Title: The Dark Side of Powerpuff

Author: SchizoAuthoress

Rating: R

Warnings: Extreme violence, language, death

Summary: Ten years after the current series, the fifteen-year-old Powerpuff Girls are living a semi-normal life as superheroes on hiatus. But there are shadows over Professor Utonium's past, and they may destroy Townsville…unless the Girls can figure out a way to defeat enemies that are, in essence, the dark side of themselves: The Sourpuff Girls.

"The Dark Side of Powerpuff: New Girls in the City"

A multi-colored trail of energy arched over the Townsville suburb of Pokey Oaks, a now-familiar phenomenon to the city. The three sisters Utonium, the Powerpuff Girls, were on their way to South Townsville High.

Mere minutes later, the Girls landed on the front steps of the main building. Blossom pulled her knee-length red hair from its ponytail, giving her head a quick shake so it would fall in a rippling wave of shiny locks. Her heavily made-up pink eyes scanned the surrounding area. She was making potential fatality estimates of her peers, as she had since kindergarten.

Bubbles ran her hand over her single high ponytail, reassuring herself that the trip from home had not ripped the scrunchie from her hair, as it was apt to do when the girls were running late. She hugged a worn notebook to her chest and skipped up the steps happily.

Buttercup didn't even do a hair check, not caring if her scruffy, gel- smothered black hair was messy. That was the look she preferred. Pulling her sweatshirt's hood up, she discreetly inserted her headphones into her ears and pushed play on her Walkman. Good, hard, loud rock music streamed into her ears. Eyes closed and head bobbing slightly, she shuffled off, black hiking boots scuffing the linoleum.


The Girls had first period together, Freshman Seminar. Mr. Posdar, the young teacher of the class, smiled and announced,

"We have some new students in class today. Please welcome Sybil, Saffron, and Sierra…" He glanced over to the three grouped by the door, "Sorry. Your last name is…?"

"Un-un-un-i-um." The tallest girl answered slowly, enunciating the separate syllables. She had shoulder-length black hair and large purple eyes, and wore a pair of plum-colored pants and a black satiny blouse. "Just call me Sybil 'Unium."

"Thank you, Miss 'Unium. You and your sisters can sit behind Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup."

Sybil nodded, moving silently through the rows to take a seat behind Blossom. On her left, the golden-eyed girl with long, loose blonde hair sat behind Bubbles. Bubbles turned and smiled at the girl.

"Hi, I'm Bubbles. Nice to meet you."

"My name is Saffron." Saffron spoke in a soft, melodic voice. She wore a white dress with a long, pale gold robe over it. A smile, strangely unsettling, formed on her lips. "I've heard all about you, Bubbles."

"Oh, that's cool!"

"Bubbles, what have I told you about talking in class?" Mr. Posdar warned.


While this was going on, Buttercup had turned in her seat to glare at the new girl behind her. Sierra returned her glare from behind red-tinted sunglasses. Sierra was dressed all in black, even her lips and nails, like Buttercup herself. Sierra pushed her glasses down to the tip of her nose, narrowing her dark gray eyes and shoving her black-and-red bangs out of the way.

"What's up with you?" Buttercup growled.

"Nothin'. You're Buttercup, right?"

"Yeah. What's it to ya?"

"Nothin', Powerpuff."


At lunchtime, the Girls were called into the office. It was a call from Mayor Bellum.

"Girls! I'm sorry to interrupt you at school, but there have been reports of three new super-villains tearing up the Volcanotop Observatory in Townsville Park."

"No problem, Mayor Bellum." Blossom said confidently, "We'll take care of it."

Buttercup slammed a fist into her open palm. "All right! Let's go kick some ass!"

As the Girls crashed through the picture window of the main office, the secretary was heard shouting, "Good luck!"


Mojo Jojo was trapped in his Observatory, unable to do anything but wait for the three super-villains to break through his defenses and get to him.

Six years ago, he had entered treatment for his megalomania and world- domination compulsions, reemerging from the Townsburg Mental Hospital a new monkey. He now used his genius for good, not evil. And apparently, that had earned him some new enemies.

A black streak of energy flashed in his field of vision, and a rain of reinforced concrete fragments pelted him. "Hey, Mojo! Come out and play- ay!"

"Who are you? What do you want?"

Purple lightning flashed, shattering the glass portions of the ceiling. The auxiliary force field activated instantly. Three female forms hovered above the field.

The black-haired, purple-clad one shouted, "We're the Sourpuff Girls! And we…"

"Want you…" continued the golden female.

"To DIE!" The black-clad girl with reddish black hair screamed. She dove for the force field and slammed a fist into it.

Mojo hit the button that triggered a defensive power surge. The girl shrieked and was blown into a nearby tree.

"Now you've done it, monkey-boy!" yelled the first speaker, who was obviously the leader. The girls regrouped and assumed an attack formation.

"Stop right there!" Blossom shouted. The villains turned to face them.

Bubbles gasped. "Saffron?"

Blossom's eyes widened. "Sybil!"

"Sierra…" Buttercup hissed.

To Be Continued…