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"You can sleep on the damn floor, Moyashi," Kanda scowled. He still wasn't happy about the arrangement, even though he'd accepted it. Even after Allen and his conversation, he was still very unhappy about the fact he had to be babysat by the Moyashi. He'd taken it fairly well when Allen had told him. When it had been brought up again the following morning by Komui, he had taken it…less well.

Komui had taken the death of his coffee mug rather hard.

"Bakanda, I already told you; we're putting a cot in your room for a little while," Allen said, recalling the sad bunny mug slamming against the wall with fondness. He recalled the lamp that had hit him on the head for laughing a little less fondly.

"Tch, it'll take up the whole room," Kanda said grumpily as he moved to his bed for the first time in a week; a whole fucking week in the hospital. He'd wanted to slit his throat. However, it didn't take a genius to figure out that after the whole 'nearly drowning/attempted suicide,' thing, him slitting his own throat would probably be frowned upon. It would have probably also earned him another few weeks under both Komui and Allen's watchful eyes…

"The whole – Kanda, it'll be the only thing in your room," Allen said, irritation written all over his face. "The only other thing in your room is you."

"Tch. You take up too much space," Kanda said, rather intent on being a grouch at that moment. He wanted to be alone and Allen was taking up too much space.

Allen felt a vain in his forehead throb menacingly.

Kanda could still push his buttons like nobody else.

God, even after the semi-civil conversation the two of them had had the other day, Kanda was still an ass. Allen shook his head. Some things never changed. He guessed that this was one of the very few things that did not change.

A lot of things had changed, over the past…what was it; a month and a half now? But the fact that Kanda was still an ass had not changed. It was probably the only things about Kanda that Allen wouldn't have minded changing. Not that Allen approved of how the changes Kanda had suffered had come about. Not in the slightest. Nor did he exactly like many of the changes that had come about Kanda.

The Japanese man had always been thin, but he'd lost a large amount of weight in the past few weeks. Kanda had put a few pounds back on while in the hospital – the nurses had hooked him up to some strange bag of liquid that was supposed to help Kanda with his 'malnourishment,' as the Nurse had put it.

She'd also had Lavi – Allen crossed himself with a shudder at the memory – try and feed Kanda a strange semi-solid food. It probably wouldn't have turned out so badly had Lavi not made the comment that it looked like he was feeding baby-food to Kanda.

It was hard to believe how quickly Kanda could go from homicidal to suicidal to homicidal again…You had to feel bad for Lavi. It was hard enough, when you only had one good eye; it only got harder when your good eye was swollen shut and the size of a ripe plum, your life got considerably harder.

Allen sighed, dropping a small bag in the corner of the room. Considering how things had gone with Lavi, Kanda could have been giving Allen a much harder time.

Maybe their little talk had actually done something for the two of them.

Or maybe it was just the fact that Kanda was used to Allen being at his room at night. Allen had after all, had become Kanda's 'cleaning lady,' so to speak.

Kanda sighed himself; the hour was fairly late. He wanted to go take a bath however, he was fairly sure that Allen and the terrible duo were not allowed to let him have his own fucking bath. He tapped his fingers against his thigh, feeling extremely irritated. The past few days; well, the last few weeks had been extremely hard on him. It was getting harder to ignore exactly how hard the weeks had been on him as well. He hadn't been doing the best job of ignoring how he felt in any case; but he had been pushing them away, so he wouldn't have to feel them so intensely.

Apparently he hadn't even done that too well.

If he had done that a little bit better, maybe Komui wouldn't have sentenced him to life with the Moyashi. Kanda also had the feeling that Komui had developed some inkling of what had happened while he was in Russia; much to Kanda's shame. He really had become pathetic if he couldn't keep a secret from Komui of all people. It would have been one thing if it had been Bookman or somebody who didn't have to be reminded to do his duties on the hour. But no; he Komui had to figure out had probably told his sister and that redheaded usagi freak.

Kanda only take some solace in the fact that Komui might not know.

Kanda made himself comfortable on his bed, positioning himself comfortably against the headboard in the lotus position.

It had been a while since he last meditated…not since he'd been forced into the infirmary…. He closed his eyes firmly, taking a slow and even breath before holding it. One. Two. Three. Release; he exhaled, finding a comfortable place, deep, deep in his mind. Probably the only place that he felt comfortable in anymore; the only place in his own head were unwanted thoughts would not belittle him and insistently bring up unwanted memories. Time became to blend slightly, becoming both slow and fast. He ignored his unwanted guest; or was Allen his wanted guest?

To be honest, Kanda wasn't sure. There was no way in hell he enjoyed having to be babysat by a beansprout. But at the same time, he had actually slept through three of the four nights he'd been at the hospital.

Whatever, it was probably just some sort of fluke. There was no way in hell he liked having the beansprout around. He was too loud and distracting to be enjo-

"What are you doing Bakanda?" Kanda crossly opened one of his eyes to stare down at Allen, who had pulled out a small trinket from his bag.

"Shut up, Moyashi," He grunted, "You wouldn't understand," He added, irritated. Indeed, Kanda was fairly sure Allen wouldn't understand. Europeans didn't generally do well with meditation; he wasn't sure why that was though. But he had noticed that while he'd lived at the Asian Branch, most everybody meditated there daily.

The European headquarters, Kanda was pretty sure himself and Lenalee were the only people who meditated on a semi-regular schedule.

Allen however, did have a slight grasp of what was going on. It was true; Allen didn't meditate. He hadn't heard of the concept until after he'd met Kanda; and after, he'd never been interested. That and there hadn't been time. Plus, the hole idea of just sitting and being quite didn't make Allen incredibley comfortable. Allen – for all his politeness and calm – didn't like to sit still for extended periods of time. He needed to be doing something; he needed to be eating, taking care of Akuma, taking care of comrades, or paying his masters debts out. Lenalee had offered to teach him how to meditate once, but Allen had ended declining; mostly because he didn't have time, with all he had to do.

Just sitting around seemed lazy to him. But none the less, he was a little bit interest in Kanda. He looked definitively calmer than he usually did. Not as edgy at the very least; his jaw wasn't tight and his shoulders weren't stiff. It was interesting to see how just sitting still could have such a profound effect on somebody.

"You're doing that…meditation, chi thing Lenalee does," Allen said, not realizing exactly how distracting he was being to Kanda.

"Yes. Now shut up," Kanda said.

Allen fidgeted, wanting to ask more questions. However, this was Kanda's room, so he settled with just staring at Kanda.

This really only served to agitate Kanda further. "Moyashi," He said voice strained with forced calm as he spoke.

"It's Allen, Bakanda," Allen's vain only proceeded to grow. Yes, Kanda was definitely the only person who could push his buttons so easily. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself; it was just a stupid name.

"Stop fucking looking at me and go to sleep," Kanda growled, "Or get the fuck out of my room."

Allen exhaled noisily and continued to stare at Kanda. He then shook his head. "I'm getting dinner," he said, deciding the fight wasn't worth it. "Don't go swimming while I'm gone or I'll have the Nurse tie you up again," He slammed the door just in time to save his head from being smashed by Kanda's coatrack. There were also a few muffled 'fuck you, goddman Moyashi!'

Allen winced; maybe he should have picked a less sensitive idea to threaten Kanda with.

Kanda meanwhile scowled as he lay on his bed, concentration shot. Allen walker could be such a pain in the ass. He closed his eyes; fine, no bath. He'd wait for Allen to get back and kill the young British man before taking his bath.

Until then a little nap might be nice.

Unfortunately, his nap was not going to end very pleasantly.

Tyki took a few deep breaths of the cigarette, flicking it to the ground and grinding it out with the butt of his heel. His shoulders were tense and his hair kept falling into his line of sight as he walked, so he had to slick it back ever few moments. Anxiety flowed through his veins like water in a stream.

Sheryl had already gone ahead of him.

Tyki took a few moments to reflect that he really did have a good brother. He sighed softly and continued to walk quietly up the winding path, his feet making light, shuffling noises as he kicked loose pieces of rock and dirt around.

The night air was freezing; it felt nice upon his skin. If it had been any colder, steam would have come off his skin in droves. He exhaled noisily and slicked his hair back a moment later. He was almost done; so close to being done with this mess. He made a mental note to beat the shit out of the Exorcist for putting him through this little hell.

Perhaps it was harsh, after he'd just raped the man. But it would have been so much easier for the both of them, if Kanda had just stayed put were Tyki had left him. If he had, then everything would have ended much more…cleanly. Because Tyki had no intention of letting this drag on any longer. The past few weeks had driven him nearly insane, trying to tie up all these loose ends.

If it hadn't been for his brother, Tyki probably would have gone insane, trying to hide the mess he'd gotten himself into. As it was, Sheryl was currently covering for him. As far as the Earl was concerned, Tyki was visiting his sister-in-law while Sheryl attempted to set him up with a friend.

There were times when Tyki appreciated his brother's neurotic behavior.

He grunted quietly, shaking his head, looking up to the Order. It was such a big place, not as big as the Earl's main estate of course. But it was a big place; the Order had obviously put some money into it.

He smirked as he came even closer, sounds of chaos beginning to flow from out of the building, even though he was still a few-hundred yards away.

Yes, Sheryl had already gotten in. Now…where was that stupid Jap?