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Previously in Bleeding Love:

I looked down at Kensi who had fallen asleep once again. One question had been plaguing my mind since she had woken up. How much did she remember?

Chapter 6: Road to Recovery-

Days had passed and it was once again my turn to stand guard outside Agent Blye's room. Deeks was, as always, sitting by her bedside talking to her. I gained some respect for the detective, after seeing his dedication to his partner.

Deeks was rambling like usual and suddenly I heard a choking noise from inside the room. Deeks screamed for a nurse and she ran past me, into the room. I peaked from the door, watching as the nurse removed the tube from Agent Blye's throat and told Deeks that she was waking up. No one could deny the look of happiness on his face.

I spent the day listening as Agent Blye got caught up on what she had missed and assuring her teammates that she was in fact, fine. I could tell though that she was exhausted and wanted out of the hospital. I couldn't blame her. Hating hospitals seems to run in cops blood, I know I never liked it.

Finally everyone had left and Agent Blye was alone with Deeks once more. I felt like a teenage girl but I was extremely curious and peaking my head through the door to listen in on the two partners.

"Thank you Deeks." She said honestly, looking into his eyes.

"For what?" He asked.

"For being here." He squeezed Blye's hand and smiled.

"You're my partner Kens. You would do the same for me." It was then that I felt like I was intruding on a private moment and went back to staring at the nurse's station. However that didn't stop me from here what was said next.

"I know. But still, thank you."

I started thinking about Deeks. It was how close he was to his last female partner that burned him and got her killed. I remember Deeks announcing that never again was he going to have a female partner. I couldn't blame him; I would feel pretty damn guilty too. So of course Deeks wouldn't want to get close to another female partner. However it looked to me like it was because they were so close that the agent was sitting in the hospital bed. I remembered how Deeks held Blye's hand and confessed his love to her while she was in a coma. Playing with fire after getting burned could be just considered stupid. However anyone that wasn't blind could see the chemistry between the two and see that they really were perfect for each other.

I still didn't like Deeks and I doubt I ever would. But I had seen some of the horror that Deeks saw every day and I couldn't help but be glad that Deeks had someone to confide in. No one deserved to go through that alone.

"Kensi!" I heard Deeks scream. I turned around and saw the bullets that were heading towards me. I tried to duck but I wasn't fast enough and next thing I knew I felt a white-hot pain in my chest. It was like someone was stabbing me with a hot iron. The edges of my vision were turned black but I watched the scene around me like I was watching a movie – unconnected, and not there.

The gunman raised his gun again and pressed the trigger again, this time aiming for my head. Deeks yelled "NO!" and shot bullets at the man but he wasn't fast enough. I saw the bullet flying towards me.

"No! No – don't shoot! No!"


"No. Deeks!"

"Kensi. Come on Kensi, wake up!"

"Kensi wake up!"

My eyes flew open and it took a few seconds for me to take in the scene around me. I wasn't back in that warehouse and I wasn't under fire. I was with Deeks in the hospital and the gunman was locked up in the boatshed.

Deeks was stroking my hair, trying to calm me down. "Shhh Kens. It was a dream. Nothing more than a bad dream."

Tears leaked from my eyes unwillingly and Deeks wiped them away with his thumb. I leaned into the warmth from his hand and took comfort from his presence. The dream had felt so real. I know that's not what happened but that didn't change my anxiety over the possibility that I may have died.

Dying is an occupational hazard for us. Every week I chased suspects, got shot at, almost kidnapped, blown up and, seduced criminals – all with the chance of death. I wasn't new to the thought of death. However I had only felt like I had come that close to death twice before. Once when I stood in the room of lasers after being kidnapped by the Russians, and again when Claremont shot me. I knew that doing the job I did there was always a chance of being injured or dying, however the idea of death terrified me.

I found myself falling back into the world of dreams, lulled by the feeling of Deeks stroking my hair and the sound of him mumbling comforting words to me. Suddenly I was dreaming again.

This dream was much different than the first. I was back in a coma, and was able to hear everything around me but unable to move. I heard Deeks beside me. Something about this scene seemed incredibly familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it.

"You hear that Kensi. You're a fighter Kens so keep fighting. Just open your eyes Kens. I miss you. I... I love you Kensi. I don't know why I couldn't get the courage to tell you earlier. God I am so stupid! Now you might never know..."

I wanted nothing more than to respond to him. Tell him that I loved him too. Tell him that I was sorry I hadn't told him earlier and that I constantly pushed him away. But my body refused to obey me and I remained silent.

I rolled over in my sleep and the jostling of my chest sent a sharp pain through me. I was startled awake for the second time that night. Automatically I looked over at Deeks and saw that he had fallen asleep, his head on our intertwined hands. I smiled at the blonde detective and closed my eyes again, falling asleep within seconds. When I woke up in the morning the strange dreams had faded into my subconscious, and I forgot all about them.

For the first time in over a week I left the hospital and Kensi's side. Now that she was finally awake it was time for me to stay true to my word and interrogate the shooter. Now Callen and Sam obviously didn't listen to me because I'm pretty sure its illegal to lock someone in a room for 5 days without explanation…

I walked into the main area of the boatshed and looked at the monitor. Callen and Sam were both leaning in towards this guy and he was saying nothing. Let me tell you that is an impressive feat because Callen and Sam can be scary! But then again, so could I. So I walked down the hallway into the interrogation room.

"Sam. Callen. I can take it from here." They stopped their questioning and from the look on my face imminently knew what I was going for.

"Look Deeks… This probably isn't the best – "

I glared at Callen. "I said I can take it from here." They nodded and left, leaving the shooter and me alone. He then looked at me and spoke,

"So what's this? Instead of good cop and bad cop, I get bad cop, bad cop, then good cop?"

I wanted nothing more than to wipe that smug smirk off his face. "Nope. If you thought they were bad your day is about to get way worse. You're getting bad cop, worse cop, and scary cop. Guess which one I am?" For once I didn't have to be an alias or fake my anger. I honestly wanted nothing more than to beat the crap out of this guy.

"So let me make one thing very clear. You're going to tell me everything you know because if not, I will not hesitate to tell my colleagues outside to shut the cameras off and beat the crap out of you. You know why? Because you're the reason that my partner is lying in a hospital bed. But you know, I'm not the one you should be worried about."

"Do you think he is going to kill him?" Sam didn't even have an answer for me.

"I hope not. Too much paperwork." I send Sam a smile. We both knew that Deeks was too committed to his job to do something stupid. But that didn't guarantee that this guy was going to walk out of the interrogation room without some sort of bruises.

This guy looked significantly more worried than he did when I walked in but he was still trying to be in control. "What? The big guys out there?"

"Oh no douche bag, we already established that I'm much worse than them. But the one you should really be worried about is the agent you shot. First thing she said after waking up from her coma was that she was going to shoot the bastard who shot her. And trust me you don't want to be on her hit list… She practices shooting in the groin. So you going to make things easier on yourself?" When he didn't reply I decided that he needed some pushing. I knew that Callen and Sam wouldn't come in on me, hell Callen once screwed with a suspect by pretending to ultimately kill someone, so I was good. I pushed the shooter off his chair and put my foot on his throat, pushing down. "You going to make things easier on yourself?"

Finally he coughed and promised to spill everything he knew. I got off of him and walked out of the room, leaving him to pick himself off the floor.

"He is now all yours." I said to Callen. He and Sam nodded at me and went into the room to pick up everything this guy spilled on the floor. The whole time I was interrogating this guy all I could think was how I wanted to pick Kensi up from the hospital and take her home. So I imediently got in the car and headed to go see Kens again.

"So Kens… What was it like? Being in a coma?" I was packing, finally being allowed to leave the hospital, and looked up from my go bag to see Deeks' face. I could tell he wasn't joking and wanted an honest answer.

"Honestly… I don't remember… Last thing I remember blacking out after being shot and next thing I know, I was waking up with a tube shoved down my throat… Why?" For a second I saw Deeks' face fall but he quickly covered it up with his signature grin. However I noticed that this grin didn't meet his eyes.

"Oh just curious…" So I turned back to my bag, focusing on grabbing my clothes excited to get out of the uncomfortable hospital gown, knowing that there was more to the story but Deeks wasn't quite ready to share.

"So Kens… What was it like? Being in a coma?" I was praying that Kensi couldn't hear my heart, threatening to burst out of my chest. Did she remember anything that was said to her in her time asleep? She paused, thinking, and then replied,

"Honestly… I don't remember… Last thing I remember blacking out after being shot and next thing I know, I was waking up with a tube shoved down my throat… Why?"

My heart fell. She didn't remember. She didn't remember my confession of love and to her we were still nothing more than partners. "Oh just curious." She turned back to her bag and I looked out the window, thinking. I could tell her again but something stopped me. Kens had just been shot; the last thing she needed was a love confession from a partner that she didn't return. So I pushed the thought into the back of my mind looking up at the now fully dressed Kensi.

"So, what do you say? Beer, burgers, and Top Model tonight? Maybe nurse Deeks can give you a sponge bath?" I could handle being only Kensi's partner and friend if that's what she needed.

"Definitely!" She said, giving me a dazzling smile. Okay so maybe I couldn't handle it…

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