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"Demon Talking/Devil Trigger!"


Devil among Shinobi

Chapter 8: Kiri Rebellion


"M-MARY!" he shouted, before the girl brought out Kalina Ann and rammed the bayonet into the devils chest as she zoomed by before pulling the trigger and sending him flying into the air.

Seconds later the rocket exploded and Naruto comically fell to the ground.

The motorbike stopped by his downed self, "Where do you get off, leaving without saying goodbye… I swear you starting to act more like Dante" she said.

Satsuki helped the former blond up, Mary noticed the way the girl looked at him before they both stared at each other.

"Who are you!" Satsuki demanded as she glared at the woman for hurting her 'friend'.

"My name is Mary… but you can call me, Lady… as for who I am… I'm Naruto's lover" she stated.

The silver haired devil the felt dread as he slowly turned to Satsuki who was flaring an ominous glow, "Naruto-" she said, the former blond cried anime tears.


Sounds of guns blazing and blades clashing echoed throughout the village of Kirigakure, under heavy assault both loyal Kiri Shinobi and Rebellion battled through streets and rooftops. Blood splattering on every wall, window, and floor; fires had razed many local residential areas.

"Hey Nero, how long until Mei gets here!" Dante shouted over his bolting Ebony and Ivory.

"She's still aiding her troops in the southern area, we've got to hold up until Vergil gets here!" he shouted back, whilst slamming an enemy Shinobi with bone crushing force.

"Suiton: Hahonryū! (Water Release: Tearing Torrent)"

Nero's Devil Bringer shined brightly as he summoned up the tripartite nunchaku, Cerberus. A single swing and the Jutsu was frozen solid. Bringing out he Blue Rose double barrel revolver the ninja was easily disposed of, "Naruto better hurry his too, all this bloodlust will attract the demons into the area!"

"Hanketsu Katto! (Judgement Cut)" in perfect multi-slash, many opposing Shinobi were bisected. Strong electrical bolts followed, shielding the Devils from any more incoming Jutsu, "Trish, Vergil, the hell took so long?" Nero asked.

"We've got bigger problems to worry about-" Trish stopped as the earth began to shake.

Slowly but steadily did a blue ethereal barrier surround both village and island, the Shinobi forces seize fire as they look upon two whale-eel like demons hover above the skies, "Not these things again" Dante mused. The Demons where in fact hybrids, their mouths resembled that of a baleen whale with rather sharp jagged teeth and three eel-like tails that it uses to swim through the skies, this variety of demon was known as the Leviathan.

Flashback - Three Days Prior to Assault

"Zabuza, how nice to see you... didn't think you'd come back after your little assassination attempt"

"Like I've got nothin' better to do"

"Humph, sure you don't... I however would like to know who your guests a little more"

The one before the group was the leader of the rebellion, Mei Terumi, the last pure blooded user of Futton and Yōton. Though she was usually calm and cheerful, there was something about the four assailants with the exception of Haku that radiated with malicious aura.

"I guess it couldn't hurt to tell, right?" he turned Vergil who nodded in return.

"They appear human... but their not-" Mei was careful as to not flare her Chakra.

"So they're demons" she knew full well that there were some out their that posed as humans in order to get close to their targets. Several of her soldiers had already fallen victims to the same tactic and would not have anymore suffer the same fate, she carefully reached for a Kunai but was stopped by the sound of a running motor.

"Lady's here-" Dante mused, Vergil however had not taken his eyes of Mei, "I would suggest you release the blade in your hand, we aren't just some pathetic lesser beings that would die to the steel of man" he stated.

At this, the entire base was on full alert, a blue haired boy with glasses and common Kiri Shinobi wear landed in front of Mei with a strangely bandaged sword. "He's right beautiful, swords like those ain't gonna kill us" Dante added in before getting bopped on the head, courtesy of Trish.

Nero sighed and stepped in, "We're Devils" this instantly raised the tension, few readied hand signs, "Listen, I know you all have a history with demons, we have too we will never under any circumstances harm the innocent"

"And why should we believe anything you say" another blue haired man demanded, this one wearing an eyepatch.

"Because whether you like it or not, we're the best chance you've got at winning this war-" they turned to see a fourth silver haired individual, followed by a slightly older woman and another teen, branding an Uchiha fan on her shoulder.

"Our mother was a human named Eva... she was murdered five years ago by a pack of demons that raided our home... our father was in fact one of the greatest demons ever known, was killed because he had fallen in love with her... their relationship, our birth... was a crime against the netherworld... they died to protect us!"

Everyone listened in, "Demons... angels... gods... devils... whatever the hell you want to call them, as long as we're still breathing, we're gonna find them and put a bullet in their fucking skulls" Naruto finished.

"You'd really turn your back on your own kind to protect the very race they would sooner kill than let live?" Mei asked.

"Our father did the same, there's no reason why we can't"

"Besides we've been killing demons for a while, there's no reason to stop now" Dante added in.

Mei stood quietly as she came to a decision, "Having six demon-slaying demons and an Uchiha would most definitely give us an advantage in this war"

"Um, I'm not a-"

"Lady roll with it" Nero whispered.

"Mei are you really considering this!?" Ao asked.

"Yagura has us on the ropes, we can hardly send a message to our camps without them intercepting our carrier, not to mention they have a Jinchuuriki in their arsenal the best thing is to have someone who knows how to bring them down if they're ever released"

"So, I take it we're in?" Dante asked, Mei nodded and had them follow her.

"We're preparing a full-scale assault in seventy two hours, our forces are at full force but we are quickly running low on supplies, we have absolute zero contact with the surrounding villages and I highly doubt they lend a hand"

"You're right on that, all the main villages strive to be the most resourceful, they'd sooner level Kiri to the ground than aid it" Satsuki stated.

"The closest village here is in Nami no Kuni, but they're still recovering from poverty and barely have anything to provide" Haku added in.

"So we're out of options?"

"Sadly yes"

"Not just that-" they turn to Vergil, "The longer the battle wages the higher chances of encountering a demon will rise"

"Demons are attracted to bloodlust, I'd say we've got a good two or three hours before the village is swarmed by them" Naruto replies, Mei rubs her forehead this just complicates things even more.

"Alright simple then, we just gotta get to Yagura before the demons arrive" Zabuza mused.

"Yeah and we've got to plow through an army before reaching him" Satsuki replied.

"Then there's also their Jinchuuriki if he sees that his forces are retreating, he'll let it loose" Mary muse, "Not to mention Yagura's a Kage... he won't go down without a fight"

"Unless Naruto takes the shot-" Trish states, everyone turns to her, "Did you forget already, Kurama's seventh form" Naruto turns away sheepishly.

"Do you mind filling us in?" Zabuza asked.

Naruto removed Kurama from his holster and had everyone watch as the Kanji shifted to seven and morphed into a Ballista Sniper Rifle. "You had him upgraded?" Dante asked with a smirk, "Yup... you want to hear the full summary or the short?" he asked Mei.

She nor any of her Shinobi have ever seen such a weapon and of course would definitely want to know about, however there would be plenty of time for it afterwards, "Short" she answered.

"I can kill at about point ninety-three miles without him realizing it"

"You can't be serious-" both Ao and Zabuza stated, while .93 was less than a mile it was still a good distance, but that was to be expected since the Devil Arm was in fact a Bolt-Action Rifle with heavy Yokai rounds.

"Dead serious, only problem is getting into the village undetected and even so I'll need a good vantage point"

Chojuro stepped in, "Um... I know a place-" Mei gave the go to continue, he walked up to the map, "Here... just north of the tower, there's a path underneath the cliffside with a clear view of the Kage's Office, only problem is, that it's also a scout post and you're most likely find one or two Shinobi there"

"Seems simple enough, Mary you still got your Silencer?"

"Got it"

"Right then, Mary's with me, we're gonna need you ready in case we're compromised"

Mei cupped her chin and nodded, "Very well, however we'll still need a way to contact our base camps so... Ao and Zabuza will do"

The two sighed but did as they were told, "Naruto, help me bring my bike in", "Sure thing" Satsuki and Haku gave a light glare at the heterochromia demon slayer.

Dante saw the two looks and glanced at his younger brother along with his lover, he put two and two together. "OH~~~! Hahahahaha! That's classic!"

"What is?" Nero asked, he whispered in his ear which caused the Devil to smirk.

Three Days Later -Zero Hour

Naruto edged through the very thin cliffside, it was times like these that he wished he could absorb Alastor into his Devil Bringer. He finally made it onto the post, sure enough there were a total of three Shinobi in his view, "There's two in front and another in the back, you're up" Naruto dropped down using his hands to grip the ledge while Mary passed over him, she noticed the blood trailing down his nose and kicked him in the face.

"Pervert-" she muttered, knowing he had a good look at her panties.

"What was that?" they heard, Naruto tilted his head a couple times, hinting that one was heading their way. One poked their head out, Mary then grabbed the ninja and pulled him out and off the rocky cliffs. Before his yell could attract his teammates, Mary had already stepped in and splattered their brains over the wall.

Naruto pulled himself up and walked in to see Mary remove the Silencer from her Handgun, "You're ready?" Kurama morphed into his Sniper form and got into position, "Ready"

Through the scope Naruto was able to see the light within the Office, however the mist made it difficult to spot his target, "Kurama, use infrared-" the line of sight was background in dark violet while his target was outlined in an orange spectrum, indicating its body heat.

"Naruto do you see a Yagura?" he heard over his ear peace.

"The guy sitting by desk... I see 'em, are you're forces ready?"

"Ready from this end"

"Alright, I'm taking the shot" many held their breathes as they waiting to hear the gunshot that would end the longlasting war.

Scope aligned, the second Naruto pulled the trigger did a Kunai hit the barrel and shot the bullet off course. The Yokai enhanced ammo blasted through the windows and shredded through the desk, missing Yagura by inches. The alarm echoed throughout the village, "I've been compromised, begin the assault!" he spoke through the earpiece.

"Where's Yagura now?" Mei asked.

"He's getting, I'm on pursuit!" he responded as he jumped off the cliff with Mary right behind him, the saw the first Shinobi that Mary had tossed over board and scowled. Morphing Kurama back to his Handgun form he rapidly fired a clip into the unfortunate man.

Explosions began to erupt throughout the village, gunshots followed shortly.

End of Flashback

"Katon: Karyū Endan! (Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet)" Satsuki spewed flames which she then manipulated into a genuine-looking dragon.

"Hyoton: Hissatsu Hyōsō!(Ice Release: Certain-Kill Ice Spears)" Haku unleashed a tundra of frozen spikes.

"Yoton: Yōyū Kanketsusen ! (Lava Release: Lava Scourge)" Mei slammed her fist into the ground and erupted many scourging lava waves from beneath.

"Im almost out of Chakra!" the battle had gone on for two hours and going on three, most Shinobi were burning off their Chakra in both Tai and Ninjutsu. It wasn't until the earth began shake that placed the rebellion on the edge, Zabuza swiped the blood off Kubikiribōchō, "They're here-" he whispered as a humanoid demons swooped down from the air, they branded steel fractured armor, blood tears pouring from their eyes, their right arms replaced with a mechanical spear. (AN: DmC Harpy)

"Incoming!" he shouted, the Harpy's gave out glass shattering shreaks as they fired their spear-like appendages.

Lady revved her bike and increased her speed as she bulldozed through enemy Shinobi and demons alike. Time slowed as a large feral rat-like demon shot from an alley way and nearly tackled her off if a glowing red blade hadn't pinned its head to the ground (AN: DmC Rage). Naruto flew over head with Lucifer attached to his back, dodging and slashing away at harpies that crossed his path.

He quickly spotted his siblings, "Guys get down!" he shouted as he dived down, firing many blades at ground enemies before detonating them. "Alright everybody's focusing on the demons; Nero, Trish you two take east, Dante, Mary you two head west, Vergil-" he turned to see that he had already left.

"Okay~~ last I saw Yagura was heading north, I better follow... good luck you guys" Lucifer's wings snap open and he takes to the skies once more.

"Alright you heard little bro, come on girls!" Dante twirled Ebony and Ivory, "Let's dance!"

Satsuki grunted as she had an arm underneath a Rage's throat, she was pinned the ground as the rat attempted to maul her. Its fangs bared as it snapped its jaws at the Uchiha Heiress, she struggled as she reached for a Kunai. The Rage got closer to her face as she brought out the knife and jammed it into the rat's throat, the demon roared in pain as she continued to jab the blade in and out of it.

'Just how thick is its hide?' she thought, before Zabuza kicked it off her and decapitated it.

"You okay?"

"I'll live-"

"It's getting worse, Mei what are your orders!"

She pinned a Harpy to the ground and tore its wings off before sinking a Kunai to the back of its head, "There's too many of them, call a full retreat!" she ordered, Zabuza looked toward the invading demons and Yagura's forces, who were also considering the idea. "You heard the lady, retreat!" he shouted.

"What about Naruto and the others?"

"They can handle themselves, now c'mon!" Satsuki bit her lower lip before dashing off with Zabuza.

With Naruto

Yagura had left a cave with two Anbu at his side, he looked up at the sky with Sharingan reflecting from his eyes. "Demons?" he mused with a raised eyebrow, "Bring her out, looks like we'll be needing her sooner than expected" he ordered.

"Hai!" two other Anbu walked out with a chained Brunette.

It wasn't until Naruto landed in front of them with Kurama's Akimbo SMG form, "Not getting away this time" he said.

"Hmph, so you were the one who attempted to assassinate me"

"Yeah what of it?" Yagura motioned his guards to back down and bring forth their Jinchuuriki, "I think its time for the Sanbi to have a little fun, let's start with you shall we?"

Naruto gasped when he saw the woman before him, the violet stripes on her cheeks and the cold emotionless eyes, "Rin!?"

Next Chapter: Limbo

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4) Peacekeeper SMG (Fore Grip, Long Barrel, Rapid Fire, Hybrid Optic Scope, FMJ)

5) XM25 Grenade Launcher (Long Barrel, High Speed Kit)

6) Minigun (High Speed Motor, Damped Subframe)

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