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Crap crap crap crap crap. Crap! I run down the halls, only slowing to avoid being yelled at by teachers. If I'm late to English the teacher will kill me! Suddenly I'm struck with something. No, I don't get hit in the face with a brick, I mean a thought. I check the time on my Blackberry and turn to slam my head into the wall. My next class? Lunch.

I end up being early for English. But I see something very interesting as I enter the room.

Glimmer has Rue cornered. I guess she was in this class before our period and she left late. The Ice Queen has been busy drilling me about her lately. I guess she got sick of it and decided to take Rue down herself. I wasn't having it though, obviously.

"Hey little freshman. Since Clove is taking so long to beat you down, I guess I'll just have to ruin you myself. What do you think you're doing anyway, hanging out with one of my girls like you're welcome among us? You aren't. So quit tagging along like a little puppy, and-" at that moment, Glimmer is cut off by her own shriek of terror. Why you ask? Only because there is now a pair of scissors sticking out of the wall on either side of her head. This confuses me. I only threw one pair of scissors. Oh, explanation. There's Nicole, on the other side of the room from me, her arm still in the final throwing position, the rest of her body rigid from shock. Actually, the entire room is frozen, as though time stopped. Whoa, attacked by her own ally. That's gotta hurt. Shut up, this a dramatic moment.

Glimmer snaps out of it first. "What the hell Nicole? You could've killed me! What was that for?" Rue takes this as an opportunity to run away, but not before she can shoot me a thankful look. As expected, Nicole snaps out of it once she's been put on the spotlight. Flabbergast, she tries (and fails) to explain herself without losing her reputation.

"I - I just - I didn't - Ugh!" Decided she can't win, she runs out of the room in a very teenage angst way. Glimmer makes a disgusted sound before remembering me. The second terrorist in this exaggerated act of terrorism, Glimmer being the victim.

"And you! What is up with my girls today, attacking me twice in one day? I think we need a recruit overview, Marcy." Marcy is her personal assistant. Glimmer lured the freshman in with promises of popularity that are going to be broken. "What's your excuse?" She demands. So I tell her off (A/n: Forgive me for being too lazy to type out the entire speech. As I said, I'm lazy.). I've been planning to do this for weeks, but the golden opportunity hadn't come until now. When I'm done, Glimmer is speechless, I'm triumphant, and the rest of the room's jaws are on the floor. I walk to my seat with my head held high, and the teacher enters the room, signaling the start of class before Her Majesty can come to her senses.

Glimmer most likely expects me to regret dropping her like I did. She thinks I won't have any friends to hang out with and I'll sit alone at lunch like a loser and all of that blah. Sadly for her, she has no idea how long I've been planning this (which is kind of sad). At lunch the next day I sit with Dylana and company, and I hang out with them all day also. I can see Glimmer giving me a triumphant look when I walk into the lunchroom, but that look melts away very quickly as I walk to Dylana's table without hesitation and sit down. Her face drains of all color as they welcome me warmly. The moment is just too good, and I can't resist. I turn towards her and flash my most radiant smile, wagging my fingers in a way only a girl with skill can do. And the look on the not-so-poor girl's face is absolutely priceless.

The rest of my day goes remarkably well. I meet up with Cato in the training room after school and he congratulates me for shaking off Glimmer.

"I heard you almost killed Glimmer in Trig today. True?" I laugh and shake my head.

"Nope. I almost killed her in English." Our laughter echoes through the near-empty combat center, drawing the attention of Marvel, the only other student within a fifty-foot radius.

"Hey. What's so funny?" Cato and I exchanged a look, obviously thinking the same thing. He hadn't heard that I told his girlfriend off and almost buried a pair of scissors in her pretty little skull. Cato nods just enough for me to notice and not the brunette guy in front of us.

"Uhh… just how I almost killed Glimmer by throwing a pair of scissors into the wall an inch from her head in English earlier hahaha!" I try to cover up the awkwardness with a laugh but when it comes out it sounds forced and nervous.

Marvel stares at with the most stupid look ever on his face for a minute before turning to Cato for help, who only nods. Then he makes some noises that are even more idiotic than the look before turning and rushing to get out, knocking over several carts of weapons (dangerous much?) in the process.

"Well…" Cato starts, but he trails off. I know what he's going to say.

"That was awkward."