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Chapter 1: Scariest Moment-

When you're a rookie you think the scariest moment of the job is getting shot at. When you start working the beat you think about actually getting shot. When you make detective and get a partner, you worry about them getting taken away from you. Trust me, I have seen it all. I have been shot at, actually shot, and seen a gun pressed to the side of my partners head more times than I can count. But before now I had never understood what the old cops in my division tried telling me. One day you'll understand they said, and finally I did. The scariest moment of the job, of your life, is when you see that bullet moving towards your partner and you know nothing you do, not matter how hard you try, is going to stop it.

It wasn't an unusual op. And honestly, if you asked me I wouldn't be able to tell you the case or suspects name. However some things from that night, that I will never forget. We were crashing a weapons smuggling ring. Kensi was posing as the super hot guns dealer and that meant no bullet proof vest because they were going to search her. She was instructed to gain access to the guns and then we would step in. She did just that, but then everything went wrong. The second the rest of the team entered the warehouse we were under fire. From everywhere there was a rain of bullets and the team scattered. Sam and Callen were pushed up against one of the trucks parked inside, I was up against a shipping container and Kensi was in the middle of it all, taking down shooters.

Normally Kensi is the ever careful one. In our partnership I was the more reckless one. But we didn't think there were any more men in the building so she wasn't looking around for another suspect. I knew it was too late when I spotted the gun but that did not mean that I didn't try.


I didn't care about breaking cover. I didn't care about my own safety. At that moment all I cared about was the two bullets that were heading for my partner. To give her credit, her instincts were good. Any other person would have turned to the person calling them. However Kensi turned away from me just in time to see the gun pointed at her and hear the gun shots.

You would think that time would slow down like it does in all of those movies Kensi and I watched together. But it is nothing like that. If anything, time seemed to speed up. One second Kensi was turning towards the shooter and the next she was on the ground in a growing pool of red. I ran across the room. Callen and Sam could deal with the shooters but right then, my partner needed me.

I could tell right away that it was bad. She got one bullet in her side, easily breaking ribs and possibly damaging organs. She took the other bullet in her chest and both wounds were bleeding badly.

"Eric," I screamed into my comm. "How far out is the ambulance?"

He sounded both terrified and apologetic, "At least half an hour and that's driving at top speed."

"Damn it!" I said to myself. "She does not have half an hour. Alright Callen, how many guys left are there?"

"Only two and one of them is shot in the leg."

"Could you take them?"

"Take down two idiots, one of whom is already injured? Don't worry. If they jump me I'll shoot them in the face." Even thought I could tell Callen was freaking out about Kensi, I could hear the amusement in his voice.

"So this is what's going to happen. The ambulance is too far away so Callen you are going to take the dumbasses to the boatshed and don't talk to them. The second my partner wakes up, I'll be the one doing the interview. Sam you are going to come with me and you are going to drive like there is fire on your ass." At that moment I was thanking my ability to focus on multiple things at once. The whole time I was giving instructions to the team I was also attempting to stop the bleeding. I ripped Kensi's shirt off and wrapped it around her. If it were any other time I would be thinking about how amazing Kensi looked with her shirt off. I would also be thinking about how my left hand was awfully close to the very things that I spent a great deal of my time admiring but all thoughts of fantasy were erased by the blood pouring from her chest.

A felt a body come up beside me. It was Sam and he was helping me lift Kensi and bring her to the car. I blame the adrenaline but my mind was in about twenty different places at once. I knelt on the ground, keeping my hands on Kensi's wounds and I couldn't help thinking how much Kensi would hate the sight of blood covering the inside of Callen's Jag.

Through the comm I heard the shooters talking to Callen. "Who ya talking to? The pretty girl your girlfriend?"

There was a thump and yet another train of thought passed through my head. Callen must have punched him. I would have liked to do that myself. However, as more blood bubbled over my hands my mind was brought back to the girl in my arms. Earlier I was using all of my training to keep calm but now there were no instructions to give, no distractions, and all I could focus on was Kensi. Ignoring the fact that Sam was in the car I just started talking, hoping she could hear me.

"Come on Kensi! What was the first rule of working with you? Don't get shot, right? So what was it? I got shot twice and you just couldn't let me win? You don't have to top me in everything Kens!" Then in a much softer tone, "Damn it Kens, stay with me. I don't know what I would do without you..." I trailed off and only then did I realize I had started crying. Thankfully Sam stayed quiet throughout this whole thing and just allowed me to talk.

Finally we arrived at the hospital and I could tell that Kensi was barely holding on. Sam pulled up to the emergency room door and ran inside. Next thing I knew, nurses and doctors were pulling Kensi onto a gurney and whisked away from me. I heard Sam talking to me but the words didn't register. I only tried to follow the doctors into the room where Kensi had just been taken.

"Sir! You can't go in there."

I pushed past the nurse standing in my way and ran into Sam's solid chest.

"You've done everything you can Deeks. It's time to let the doctor's do their job."

"But I'm her partner! I am supposed to cover her, to have her back. I should have taken that bullet!" I had reached the point where I was almost screaming, "I should have taken that bullet!"

Sam put his arms around me and if it was any other moment I would have laughed at how he was hugging me. But at that moment I just allowed him to guide me to the hallway wall. I slid down it and put my head in my hands. When the blood from my hands mixed with the tears on my face I realized how much Kensi had bleed on me. This thought only made me cry harder.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out Kensi's badge. She had given it to me for safe keeping while she was undercover. The fact that she had trusted me with this piece of her was an indicator of how close our friendship – partnership – was. All I could do was stare at the words on it: Special Agent Kensi Marie Blye. And, sitting on the floor in the middle of the hospital, I prayed for the first time in years. When I was a kid I refused to believe there was a God. In what world would a God allow a little boy to be beaten almost every day? However, it didn't matter what I believed in. I prayed to whatever was up there to keep my girl safe.

Later Sam told me that moment reminded him of another long night spent in the hospital. He told me how when I was shot Kensi held my watch and badge in her hands as if they were her lifeline. Then I smiled at Sam and we agreed to never tell Kensi that he had told me. She would have killed him. But one of Sam's greatest skills was knowing when to talk and when to stay silent. This was one of those silent moments and the two of us just got prepared for the long night ahead of us

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