I stare out the window of my mom's white SUV, on my way to hell, more commonly known as high school. I had been the new student before, sure, at least four times. But it never got better. I had a bad feeling about this place.

New schools were always the same; the kids were jerks; the teachers were mean old hags; the cafeteria food would taste better if they got it from a dumpster behind a trailer park; all of it sucks. I'm still pressing the idea of boarding school on my mom, but it's not working. It's so much easier for my little sisters, Izzy and Eliza. They're twins, which automatically makes them amazing to the other fourth graders. Not to mention they're total socialites.

We pull up to the massive brick building, and I exhale loudly enough for my mom to hear.

"Honey, just give it a chance. A new school may be just what you need. A clean slate! You can make new friends, learn new things, maybe join a club or two even." She gives me a smile that doesn't reach her eyes. I can tell that she hates moving us around so much, but she can't help her stupid government job. All she could do is act like this is an 'amazing opportunity' for us. Whatever.

"Yeah mom, see you later," I tell her, sending a quick smile before jumping out and slamming the car door. I walk slowly to the door, savoring freedom.

In the office, I'm greeted by an overly peppy secretary. A blonde, too. Great way to start off the first crappy day.

"Good morning!" she exclaims in a high pitched voice. "Welcome to Thomas Johnson High!" Must she end every sentence in an exclamation point? I already hate her. "I'm Ms. Murray, and I'm the secretary! Are you a new student?" I sigh, not bothering to hide it.

"Yeah, I'm Clove Anderson." I reply, probably sounding bored.

"Alright Miss. Anderson, let me see hereā€¦" her voice trails off as she begins rummaging through her organized filing cabinet. "Aha!" Finally. She was taking forever. "Alright, can you fill out these and take them home for you parents to sign?" she asks ever so brightly.

"Sure." I walk across the room to a sitting area. Once I'm finished filling out forms, I return to the desk and collect my schedule from her. As soon as the papers leave her hand, she is on the phone.

"Mr. Hampshire, could you send Glimmer Ellis to the office please?" she asks whoever is on the other end. "Thank you!" Glimmer? What kind of name is that? I feel for her. I'm stuck with Clove, which isn't much betterr. Less than 3 minutes later another peppy blonde walks into the room. All sympathy is lost, and I can tell this girl lives up to her name. Kill me now.

"You called for me Ms. Murray?" the girl asks in a voice just as irritating as the secretary's. Glimmer's dressed in a cheerleading uniform. No doubt she's got more friends than necessary.

"I did indeed." Ms. Murray smiles brightly at Glimmer. They're total BFFs. "This is Clove Anderson, a new student here, and I want you to show her around our school. Would you be so kind as to do so, dear?" she asks sweetly.

Glimmer puts on a sweet face as well. "But of course Ms. Murray, I would be honored to show Clove around." Yep. BFFs. They smile at each other (sickening) and Glimmer turns to look at me. "Come on Clove, I'll give you the grand tour!" she exclaims. I decide that this day couldn't get any worse. Luckily, I was wrong.