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"Demon Talking/Devil Trigger!"


Devil among Shinobi

Chapter 3: Four Devils – Three out of Four!


Dante threw his sword like a buzz saw hacking away more Assaults, one was about the claw at Dante when Naruto kicked it a side, he brought out Alastor as Rebellion returned to Dante. Their swords began to glow crimson red, Alastor had electricity sparking uncontrollably around the blade, "DRIVE!" they yelled and in one lighting quick sword swing they sent a crimson red shockwave disintegrating the remaining Assaults. They both placed their swords on their backs and gave each other a knuckle bump, then Naruto heard his name called, he turned around to see his sister.

'Fuck Me…'


Naruto stared at his sister, he couldn't say anything unlike her parents it wasn't exactly her fault that he was treated the way he was. So he was a little happy to see her but, he was mostly pissed at her for not doing anything to help him before he became a Devil.

"Naruto… i-is that really you?"

"Naruko-" he said, with a small frown.

Dante looked back and forth between the two, "okay~~~ this is awkward, um I'm gonna wait for you over there" he said pointing to a tree, as he walked towards it. Naruko stared at her brother, she looked at his eyes they were no longer the ocean blue eyes of an innocent child; they were crimson red like the fires hell… it scared her. His hair was no longer blonde like her father's it was silver white and the whisker marks on his cheeks were barely visible, what happened to her twin brother?

"So… you got something you want to tell me?" Naruto said, with a somewhat annoyed tone.

"Where were you? Do you have any idea what we went through to look for you!"

"Wow I didn't think you actually cared-" he said getting a flinch from Naruko.

"Why would Minato send a search party for me? All my life Minato and Kushina only ever cared about you… and all because you had Kurama's Chakra-"

'Oh Drama' thought Dante as he brought out a pizza box and taking a slice.

Naruko looked down, he was right she had been a spoiled brat for the first ten years of her life and all it took was her brother leaving to change that. "I know it's not your fault…" he said making Naruko raise her head, "The only reason I'm mad at you is that YOU could've done something to prevent my suffering, EVERYONE listens to you so why didn't you!" he said.

Naruko didn't say anything or rather couldn't say anything. Just then Kakashi and Sasuke jumped down from the trees, "Naruko have you lost your mind, theres demons running around this area and you go after them!"

"There aren't any demons in this are at the moment, if there was I would've detected their signature"

Kakashi looked at the silver haired teen, "Really… well then I must thank you for getting rid of them"

"Yeah, yeah if you excuse me I must take my leave" he said doing a mock bow.

"Aniki…" Naruko said.

'Aniki? Naruto!' thought Kakashi.

"I'm not coming back Naruko-"

"We can fix this Naruto, just give us a chance"

"We aren't even blood related anymore so just stop!" he said getting wide-eyed looks from Naruko and Kakashi, while sasuke was confused.

"W-what are you saying?"

'I've said too much already' Naruto didn't answer, he turned and walked away. Dante looked toward his little brother, he finished the pizza box and got up. Naruko saw the man that had similar attire to her twin's clothing, "Hey wait!"

Dante stopped and looked at her, "Can I help you with something?"

"You were the one fighting the demons with my brother… d-do you know what he meant by us not being blood related?"

Dante put a hand on his chin, "well he said it perfectly clear, you're no longer related to him by blood"

"I don't understand-"

"I mean to say that he's no longer part of your family, he's part of mine-"

Kakashi narrowed his eyes, its possible Naruto moved in with this white haired man but, that doesn't explain what it has to do with Naruto no longer being Naruko's brother.

"You see the day Naruto left the village, my father found him battered and drowning in his own blood-" he said getting a gasp from Naruko and shocked look from Sasuke.

"What my father did was offer him a place in our family, Naruto accepted it to get away from the pain he was dealing with… My father transferred his blood into him, making Naruto a Devil… a very powerful demon" he said making them go wide-eyed.

Dante turned around to see Naruto sitting on a tree branch, "It's funny, he always said that the village he was born in shunned him and called him a demon… now, he's become one" he said walking away. Kakashi was having trouble absorbing the information; his sensei's son was now demon, what would Minato and Kushina think of this.

"You think I care, even if he's a demon he's still my brother-"Naruko said with tears rolling down her face.

Dante turned to her and gave her small smile, "Big words kid, but saying them to me isn't going to change anything" he said as Naruto jumped down from the tree and walked away with Dante.

'So that was Naruko's brother? Those weapons seem powerful, next time I see them I'll make them give them to me-'thought the arrogant Uchiha.

Naruko at this point was crying, "I f-finally*sob* find a-aniki *hic* a-and he hates me-".

Kakashi puts a hand on her shoulder, "Now, Naruko I'm sure your brother doesn't hate you; he might be a little mad but that doesn't mean he hates you" he said with an eye smile as she wipes her tears, "I hope so-".


"Me and my big mouth-"

"Yup… so what are you going to do now that your previous family knows you're a demon-"

"They don't know yet, just Naruko and her team… *sigh* it was a mistake coming back here-"

"Well what now?"

"Let's just get out of here" he said heading back to the boat only to find it gone.

They saw a tentacle shoot up from the water with a speed boat in its grip; it brought it down crushing it under the waters pressure. Naruto and Dante stared at it for a few seconds; Naruto groaned and pinched the bridge on his nose as Dante laughed his ass of saying, "Paybacks a bitch".

"I despise that giant fish-"

"Now that I think about it, looks more like a cross between an squid and a gator"

"I don't care what it is, I just know that I'm gonna kill it-"he said removing Alastor which was now charging with electricity, he was about to electrocute the ocean.

"I don't think lighting works in salt water-"Dante said smirking, making his little brother groan audibly and place Alastor on his back. He sighed, "Whatever, let's go explore the area" he said walking back into the forest. Dante followed but stopped, "wait a minute; the pizzas were on that boat…"






Kakashi, Sasuke, and Naruko had returned to find two Kiri nuke nin tied up with their own chains, he dispelled his Kage bushin and regained their memories. He turned to the genin and asked them if they should either continue, Sasuke and Naruko voted yes while Sakura had voted no; she was overruled and continued the mission getting thanks from Tazuna.

"Hey Naruko, who was the white haired boy?" Sakura asked.

Naruko looked downcast, "It was my brother-"

"EH! B-but, didn't he disappear all five years ago!"

Kakashi filled in the blanks, "Yes he did, and sadly he's not the same as he was before he left"

"What do you mean?"

"Let's drop the subject and leave it at that" he said as him and Naruko walked a bit further.

"Sasuke-kun, do you know what he's talking about?"

"Naruko's brother isn't a Namikaze anymore, he has demonic blood running through his veins" he said not looking at his fan girl.

Sakura gasped, 'Naruko's brother was a demon! How would her parents react?' she thought to herself.

As they got closer they noticed it was getting colder, they began to see snowflakes fall from the sky.

'Genjutsu?' thought Kakashi as he knew it was late spring, he did single hand signs and said, "Kai!"

Nothing happened, why is it snowing in Kiri where the thoughts of all of them as they got closer, Tazuna suggested that they use the boat to get across to avoid being found by Gato.

"Whoa, that a big bridge-"said Naruko quietly.

"That it is, once it's finished we'll be able to use it as a trading route for supplies, it will give us some hope to live on" said Tazuna.

"Hey can you guys keep it down, I prefer not to be found thank you very much" said Kaji the boatman.

They got off shore and headed towards the lake, as they got their it began to get colder and the wind was getting fiercer, "Blizzard? What's going on?" said Sakura.

They came to the lake which was completely frozen; they also noticed that the blizzard had calmed down in that area, as they moved around it they saw a blue spider web like barrier appear around the lake.


Both were walking deep into the forest, Dante was crying anime tears at the lost of all his pizza boxes.

As they continued they noticed the change in weather, "Its late spring, so why's it snowing?"

"Demons maybe" said Dante getting over the lost of pizza.

They continued to walk as snow began to drench the area; they stopped when they heard a snap. Naruto placed a hand on Alastor and he listened carefully and when he heard a second snap he brought down the broadsword only to be caught by a blue ethereal arm.

"Eh? Nero?"

"Naruto? Dante?"

After a moment of silence, they yelled their names and a gave a bro hug, "Nero how's it going haven't seen you in four years" said Naruto.

"Yeah, haven't from you guys either what are you guys doing here?"

"This is little bro's birthplace, he was feeling nostalgic so we came to visit and ended up being stuck here"

"Giant squid thing?"

"Yeah… you too?"

"Yeah, I was sent here to deal with demons that were plaguing these countries when I got attacked by sad squid and was left stranded here"

"Well, love to continue with our chat but, with all this snow we're beginning to think it's a demon"

"That's cause it is, Demons have begun popping up all over this place it's like they choose this to be their little hiding place" Nero said.

"Well then, shall we?" Naruto said taking out Kurama.

"Ladies first-"Dante said as Naruto walked up but, then stopped he turned and shot Dante in head.

"Not funny man" he said continuing as Nero laughed his ass off.

They continued walking, as they saw the incoming blizzard, they sensed the demonic energy growing and ran toward the freezing winds. They came across a frozen lake, the moment the three stepped on its frozen waters, and a blue spider web barrier appeared around it.

Naruto pulled out Kurama, the kanji for one shifted to two and morphed into dual FMG9. Nero brought out Blue Rose his costumed double barreled revolver, while Dante brought out Ebony and Ivory. The blizzard seemed to calm down a bit, as they saw two glowing red women who looked rather naked. Dante whistled, "Baby yeah" he said skating towards them checking them out, Naruto and Nero sweatdropped.

'I'm beginning to know why Trish keeps hitting him' they both thought until they smelled a horrid stench.

"Jeez what is that?" said Nero.

"Wonder if it's these demons… or are they?"

Naruto and Nero walked up to Dante who was laying down checking out the floating Rusulka when a giant toad like demon shot out of the blizzard, mouth opened, and devoured the devils. The demon began to munch only to not taste anything.


The three devil landed across the lake, "How did you know!" said the demon as a puke like substance splashed from its mouth.

"You can hide that body but that smell… Hoo! Theres no covering that up" taunted Dante.

"Well what do you know, it's even more ugly than that squid we ran into" said Naruto.

"INSULT ME ONE MORE TIME AND I'LL MAKE YOU SUFFER MORE THAN YOU THOUGHT POSSIBLE!" as the toad demon let out a roar. Naruto, Nero, and Dante used to their coats to block themselves of Dagon's breathe and possible mouth goo.

"I'd actually like to see you try-"said Nero.

(Play Devil May Cry 4 OST – Frozen Frog)

Dagon lowered its head and launched itself mouth opened, Nero and Dante jumped out of the way while Naruto stood there and readied his left fist, when Dago was five feet from him he sent an uppercut with a blue ethereal arm punching sending Dagon flying. Nero jumped above it and sent his own ethereal arm smashing it downward back to the ground, upon impact Dante appeared next to it, "DRIVE!" slashing a visible red shockwave hitting Dagon and sending it flying across the lake.

It got back up shook its body and let out a roar with a violet like aura coming from his mouth, the area became pitch black. Dante and Naruto saw the Rusulka's jump down, they both began firing their akimbo weapons both siren demons were dodging; Nero got close enough to hit with his costumed blade Red Queen. Dante ran at the first Rusulka jumping over it making it follow Dante's movement not noticing Naruto charging at it with Alastor drawn, charging electricity Naruto let out a horizontal slash, "STREAK!"

As the Rusulka spasmed from the ten thousand bolts running though its body its color began to deepen before falling to the ground. Nero slashed away at his target making it loose color as well before joining the other on the ground, both Naruto and Nero used their Devil Bringers to grab the sirens and pull them by their legs forcing Dagon out and cancelling the darkness.

Before the three could get close, Dagon let out another roar pushing them away. It jumped back and shaked it's back launching large icicles at them, Nero dodged and Dante shot the icicles destroying the incoming ones and Naruto charged Dagon avoiding the falling ice.

On the sidelines

Team seven was standing wide eyed at the battle taking place before them, Naruko was in awe seeing her brother in action, Sakura was scared shitless this was a fight between demons, Kakashi was a shocked his sensei's son and his companion as well as another white haired man were taking on a giant toad demon, Sasuke was getting a hungry look at the weapons they possessed and Tazuna rubbed his eyes throwing the sake bottle away.

Back on the Frozen Lake

Naruto was coming in quick until Dagon's throat bloated and glowed a red/violet color; before he could jump Dagon roared again sending glaciers and freezing Naruto solid.

"ANIKI!" yelled Naruko.

"Hang on fishcake" yelled Dante sending Rebellion flying, "ROUND TRIP!"

The broad sword went spinned horizontally slashing Dagon's eye before it could pounce, Naruto's left arm glowed blue before breaking out of his frozen state with an ethereal arm. He looked at his left arm seeing the cloth torn off and showing his Devil Bringer, he sneered and jumped over Dagon grabbing its tail lifting it off the ground and slamming it a couple times on the ice cracking it. Dagon was left dazed and had his tongue stuck out; Nero rushed grabbed its tongue with his DB and stretched it then launched himself inside the demons mouth he began slashing Dagon's insides. Dagon roared in pain but, couldn't do anything about it, Nero finished up by piercing Dagon upward exiting its body. Naruto jumped over it again grabbing one of the Rusulka, pulling it and swinging Dagon around before the siren tore off the demons antennae and let it fly across the lake once more.

(End of Song)

Dagon slowly got back up, "Don't think this the end… there are more of us-" before it could finish Dante jumped into the air and did a downward slash with Rebellion making the demon stop its rambling before turning to ice and exploding. The toad demons soul remained floating blue orb where it stood, Dante looked at Nero and Naruto, "Give or Take?" They both looked at him, "Hey you killed it, you take it" Naruto said as Nero shrugged. Dante looked back before stretching his arm; the orb flew toward him and in a flash turned into a brief case with demon skull in the center.

"Wait did he say there were more of them?" Dante asked.

"Probably more around the area" Naruto replied, looking at the Rusulka corpse in his hand as it absorbed into his Devil Bringer.

"Man hope I can find a tailor, I liked my coat" he said getting a laugh from all three devils.

The blue barrier began to crack and fade away, Team seven stood there dumbstruck.

'T-that was… AWESOME way to go aniki!' thought Naruko.

'Amazing… to take down a demon like that, but if Naruto's a demon… then why kill his own kin?"

'S-Scary, if they could take down a demon like that; imagine what they could do to a village' thought a scared Sakura.

'Another weapon, I must have them' thought Sasuke with an almost insane face.

'I should have hired these guys' thought Tazuna.

Up in a tree two Kiri nuke nin stood on a tree and had witnessed the whole thing, "They're a strong bunch aren't they Zabuza-sama" said the masked hunter nin.

"Yes, let's leave for now the bridge builder can wait…"

"Are you sure Zabuza-sama?"

"Yes Haku, let's go-"he said leaving, but not before looking back at the white haired teen or more specifically his glowing left arm.

Next Chapter: Four Devils – 4 Completes the Set!

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Naruto's Devil Arms






Force Edge (Scythe)

Dante's Devil Arms


Ebony & Ivory




Nero's Devil Arms

Red Queen

Blue Rose


Agni & Rudra


Vergil's Devil Arms



Summoned Swords

Force Edge (Sword)

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Naruto's Harem

Mary (Lady)




Fem Haku

Satsuki (Sasuke's Sister)


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