Hopefully we'll be able to give you several chapters this upcoming year — we obviously owe you more than one chapter per year. But we'd hate to leave it in an unfinished state all the same, and will try to continue it as we are able. So, that said, if you want to follow us on our Bringer of Death Facebook page, you can reach out to us with more questions. Also, David now has a TikTok if you'd like to follow him: justlydeserved. I also have a Star Wars podcast, Two Sons of Tatooine, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

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Q: Why does Babidi utter phrases like "Paparapapa?" Are they necessary for him to perform magic? It seems silly that words in themselves have any kind of power.
We both love Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and other stories in that genre, so we wanted to expand a little bit on the magic. In canon, Toriyama treated magic as somewhat of an afterthought. He likely borrowed the word "papparapa" from Arabic legend and uses it as a filler for any magical spell by Bibidi and Babidi. Perhaps it is merely how any magical spell sounds to the ears of mortals like us. In most magical universes, a spell itself does not contain power, but it is necessary in order to channel a magic-user's power. Astute readers will notice a similarity between the spells used by Shin in this chapter and spells used earlier in Bringer of Death.

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A. I think of his block on Trunks' ki as something he can sense because he cast it. He is actively connected to his own spell as long as that spell is active, though if it was painted like in the back of his mind he is constantly suppressing Trunks' ki that may offer you a new context to interpret it. Trunks' pushed through it briefly, and he allowed it and recognized it. Regarding your Q comparison, that's actually not bad at all! I didn't realize how similar the Q continuum is to the shins in dragonball but yeah. Your second analogy is also an insightful take, though if he led to the conflict or merely survived it is to be revealed.

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We appreciate the re-reads, and picking up on hints we dropped along the way. Sometimes those were intentional and other times we just used what we had, but it was fun times. The problem with every character in Super to me is, they all forgot the character development and lessons they'd learned by the end of Z — Goku and Vegeta especially. Super has been up and down, but I'll save my final thoughts on the Moro arc until after (if) they animate it.

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Q. You've mentioned somewhere before that SSJ2 can be felt throughout a galaxy and SSJ3 can be felt everywhere, even the otherworld. But DBM contradicts this by having characters not being able to sense energy above SSJ3 if they are REALLY far away. Like SSJ2 bra and SSJ3 Vegito. What is your resolution?
A. DBM takes place in a completely empty universe, one far more vast than the one from U18, and especially Super. When the fighters were teleported away, that played a factor. However, the main reason they couldn't sense the energy that far away was because U4 Buu was blocking it out and preventing them from finding it too quickly — as he wanted to see how things played out. They probably all would've been able to find SSj2 Bra or Gohan and return had it not been for that, in spite of the distance.

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Interesting question about the 2/3 form swap. I think it's very doable, and Goku already does it in DBM, fighting at SSj2 mostly and going up to 3 in short bursts when he needs to. But that's only after a lot of practice controlling the transformation.

Q. A thought just occurred, since Cell's FTL travel works on the same principles as spaceships, and Bulma's time machine also utilizes the same principles then in theory, Cell or any Ki user could come up with a technique to time travel! Right?!
A. We like the way DBM explained time travel: it was a unique mathematical solution that Bulma (and Bulma alone) was able to solve, and only in that one universe. If Cell had that solution, then presumably he could time travel as well. But he would still be subject to the universe-splitting issues of time travel.

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