Chapter 2 Will and Bella

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A bit too mature for younger kids.

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"Fuck yes, mmmm," was all Bella heard as she strode down the board walk past one of the boat house's open window.

For a moment a flash of jealousy and anger consumed her. That is until she stopped and peeked into the window.

"Mmmm, yeah Bella that's good," Will moaned his fantasy aloud.

Mortification quickly turned to desire as she flashed back to their 'encounter', that had turned Will and transformed her.

If only she could have remembered their first time…

She had read somewhere that if you reenact the thing you supposedly forgot you could retrieve lost memories.

So with a firm resolve Bella Hartley set out to rectify the situation.


Unsurprisingly after a few words of persuasion and a fervent and passionate kiss Will had been all for reenacting their previous happenstance and the couple was now sprawled across Will's pull out futon, Bella's head resting on Will's chest as she drew lazy circles across his toned abdomen.

"Bella?" Will asked tentatively.

"Yeah, babe," Bella sighed happily.

"I've been meaning to talk to you, but for some reason every single time I try something comes up," Will continued attempting to explain what ever his point was.

"Alriiight," Bella said slowly a small part of her apprehensive the other curious.

"So before something crazy happens and I botch this I'm going to come right out with it," Will started, "Bella Hartley I love you more than the moon, sea and stars, will you marry me?"


"Are you doing this because we just had sex," Bella asked sitting up.

"What, NO NO absolutely not," Will nearly shouted, "In fact I've been holding on to this for the past few weeks, waiting for the right time to ask."

Bella looked up and resting in the palm of his hand was a black velvet box with a ring nestled inside.

The ring breathtaking.

It was a single silver mermaid, it's tail and back arched in such a way that it appear the litte mermaid was holding a giant diamond with the help of her tail. The Mermaids tail and eyes were encrusted with shimmering emeralds while the central 2.5 carat diamond was surrounded with a number of tiny pearls and unmistakable blue moonstones.

"It's GORGEOUS," Bella said snatching it from the box and slipping it on her finger.

Before Will could answer Bella wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into an urgent kiss.

"YES, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, ALWAYS YES," Bella was chanting excitedly as she kissed him on every inch of face she could reach.

"SURPRISE—AAAAH, WHAT IS GOING ON," came a voice from a now open door way.

Two adults were staring horrified at the couple that were still tangled together on the bed.

"MUM, DAD SHIT uh can you give us a second," Will practically begged as he pushed Bella's behind himself as she clutched the sheets to her body.


Ten minutes later

The couple had their Parent acceptable story ready and were dressed as they sat on the newly couched shaped futon across from the disbelieving parents.

"Will can you tell me WHY your father and I take an early flight in so we can surprise you and find you in bed AT NINE in the morning with some strange girl," Will's mom asked her fingers pinching the bridge of her nose.

Time for the lie.

"Mum, Dad Bella is not a strange girl," Will started, "In fact as of last night she's my Fiancée."


"Can you repeat that," Will's dad asked. Up until that point he was having trouble hiding a proud fatherly smirk from his wife, it had been replaced by sincere confusion.

"Bella and I are getting married," Will restated as he pulled Bella's left hand out to show them.

"So if you must know, this 'Morning' we were celebrating," Will explained. Bella was still mortified and there was really no need to mention the fact that he had only proposed after he and Bella had slept together or that technically it hadn't been the first time.


"Please say we have your blessing," Bella burst out worry in her already shocked eyes.

"Uh, uh of course," Both of them agreed.


Now the only thing to do was tell Bella's parents and spend as long as they wanted to plain a wedding.

Boy when Rikki and Zane get back from their honeymoon are they going to be surprised.