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Kanda hated Tyki.

He hated the golden eyes that examined every inch of his body; his hair, his eyes, his chest, the tattoo, thighs and…lower. He wanted to rip off the hands that gripped his hips so tightly the nails cut into his skin, leaving bloody crescents moons that only healed moments later. He hated that Tyki could make him scream in both pleasure and pain. He couldn't stand the fact that the older man could make him cry.

Most of all, he hated that he was helpless beneath Tyki, that the Noah could make him so absolutely and completely vulnerable.

He wanted to die.

"Do…y…you l-like that K-Kanda-kun?" The grey skinned man's breath was hot on the Japanese man's ear, as he gave another rough thrust into the teen. Kanda gave a half moan half sob of shame in answer. Every sound was against his will and it broke his pride just a little further. He looked at Tyki, blue meeting gold. That gaze told Kanda Tyki wasn't moving until he admitted it felt good. Wasn't it enough that Tyki got to fuck him senseless? Now he had to answer the bastard too?

The raven haired teen shut his eyes tightly. He couldn't look at those sinful eyes one more moment. He hated this. Being at the bastard's mercy was unbearable.

"I c-can't hear you Kanda-kun," Tyki whispered, refusing to move. His own voice was weak with pleasure.

Kanda took a deep breath. He couldn't stand to feel Tyki inside of him one more moment. Maybe if he just nodded, Tyki would finish fucking him and leave him to wallow in his own shame. "Y-Yes," He whispered, feeling himself die inside.

Tyki smirked. "Sho-should I m-move?" Kanda could feel Tyki's eyes boring into him. That bastard. That fucking bastard just loved making Kanda kiss his ass.

Kanda shook his violently. He wouldn't bend any further. He couldn't – it would kill him. Tyki sighed, combing his hands through Kanda's hair. "Why make this so difficult, love?" He murmured, twirling a strand of black.

This only further enforced Kanda's desire to rip Tyki's hands off, before having Jerry boil them into stew and using it as weed killer.

Kanda – no matter what situation he was in – did not like people touching his hair.

"I'll only have to punish you for resisting me, Kanda-kun," He said, suddenly and roughly thrusting out of Kanda, dragging out a scream from the younger man. He didn't bother to try and hit Kanda's prostate this time, this time aiming to make Kanda scream.

More tears pricked at the corner of Kanda's eyes and grit his teeth to keep in the screams, letting Tyki abuse him. He would not ask the bastard to stop. He would not plead like some weakling.

He wasn't weak damn it.

The Japanese man repeated that over and over, even when Tyki came inside him again. It hurt; not only his ass, but it destroyed what little self-respect he had left. He opened his eyes seeing feeling the Noah get off of him.

A cool hand brushed against his cheek. "Good boy, Kanda-kun," He whispered to the younger. He released Kanda's face and untied Kanda from the headboard. "There's your reward Kanda-kun," Tyki snickered, "Don't try anything rash Kanda-kun…." Tyki called behind him. "Or I'll have to punish you," He added lightly and with that, he shut the door. There was a defined clicking sound.

Kanda waited for a full minute to make sure Tyki was gone before he stood up shakily, knees buckling.

His whole body hurt.

All he wanted to do was to go back home, to the Order.

Take a shower; to never have to think about this again.

Suddenly, Kanda's stomach lurched and the samurai fell to all fours as he retched. Not that there was anything to throw up. He'd been there for two and a half days and the bastard hadn't bothered to feed him.

Kanda's shoulders heaved violently as he vomited again. He hated himself for it. He hated that his body actually felt the need to purge itself. He hated himself for being so fucking weak. He wasn't supposed to be weak.

It was people like that bastard moyashi that were weak.

But then again, people like that bastard moyashi probably wouldn't be able to take this sort of abuse. Not to mention, the bastard moyashi didn't look as…feminine as Kanda did; though he'd kill anybody who even hinted at it.

Kanda shuddered once more, retching a third and final time. He wiped the bile away from his mouth, shuddering.

He wanted to lie down. But he couldn't bring himself to lay back down on that bed. He'd rather drown in his own vomit then do that. He struggled to stand, but couldn't quite manage it. Instead, he was forced to drag himself to a corner of the room, where he made himself comfortable, curled in the corner.

He was cold, but he would not take the blanket on the bed.

He would not break.

He was strong damn it!

But the Japanese man was also tired. He wouldn't admit it, but he was also scared to go to sleep. If he went to sleep, there was no telling when the Portuguese man would come back and rape him again.

He sighed. Whatever happened, it was going to happen. He supposed he'd rather face it rested. He closed his eyes and tried to think of more pleasant thing, things he enjoyed – few though they were. Gardens…he enjoyed those…soba too…Alma.

He pushed that one away. It was still too painful to think about; especially in his current situation.

He enjoyed his arguments with the Moyashi of course.

The silver haired, cursed boy. He'd hated Allen since the moment they'd met. Hated the naïve expression, his extreme courtesy, his desire to save, and the way he always smiled, even though he'd been through hell, same as all the other Exorcists.

It infuriated Kanda. It reminded if of Alma.

But Allen had a dark side too; always calling him, BaKanda.

The black haired man made a mental note to kick the beansprouts ass when he saw him next.

Allen met with Lenalee and Lavi in the library.

They were all very quiet about it. Everybody had been watching them since Kanda's abduction/death, for one reason or another.

Komui had been watching Lenalee, making sure she didn't fall into a pit of depression. He didn't want her to do anything reckless. He couldn't bear the thought of his baby sister hurting herself.

Bookman watched Lavi like a hawk. After all, the Bookman successor couldn't be getting too attached to anybody – even if that anybody was supposedly as good as dead. He was ready to pull Lavi out at the first sign of attachment to anybody lately.

Jerry had been watching Allen like crazy; making sure the boy's appetite didn't change do to this unfortunate occurrence.

They wasted no time in getting down to business.

"What are we going to do?" Lavi asked, looking at the British boy and Chinese woman determinedly. There was no way he was just going to wait until Kanda's body turned up – if ever. The man did at least deserve a proper send off into the afterlife if he was dead. And if he was alive – well, they couldn't very well just leave him at the hands Noah!

Lenalee shook her head. "I don't know. Nii-san won't give us any information on where Kanda was…." Probably to prevent something stupid from happening.

Allen intervened, "He was in Russia," He stated. He only knew that because he and Kanda ad split up on the mission before; Allen to return the innocence, Kanda to collect more. "I think he said Moscow."

Lavi nodded. It sounded like as good a place as any to look for clues. He looked at the two of them, "When should we leave?" He asked them.

Lenalee shook her head. "No, they're all expecting us to do something now," She stated. Allen hated to wait – every minute they spent waiting was another minute they spent letting Kanda edge closer to death.

Lavi conceded the point. "Maybe we could get Komui to give one of us a mission?" He suggested.

Lenalee nodded. "Alright – and then the other two could take a day off to go into town," She agreed.

"Tomorrow?" Allen checked.

The other two nodded. "Tomorrow…." They agreed.

The three didn't stop talking until much later. They needed to work out the finger points of there plan.

But it was a plan.

To Allen and Lenalee, he would come back alive, maybe a little beaten up, but alive. They held firmly onto that hope.

Lavi on the other hand, held no such elusions. He was well aware they might be bringing back a body.

But he was going to make sure that the rest of the Order didn't have to grief for two more exorcists as well.

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