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Chapter 1: Found

Kira lay there absolutely still. No movements, no indications that she had woken up. Eyes closed, breathing even. Though, having her eyes closed didn't stop her from being able to "see" them.

She had just woken up, and the moment her mind touched consciousness, her kekkei genkai alerted her to her surroundings. Of course, for the past year her surrounding had consisted of nothing more than grass, flowers, and trees. Perhaps the occasional insect or animal scurrying about. Today was different though. Today there were three very clear water signals that were very close to her. Two men and one dog.

As she feigned sleep, she studied each water signature. The dog was the easiest to study. Nothing to really be scared of there. Only the fact that it was the biggest dog she had ever encountered. The two men with it, on the other hand, were terrifying. Not because of anything they did or how they acted. None of that mattered. Just the fact that they were male was enough to send shivers down Kira's spine.

She could tell one male was the owner of the dog. He himself seemed part animal with his longer canines and wild hair. Not to mention he kept one hand on the dog the whole time. His companion seemed to be a more subdued type of wild. Very calm exterior. What scared Kira the most about him, other than being male, was the fact he had a swarm of insects inside him, crawling just beneath the surface of his skin. Each male seemed to wear a mask and a headband. Slowly directing the water in the air, Kira moved it into the ridges of the headband to make out the hidden village. Konoha.

Kira took all this in in a matter of seconds. The same amount of time it took the two ninja to realize that the woman they had found wasn't one of their comrades. The Dog-man walked over and crouched down next to her. As he reached his hand out to shake her awake, she stiffened. His hand stopped and retreated.

"Get up slowly and we won't harm you," he said calmly. Hesitating slightly, she sat up and turned towards him. "Open your eyes." Slowly, Kira did as he asked, shaking ever so slightly. She heard a small intake of breath and briefly wondered what she did wrong.

"Are you a Hyuuga?" asked the Dog-man. Confused and still scared, she said nothing. She looked to the ground, hoping and praying that they would just leave. "Well if you're not a Hyuuga, maybe you know something about the reports we've been getting. There have been a group of suspicious people spotted in this area." Kira continues to look at the ground. "What's your name?" Kira turns her head away from him, making his short temper begin to flare. "Where are you from?" he questions a bit louder. Kira stays silent, face is void of emotion, which is more then she can say for the panic building in her mind. The Dog-man starts bristling and shouts "Dang it, answer me!" He hits the tree near her for emphasis, making some of its bark chip off and fall around her. She still doesn't make a sound, only wincing slightly.

"Kiba, we should take her to the Hokage. Why? Because this woman won't speak to us and the Hokage may be able to get information out of her," says the Bug-man softly.

The Dog-man, now known to be Kiba, scoffs and reaches toward her again. Kira braces for impact and is surprised when all he does is pull her to her feet by her arm.

"Like Shino just said, you'll be coming with us to Konoha and will be questioned by the Hokage."

Kira gives a slight nod. She noticeably starts to shake, but makes no move to try to escape. She then senses another figure coming towards them at very high speeds. She glances over to where the figure is and internally sighs in relief when she finds that this new ninja is female. A moment later, the two male shinobi look to the same place as the female leaps into the clearing.

She glances around the small clearing, instantly spotting her comrades among the brush. One holding a young woman's arm. The shinobi had to do a double take. Looking closely, this girl could easily be mistaken for one of her relatives. Long blue-black hair flowing down to her mid back, pale skin, smaller build. But what stood out the most were her eyes. They were a light lilac, pupil-less pair of eyes, so very much like her own it was uncanny.

"Who's that?" the ninja asks her comrades in a shy voice. "Don't know," says Kiba, "We just found her here and she won't talk. We're taking her to see Tsunade." The new girl nods her head and moves to take Kira out of Kiba's grip. Kira relaxes almost immediately once his hand is removed from her arm, though she still remains on alert.

"I'm Hinata, can you tell us your name?" As she asks, Hinata places binds on Kira's wrists behind her back. Kira remains silent. What could she say really? If she told who she was, where she was from, they might send her back. If that happens, she would be dead. They already thought she was dead. No matter what these people did, she could handle it as long as she never had to return.

They all walked at a fairly slow pace through the forest, apparently no more than a day and a half journey from the hidden village. Shino took the lead, Hinata led Kira in the middle, and Kiba and his dog took the rear. They walked for hours, stopping every so often to let Kira rest or to get some food or water. As the sun started to set, Shino stopped.

"We should make camp now. Why? Because it will be harder to travel with a civilian at night."

At that, Shino, Kiba and Hinata moved to set up camp. Kiba's dog guarded Kira. After only a few minutes a fire had been started and sleeping mats had been rolled out. Kira sat by Hinata on a fallen log near the fire. It was a fairly cool night. The perfect night to sit by the fire in most cases. The only problem for Kira was that the closer she got to the fire, the less she could "see" since the heat sucked away most of the moisture in the air.

Finally being able to rest felt wonderful though. Kira spread her senses as far as they could go. She could feel every movement of every leaf rustling in the soft breeze and the steady flow of the nearby river where they had gotten their supper. She found animals curling up for the night, and an owl stretching its wings, ready for flight. She was almost able to forget about being a captive at that moment. Almost. It really was hard to forget that the thing you fear the most was no more than three feet away from you, armed with a holster full of sharp objects.

After conversing for a few minutes with Hinata, Shino stated that he and Kiba were going to go check the perimeter. Kiba nodded and called to his dog, Akamaru and they left. Once they were gone, Hinata untied Kira's hands and tried again to get some basic information out of her.

Kira slightly inclined her head towards Hinata. She hadn't really taken the time to study her yet. From what she could sense, the female ninja had a very small build, yet a well-developed figure. Long hair, big eyes, baggy clothes, and thankfully, Kira thought, no bugs crawling under her skin.

Then a thought crossed her mind. A thought that she probably should have had a while ago but was too frightened to consider it. What if she's just like me? Kira faced Hinata fully and took her hands causing Hinata to cut off midway through her sentence.

She looked at Kira and saw a serious expression on her face. Really the only sign of emotion that she had seen on her face since she met her. From the start, other than shaking, this girl gave no indication that she felt anything at all.

Kira shifted slightly and pursed her lips, seeming like she was debating whether or not to say something. Then, slowly, her lips parted and Hinata heard her speak for the first time. An airy, voice that seemed to have not been used in a long time. She said one word. Full of determination and haste.


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