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I arrived at Mia's house early the next morning just like she asked. I've never been here without Lily so I was a little nervous. And when I say a little, I mean sweaty palms, heart racing, kind of nervous. I took a deep breath and hit the buzzer.

"Hey Michael, what you tell Lily?" She greeted me when she buzzed me in. She looked good too which didn't help. It took me a while to respond, I had trouble forming words.

"I told her I was going over to Kenny's to work on stuff for computer club. Don't worry Thermopolis I didn't tell her anything like I promised." I assured her. She blushed and moved out of the way to let me in. I looked around for her mom and Mr. Gianni but all I saw was Lars. I guess they didn't trust leaving her alone with me. That could be a good thing maybe that means I have potential? I mean if they're afraid to leave her alone with me.

"Thanks." She replied shutting the door before leading me to the kitchen. "Would you like something to drink?" She asked. Realizing just how dry my mouth was I shook my head and she came back with two cokes. "I hope you don't mind but it's just going to be you, me, and Lars. My mom and Frank went to Costco." She informed me. Ah, so that's where they went. I waved to Lars he nodded his head hello and went back to watching the sports channel.

"No, that's fine." I managed to choke out. Fine? I'm in misery here! I'm pretty much alone with the girl of my dreams. Lars isn't paying attention to us, he was too caught up in football. We could start making out and he wouldn't know. Not that that would happen. We sat down at her dining table where she had her math book, calculator, pencil, and paper neatly sat out.

"Where do you want to start?" I asked her taking the seat beside her. I couldn't help but sniff her. Her aroma filled the air around us, a nice fresh clean Mia smell. I closed my eyes and breathed it in until I realized what I was doing and snapped myself out of the trance.

"How about we start with the FOIL method?" She suggested.

"Okay it's pretty easy if you have a way to remember it. You got anything?" I asked.

"No." She replied after a few minutes of thinking.

"Okay we can come back to that later then. For now just remember First, outside, inside, last." I told her. We did a few problems and I think she finally understood it at least a little better than before. When I saw her doing something wrong I'd grab her hand with mine and show her the right way, anything I could do to touch her. Pathetic I know, but that seems to be me whenever I'm around her.

"How's this?" She asked handing over her homework. I looked over it there were a few mistakes but not nearly as much as there used to be.

"Good, you're getting better. Try doing number three and seven again." I said handing back the paper.

"The rest are right?" She asked astonished.

"Yeah." I laughed. She erased her work and started over on the ones she missed. I caught her making the same error so I took her hand and showed her the right way.

"Here, try this." I showed her the right way.

"Thanks Michael." She blushed red. After the two were fixed there wasn't really anything left for us to do but I didn't really want to go I wanted to stay and spend the whole day with her.

"So was that it?" I asked hesitant to get up. I wanted a reason to stay, anything at all but I couldn't come up with a thing. I pushed my chair in and was walking to the door when she called me back.

"Michael, wait!" I turned around to look at her. Her face was flushed pink and she was looking at her feet, twirling her hair nervously. "You forgot your jacket." She replied. I don't know if it was me and my wishful thinking but I could've sworn she wanted to say something else. Was it possible she wanted to spend more time with me too?

"Mia?" I said tentative. Do it, just say you like her. Ask her out, maybe to a movie.

"Yeah?" She responded popping her head up to look at me. Do it.

"Thanks." I replied chickening out holding up my jacket.

"No thank you." She said sounding disappointed. "This meant a lot to me." She said gesturing towards her math homework.

"No problem Thermopolis." I smiled a little disappointed myself before walking out and heading home. I sent up a silent pray begging for Mr. Gianni to give Mia a lot more homework to do tomorrow.

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