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So ya.. Teddy/OC eventaully, mght start out a bit slow

DIsclaimer: I don't own anything except the Ninkles, Debbie, and some other minor stuff like any sort of pets or stuff. If I was J.K. Rowling... Snape would be alive.

The Hall was buzzing with excitement as the first years shuffled into the hall, getting into a line, waiting to be sorted by the hat. One girl in particular stood towards the back, batting her hair around as a cat might do to string. This girl was Reagan Ninkle, or as she called herself, The Extraordinary, Magnificent, Beauteous, Awesomely Amazing Reag.

This girl was very outgoing, and didn't act as a proper young lady should. Reag's mother never understood why Reag climbed trees and played with her brother's toy cars, instead of having tea parties and playing with the dolls she had. She was the youngest of three children, and the only girl. She was tiny, with short fluffy blonde hair; she had big green eyes, and a button nose. Reag was adventurous, and the word 'rules' meant nothing to her. She also liked to read books, and draw pictures, and even though she her pictures were never that good it made her happy.

Her brothers had told her all about Hogwarts, so she had known it was just a hat that would sort her, not a troll. She waited anxiously, for her name to be called, not caring to listen to the beginning letters. Her last name started with an 'N' so she would be in the middle, or was it the end. The young girl decide to do the math, 'If N is the… thirteenth letter, then it would literally be the exact point of the middle, except I'd need to know how many people have last names starting before and after me, because there could be three A's and zero Z's and then it wouldn't be the same, I must try and figure out the numbers, and make the approximate guesses…' Reag thought, her brow furrowing, as she continued to work out everything in her head.

She had just come back to reality to hear Deputy Headmaster Flitwick call out:

"Lupin, Teddy!"

She stared as a semi-tall boy, with blue hair walked up to the stool, sat down and put the hat on his head. She had heard of his parents, they were war heroes. She felt bad for him, he had lost both parents as an infant, and he had been raised by Harry Potter.

"HUFFLEPUFF!" the sorting hat screamed, and the Hufflepuff table burst into cheers as the blue-haired boy hopped off the stool and sat down with them.

"Moon, Debbie!" Flitwick called out, and a girl with wild brown curls, and skin that was the exact shade of the funny coffee drink that Reag's mother enjoyed so much, skipped over to the stool, sitting down and putting the hat on, a small smile playing at her lips.

The hat was only on Debbie's head for a few seconds before the hat called out.

"RAVENCLAW!" The hat roared, and the smart ravenclaws clapped happily as she skipped over to them.

"Ninkle, Reagan!" Flitwick called out.

The whole world seemed to slow down after that for the girl. She looked at the Gryffindor table, and caught her oldest brother's gaze, he gave her a reassuring smile and a thumbs up, and Reag quickly walked forward to the sorting hat, her heart pounding. She shoved the hat on her head and sat down on the stool quicky, wishing for gryffindor.

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