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"Demon Talking/Devil Trigger!"


Devil among Shinobi

Chapter 1: Devil's Blood

"Kaa-Chan (Mother), can we have ramen for dinner tonight?"

"Now, now Naruko you know you have to eat your vegetables to stay healthy and become a strong Shinobi like both your Kaa-Chan and Tou-San" said the red haired woman.


"Okay Kaa-Chan" the blond whiskered girl said, as both mother and daughter left.

(Naruto P.O.V.)

Look at them, I bet they don't even know I exist; it's always about her she gets everything while I'm left in the dark. My name is Naruto Uzumaki…

Ten years ago, a Nine-Tailed demon fox attacked the village many Shinobi fought to prevent it from advancing any forward. My father or rather my Sister's was able to seal it into both of us using the Shiki Fuin (Death Reaper Seal) to split the fox in two and place it within our bodies. My sister gained its Chakra, the fox's yang energy filled with evil and malice; while I was given the Soul, when the villagers discovered which of us held the soul. From that day, my life became a living hell the villagers thought I was the fox itself. My parents ignored me my entire life, favoring my sister over me; when I asked them to train me, I was shunned and told I would learn in the academy. I knew about the Kyuubi, and they always said that Naruko had to learn how to use 'its' Chakra.

Months later the villagers began to retaliate I was beaten, stabbed, and stoned for the past six years. My only friend was girl named Satsuki; she was the youngest child of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha. Like her mother and older brother Itachi, they were the only few that befriended me. One time I was caught by my father learning Fuinjutsu, I was scolded and sent to my room; my sister laughed and made fun of me.

Now I find myself limping home with a stab wound, I walked in the compound; my mother didn't even notice me enter and father was out back training Naruko. I walked up to my room and locked the door; I lay on my bed and stared at the ceiling clutching my bleeding wound.

(Regular P.O.V.)

'When will it end?' Naruto thought to himself.

"I'm sorry…"

'Kurama, how many times do I have to tell you it wasn't your fault'

Naruto and the demon fox, had made contact ever since his first beating; Kurama blames himself for Naruto's misfortune and Naruto always told him that it wasn't his fault for what happened all those years ago.

'I want to leave…'


'I want to get out of here, my parents don't give a crap about me they always focus on Naruko just cause she has your chakra, what's the point of being here so I can be a punching bag for the villagers they see my sister as a hero and me…' Naruto never finished his sentence as tears flowed down his face, it made his wound hurt even more.

"If it makes you feel any better, she can't control my chakra without you" Kurama stated, as it required the Soul to fully control his chakra.

Naruto snickered a bit, "Yeah, that does make me feel a little better" he said whipping the tears off his face. He stared at the ceiling before going to his desk and pulling out a piece of paper and pencil, he wrote down what he was planning and how his life had been though out the years. Placing the pencil down he placed a kunai in his pocket, opened a window and climbed down; his family would get suspicious if he went downstairs to get supplies.

Naruto ran, ignoring his wound that was slowly closing up and saw the hated glares people were sending him some began to throw rocks at him, and even though a few hit him he continued running. Ten minutes later, he was bruised and bloodied by the stones thrown at him; he limped outside the village gates. Twenty minutes later he was far into the forest and was using trees for support, suddenly groups of chunin and jonin appeared with sharp and blunt weapons, Naruto knew that shinobi couldn't harm him within the village walls; but they weren't in the village were they. They began to wail on the ten year old blonde, Naruto bit his lips enduring the pain as the shinobi continued to club and stab him. When one chunin began making hand signs, a large blade shot out through his chest; the shinobi turned around to see multiple beings that looked like they were wearing burlap sacks, they had two peg legs, and a large blade attached to their arms ([Arm] Scarecrows).

"What the fuck are those things" a chunin said, before blocking a strike. Unfortunately a second one dropped down a sliced him in half, the shinobi began to fight off the strange creatures but, were overwhelmed and gutted like the pigs they are. Naruto crawled to the base of a tree and turned to the lesser demons as they began to advance towards him.

'Looks like this is it' he thought to himself.

"Looks like it…"

Naruto closed his eyes and awaited death's embrace, that was when Kurama sensed something or rather someone.

"The hell, where's all that demonic energy coming from?"

Naruto opened his eyes, to see the demons get sliced in half; he looked at his savior and saw a tall man, who was dressed in regal violet clothing, he had silver white hair, and was carrying a large broadsword. Time slowed down and Naruto only heard Kurama say one word, "Sparda!"

The man looked at Naruto, before turning his attention to the Scarecrows; he charged and began slashing the demons to bits. It only lasted minutes until he had slayed them all, the man places the sword on his back which somehow became attached and kneeled in front of the bloodied blond.

"Are you alright little one?"

Naruto tried to speak but, was slowly losing consciousness, he saw the man reach into his pocket and take out a medium sized glowing green star (Vital Star [M]) and handed it to Naruto. "Crush this in your hand, you'll feel better" he said, Naruto reached for it and did what he was told. The green energy flowed into Naruto and he felt his vitality restore, his wounds began to close and his bruises began to disappear; he turned to the man, "Arigato".

"Don't mention it, now do you mind telling me what it is you're doing all the way out here?" he asked.

"I ran away… my village rather have me dead, and my family doesn't even know I exist… these wounds, they were given to me by the people of my village and by those shinobi" he said pointing at the dead shinobi.

Sparda frowned, "little one… tell me everything…"

Naruto told him about his life, from his first beating to him leaving and Sparda was growing more furious about how the villagers were treating a child, he asked if he knew why he was treated like that and Naruto hesitated but, told him about him and his sister having the ensconce of the Nine-Tailed Fox. Sparda understood Naruto's pain as a Jinchuuriki and made a decision that would change his life along with the rest of the world.

"Little one, would you like to become like me?"

"Like you?"

"A Devil, one of the most powerful demons in the netherworld"

Naruto, looked down and began to think; his parents never once looked at him, everyone favored his sister, the entire village is after his head, and he's already made plans to run away… what did he have to lose. Naruto looked at the white haired devil and nodded his head, Sparda took his sword and slit the palm of his hand open and asked Naruto to do the same. He winced as the blood flowed out his palm, Sparda offered his bloodied hand and motioned him to shake it and Naruto slowly reaches out and clamped his hand with the devil. Naruto fell on his knees, with his other arm held onto his body as he began to spasm; red and purple vein patterns began to appear on his hand and crawling up his arm towards his entire body. To Naruto, it was as if someone had taken out his insides and stuffed something else in, Naruto could no longer bear the pain and fell unconscious; Sparda released the blonds hand, picking the boy up he carried him off disappearing from sight.

Konoha Namikaze Compound

Naruko was happily eating ramen, that she snuck into her room but, stopped when she her chest felt heavy and so did her breathing, like a part of her had died. Naruko regained her composure, placed the ramen cup aside and left her room. Heading downstairs she felt like something was off, she did a head count and noticed one person missing, and she went to her brother's room. She stood their outside, as if the apocalypse would start if she entered her twin brother's room; she gulped and reached the handle opening the door. Looking inside she saw her twin's room for the first time, everything was grey, no other color, clothes neatly placed in their drawers and closet, books placed correctly on the bookshelf. She saw a desk with a picture frame on it, she looked at it and saw her family only thing was, that Naruto wasn't in it she took the picture out of the frame and saw that the side where Naruto stood was torn off, she saw a note and read it.

Dear Namikaze's,

I could only look at how perfect this family is without me, Dad will no longer be bothered by me and focus more on Naruko, Mom will always listen to her and forget I even exist, and the villagers will continue to make my life a living hell for something I never did.

I always wondered, what my life would be like if neither of us had the remnants of Kyuubi sealed within us. I remember, on my fourth birthday I received my first beating; I met the Kyuubi and he told me my life would only get worse from that point. I remember when Dad, got mad at me for trying to learn Fuinjutsu. I remember when the Academy teachers refuse to teach me anything pronouncing me the dead last. Sometimes I wonder why, I was born, I was condemned the day of my birth I never had a choice to be the bearer of the Kyuubi's soul and look every single person praises my sister while I'm left in the dark.

So I made a decision, I'm going to leave… and I'm never coming back, at least that way everyone could live in peace…


Naruko was wide-eyed and felt tears fall down, she ran out of the room with the note in her hand. She got downstairs at this point she was full out crying. Minato and Kushina rushed to her, "Naruko, honey what's wrong?" asked her mother.

"H-He's gone…" she said between tears.

Minato and Kushina looked confused, "Who's gone?"

"(Sniff) Naruto-Aniki is gone!" she yelled shocking both parents.

Naruko handed the note, both read it and both of their hearts filled with regret; Minato called every Anbu squad available to go look for him. Kushina broke down in tears, she's been paying attention to Naruko the whole time she had completely forgotten about her second child. Looking back when have they ever done something for him, when it was both twins birthday they only celebrated Naruko's; Naruto was never seen at the parties. She remembered the day he had come to them asking to be trained along her sister, they just shunned him; some parents they were.

"Kaa-Chan? Will ever see Aniki again?"

"Don't talk like that Naruko, of course will find your brother Minato-kun has already sent Anbu to look for him".

Naruko looked down, "It's all my fault".

"Naruko its not-"

"IT IS! ITS ALWAYS ABOUT ME, WHEN HAS ANIKI EVER GOTTEN PRAISED, HE WAS ALWAYS LEFT OUT, ALWAYS BY HIMSELF!" she yelled as she began to cry hysterically along with Kushina.

Kushina hugged her daughter, as they both cried. Minato was in his office holding his head, "Where did it go so wrong, it was for the best… and now I've lost my only son…" he said as tears threatened to fall down.

Unknown Location

Naruto's eyes began to flicker, he opened it and stared into the ceiling, he groaned as he got up. Looking around, this wasn't his room it was too… regal. He got up and went to the bathroom, instantly he noticed he was a bit taller than before, looking at a mirror he was surprised at his appearance. Naruto was 5"7 ft. tall, he had crimson red eyes, the whiskers on his face where now thinner barely visible, and finally the thing that stood out most was his silver white hair and the glowing blue demonic left arm.

(AN: Nero has the devil bringer on his right arm, so I gave it to Naruto on his left)

He heard a door click open; he turned to see the same man he met in the forest, "I see you're up, do you like you're new look?"

"What happened to me?" Naruto asked.

"You are now a devil, your appearance is only one of the side effects".

"So, I'm a devil… what happens now?"

"You carry my blood within you, which means you are no longer family with your birth parents…" he said.

Naruto looked at the man wide-eyed, 'so that means I can't return… well whatever then'.

"…It also makes you my son" he said with a smile, making Naruto's head shoot up in his direction.

"Y-You're son?"

"As I've said before, my blood now runs through your veins thus making you my son" he replied.

Naruto for the first time in his life gave a smile and hugged his new father; the dark knight hugged back and held his hand. "Let's go meet your brothers" he said gaining Naruto's attention, they walked down the huge manor, Naruto looked around the whole place was beautiful. He looked at the man, "Hey Dad?" the man looked at his son, "This maybe kinda awkward but, could I at least know the name of my new father?"

The man looked at his Son in surprise, he never did tell him his name but smiled, "My name is Sparda, what's your name my Son?"

Naruto smiled, "My name is Naruto" he said leaving out his past names, Uzumaki and Namikaze.

They both smiled and continued walking; they made it to a large open room with lots of paintings, he looked around and saw two boys roughly thirteen years of age, one wearing red while the other wore blue.

"Dante, what are you doing" said the blue clad teen in a monotone voice; he was currently drawing birds flying downward.

"I'm drawing a babe…" said the red teen.

"Dante, how on earth does that resemble a female?" he said looking at the drawing, only seeing two big jugs.

"Well duh, I left out all the boring parts" he said, getting a sweatdrop from the blue teen, as well as Naruto and Sparda.

"Vergil, Dante…" they turned to see their father and a ten year old white haired boy.

"Yes father?" said the blue clad teen, known as Vergil.

"Sup pops, who's the kid?" said Dante.

"Vergil, Dante… I want you to meet your new brother, Naruto"

Naruto shyly walked up, "Um, h-hey there nice to meet you".

Vergil waved hello with a small smile, Dante had a jaw splitting grin, "New brother aye, well then fishcake I'm going to teach you the wonders of the woman anatomy" He said putting an arm around Naruto and doing wave motion with his arm, getting another sweatdrop from all three.

"My idiot twin aside, it is nice to meet you little brother" Vergil said.

"Hai, same here".

"Well then I'll leave you three together, I have to go meet with your mother"

"Hey Vergil, how do you think Nero's gonna take the news?"

"Probably hoping he won't end up an idiot like you" he replied.

"Hey, that's hurtful man".

"Well then little brother, how do you feel about swords?" Virgil asked Naruto.

"Whoa hang on a second, fishcake don't go to the dark side, trust me… guns are better" Dante said taking out two M1911 pistols, one black and one white.

"Idiot, those hand held projectile weapons can never compare to the art of swords" said Vergil.

"Nu-uh, guns beats swords any day"

"Care to test that theory" Vergil said, picking up an O-Katana both giving each other death glares with lightening sparking between the two. They charged at each other, Dante shooting bullets and Vergil blocking them. Naruto just watched in awe as his new family were trashing up the place, he heard a door click and out came another silver haired teen he seemed to be a year younger than the other two.

"Oh you must be Naruto, I'm Nero welcome to the family" he said, holding out a glowing blue arm.

(AN: I know how Nero got his arm, but this is my story dammit

"Hey you've got one like me" he said showing his left arm.

"Whoa…" he replied as he noticed Dante and Vergil ducking it out.

"They tried to convert you didn't they".

"If by convert you mean which of the two weapons is better than yes".

They sat down and continued to watch the fight, "Um, shouldn't we stop them?" Naruto asked.

"Naw, its fine even if we get stabbed or shot in the head it won't kill us, trust me" Nero said.

Naruto looked at his new family and smiled, "I think I'm gonna like it here".

Next Chapter: Four Devils!

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