AN: Short little drabble. Korra wonders why she has these dreams all the time.

A soft drip, drip, drip pattered against the window. Sleet gray light streamed in, laminating the small room. The air was silent, dead almost, adding to the aura of the rainy day. Of the two people in the bed, one stirred slightly, opening his eyes. He looked at his companion and smiled genuinely.

"Korra, time to wake up." The Avatar groaned and flopped onto her belly.

"Five more minutes," she mumbled. An amused chuckle came from her right. They were close. So close that, without the restrictions of clothing, she could feel every contour of his chest and abdomen pressed against her side. She felt a cool hand caress her bare shoulder. The touch was calming, instantly releasing the knots in her muscles.

"And what am I supposed to do for five minutes?" he said. "Besides, we've got work to do." Korra grinned into her pillow, then turned to look at his face. Pale features melted into silver eyes. Those eyes could be so cold, but right now, they were the warmest and most welcoming sight to her. Tahno was at his most beautiful here, when he wasn't trying.

"More private lessons, you mean?" she inquired. Another chuckle.

"If that's what you want." And he leaned in to give her a slow kiss.

Korra woke with a start. She checked herself and the room. She was still wearing clothes and alone in her bed.

She took a deep breath. It was just a dream. This wasn't the first dream she has had of a certain former waterbender. Some were moreā€¦ sensual than others. Korra still can't remember when she stopped calling them nightmares and started calling them dreams. Was this something she looked forward to?

No, that can't be it. She didn't have feelings for Tahno. If she did, those feelings would be guilt and anger. There was no way she liked him. He was broken, helpless because of his self-pity. Even his former self was brash, arrogant, and egocentric. He simply wasn't likable. So why did her subconscious crave what she didn't want? A shiver ran down her spine when she came to an answer.

AN: I know, it's really short. Sorry, but I've been super busy. It will probably take a few of these little drabbles before I can write something longer like a real one shot.

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