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Chapter 16-


It was the end of the line. And so we shook a strangers hand who quired us about our future and had the most blinging of dress gowns I had ever seen.
Tweek, the poor guy, was so nervous that he tripped up the stairs onto his way for his very important handshake.
After that we left the building, and in true American movie style,threw our square caps to the sky and swanned about in our expensive capes. Most, if not all, of the university populace were clammy with fear of what they were going to do next; was it all worth it? Plus a hefty loan slapped on top, or the ever curious … Did I just waste three years of my life for an expensive 'good time'.
All of us stood around like multicoloured lemons thinking about the real adulthood we'd just gotten ourselves into.
Smoking it or not Kenny made sure that his joint was present in every picture we took of ourselves. He said if he was going to be remembered by the university then it would be for something he was good at, which was apparently smoking and growing weed, and not game design which he had just spent the last three years of his life 'studying'. Well, he'd spent the last three years of his life somewhat being present in a classroom pretending to be interested in many things.
"We'll I'm glad that's over with." With a shrug I tossed my academic dress and hat into the car. The radio playing Justin Timberlake's 'Can't Stop The Feeling'
"Me too" Clyde sighed and followed suit. The brunette looked tired but was feeling the feeling that Justin was singing about as his body gently moved to the beat, almost without him realizing.
"Woah, assholes what are you doing!?" Kenny frantically waved his hands, his tassel and cloak floating about around him. "I think we should end this the right way and get fucking smashed!"
"These are only rented though Kenny" Kyle frowned as he and Stan wondered over to us. Inside I agreed, but the thought of getting drunk while wearing a fine lined tent was amusing. Kenny was less amused and more frustrated "Oh what're they gonna do? Hunt you down? Let's get wrecked, before we all crawl back to our tiny little lives back home." The little blonde ended that with a sigh, and we all knew why.
Clyde slapped his hand onto the blonde's back and with a transition we were suddenly sat at the back of the nearest pub that had cleanliness concerns written all over it. But it was cheap, cozy and we were drunk and we were having fun.
Some people might say too much fun...If red cheeks, loud voices and 'improper man handling' was anything to go by...

Buzzing along me and my car drifted solemnly down the otherwise empty motorway. I nodded my head gently side to side to the song that was playing on the radio. The luggage stuffed into the boot and the back of the car rattled with any bumps I passed over.
Next to me Clyde graphically told me about Ian Watkins and the shock downfall of Lostprophets. He then drifted on to my dad and I actually had to do the unusual task of defending him because an asshole he was but a paedophile maniac he was not.
Occasionally I had to nudge his hands down as he always expressed his feelings through them and blocked my line of sight, the roads were salted but that didn't mean that all precaution went out the window.
"Hey did you hear about Rolf Harris?!" Clyde asked, a grin coming onto his face.
"You are way too excited about this kind of news. Can we talk about something other than how people you like on T.V are not how they really are in person?" I shuddered and turned the heater around to the thickest part of the red line. "My head is too clouded to even keep up with you, how are you even so awake?" Blinking slowly I felt as if the world was zooming and I was snail sailing.
Clyde turned melancholy and mumbled "Yeah, sorry. It's crazy though right?"
"...Sure is." Flicking on my indicator, despite no one being around, I took a left and rolled down a hill. In the distance came the distinction of a small town widely known as South Park.
"... Craig if I ever turn into a paedophile when I grow up kill me." In surprise I glanced over at him and the puppy dog eyes he flashed me. In an instant I burst out laughing.
"Clyde! You don't grow up and just decide one day that you're gonna touch kids or something! It's like born into you, you dufus. And drugs, do lots of drugs and that will fuck up the best people in the world." Slowing I turned into our infamous little town. The snow piled up at the curbs and became brighter and thicker the further into town we drove.
Suddenly Clyde grabbed my arms and jerked me around. He shouted something but my mind hand gone blank, everything was muted. In fear I held onto the steering wheel for some effort of control but it ended up us just spinning further around. The tires screeched as I held onto the break. We both stared at each other and yelled, exactly like how they did it in the movies.
I swerved and swore. Somehow I managed to stop the car and gain control before my car was a banana split against the traffic pole mere inches before us.
"Fuck Clyde! It's fucking icy out here and you grab my arm and shout like a twat! Jesus." I slammed my hands in frustration and ran a hand through my hair. "Sorry Clyde but I nearly fucking crashed. You just can't do that." I glanced at him and he looked sad and his eyes had gone round and watery like melted chocolate.
"Sorry. I just thought, you know, Kenny smokes a lot of weed..." He mumbled and shrugged seeming to find what he had to say insignificant now.
I scoffed. "Kenny only smokes weed and it's not constant. The only thing he will have trouble with is remembering his name when he's a little old man." I flashed him a grin and he smiled back at me "I guess me and you can look after him when he's an old man." We chuckled and a beep of a horn reminded me that I was still half in and half out of the road. With a laugh I reversed and drove on further down the lane.
"He can be our adopted son!" Clyde clapped his hands together with glee.

University had finished and, well, we were all in the process of trying to find our feet and doing the 'grown-up' thing like moving in together. Kyle and Stan bought their own flat, as expected really, soon they'll have a dog and it will be their symbolic baby, who knows what could happen.
Tweek went back home with his parents and worked at the coffee shop with his mum and dad. He seemed to like it and had taken a fancy to a girl that came in regularly. Her hair was long and black. She also had dark blue eyes and was tall and thin but I'm not here to judge or mention that she looked like a female version of me…
Clyde and I had officially been going out for a year and a bit excluding the fuck up in between. Clyde at first wanted to move back home and have me come with him but I couldn't do that. I could not live with his crazy mum and her crazy rules. Sure it was better than my house but who could blame me? I wanted a break.
Slowly I pulled into the drive way and parked up next to the only other car, it being a nice lime green. Kenny having said "Whaaat I wanna colour coordinate! Lime green and banana yellow".
"He must be home already?" Curious Clyde looked at me with his big doe eyes for affirmation but I shrugged in reply. I had no idea.
We got out and lugged our bags and other things we could manage into the house and to our shared bedroom. The second I heaved myself through the door I was greeted with "I thought you weren't afraid of anything!" And grinned seeing the T.V screen over the back of the couch and the shaggy haired blonde slouched there. American Horror Story was a new show Kenny had gotten into and he was re-watching the first and best season.
"'Sup guys!" Kenny waved a little hand over the back of the couch.
"Hey!" Clyde beamed and pushed past me. I watched him go and smiled back at the television because Evan Peters was a handsome man, and had the blackest eyes I'd ever seen.
Later that evening, the early sunset giving the impression of night, Clyde ventured up into our room to me sitting on the mattress that lay on the floor. He tossed a towel from his neck onto the carpet. The faint smell of salt and human sweat oozed in the air. Clyde's white wife beater was damp down the back and chest. It stuck to his muscles and showed his nipples through the damp cloth. His hair spiked but curled limply from the sweat and him having run his hands through it multiple times while running.
I was immediately turned on, as I always was, as Clyde knew I was.
Clearing my throat I mumbled "Convenient timing Clyde I've just finished putting everything away" I ruffled my hair and pulled my chullo on with a sigh. He smiled sheepishly his cheeks almost tingeing red.
"Craig. I think we should get a bed frame." Clyde said matter of fact looking down at me. His muscles gently flexing as he moved. The brunette before me lazed a hip slide to the left and his torso curved with the movement, but as always, with male jogging bottoms they cupped around the buttocks and balls like no other pants. And it was there that my eye sight lay.
"... Kind of goes without saying, right?" Laughing I watched Clyde flop backwards, painfully, onto the mattress. His face creased in a sharp pain. "Ow." "What did you expect? Idiot" I rolled my shoulders a dull ache having set in from all the heavy lifting. I wasn't weak per'se, I just wasn't Clyde either. Clyde chuckled and reached up a hand to pull me down next to him. We lay down next to each other my vision only being occupied by a large pair of chocolate eyes. They crinkled at the edges as he smiled and looked at me. His scent filled my nose something fruity and 'non-manly' as Clyde would always say. I didn't care, it was the way he smelled and it made me feel like home.
Threading his fingers into my hair Clyde scraped the scalp as he snatched my favored and one true hat and threw it off. He then grabbed my head and pressed our mouths together upon instinct I opened my mouth like Clyde was the air that I needed to breath. Our lips and tongues moved together speaking their own language of love. His weight was against my chest and I spread my long legs around his waist. I squeezed his firm behind in my fingers after spreading my palms down every curve of muscle in his back.
He pulled away and sucked on my lip, tugging it in his teeth as he did so. He paused, his near seemingly black eyes took in the picture of my face and sighed and brushed the backs of his fingers against my cheek. As Clyde sucked and nipped at the crook of my neck I lost my thought in the swirls caress and movement of his fingers, slipping under my shirt and over my stomach. Our little blonde house mate came to mind and I thought of how we somehow we ended up taking Kenny into our apartment and it felt kind of right to do so. Aside from an endless stream of weed, should I require such things, I had a good friend and my partner with me at all times, and I was okay with that. Kenny was a little 'loose' so to speak but he was always entertaining and he added a little diversity to the house.
He was also a great cook and, well, made food for his two 'house wives', as he liked to call us, fairly often. Although deep down he was as a good as a mum as anyone could ask for and deserved a well earned break. That's not to say that he didn't see and keep tabs on his sister as much as he could, he just couldn't live there and be a part of that anymore. I didn't blame him.
Clyde was inside me now and I felt whole and annoyed because I never felt like I could get him close enough. His mouth in the crook of my neck, breath in my ear, his skin and chest damp and sticking to me, and I still couldn't get him close enough. Roughly his thick fingers grabbed my legs and bent my knees almost flat to my chest. His pace and breaths picked up, the occasional moan would slide out too. I opened my eyes at the vision of him kneeling, my legs bent and toes pointed. His stomach tensed with each thrust flexing his already building muscle. Arching with a desperate and tired moan we shuddered and came, Clyde slowly descended down next to me our panting breaths the only sound in the room.

No Kenny didn't go on to do games design. In fact we were all surprised that he even managed to pass, but studies and learning wasn't his type of thing. He was the type of person that didn't really care about that and just wanted to get a job and start earning his own money, and there was nothing wrong with that.
Clyde became a fitness instructor, which meant he continued to get hotter, I continued to stay thin, but subconsciously with a healthier diet in mind, and Clyde shared his 'Hercules wisdom of fitness' to others.
I did film so I didn't have any major hopes for something to happen straight away but I have ideas and projects to work on so that's all that mattered.
Ruby practically lived here now with her own little bedroom upstairs, well, it was more of a spare bit of space that we really didn't know what to do with so Ruby had decided to make it her own bedroom and I had nothing wrong with that, the closer to me the better.

Kenny sighed after shoving a mouthful of special fried rice into his mouth. "Being a grown up sucks."
Clyde's cheeks full and hamster shaped nodded his head in agreement. I shrugged my eye brows and smiled as my little sister sat down next to me, all of us in the front room with the T.V glowing on our faces. It was late and we were picking at the remnants of our Chinese takeaway.
I shook my head at Ruby "I don't think so sister, you know what time it is" I tapped my watch for empathizes and she rolled her eyes and mumbled "All right dad."
I scoffed, what an insult.
"All right put the movie on I'm bringing in the back-up" by 'back-up' Kenny meant that we were gonna sit here and smoke weed while watching scary movies.
This 'scary movie' however turned swiftly into something that I couldn't look away from, yet didn't want to see. I think Clyde was close to tears.
The weed didn't help either.
"... This Serbian movie is fucked up, like in the most ever fucked up way you could ever think of. This is Ramsay Bolton fucked up." Stated Kenny and I could only swallow and nod my head in agreement, my mind flaky and wondering. Although now I was suddenly thinking of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and what a perfect specimen of man he is.
I'd like to think it wasn't this god awful movie that made Kenny horny but about forty minutes later his hand was on my thigh, upper thigh, closing in on my groin. I sucked in a breath and in my lazed brain I lolled my eyes to Clyde who was watching but laughing hysterically.

How did we get here? Resounded in my ears and all around us. A thought of my own or the singer on the television I couldn't tell. My eyes were closed and my lips were moving against someone else's. Hands touched what felt like my naked skin, it was warm in here. The hands felt smoother than Clyde's, petite to the touch, danced their way up my torso over my chest and threaded tightly into my raven hair. The lips at my mouth brought teeth and tugged at my lip. A second pair of teeth came at my throat and grazed and sucked hard at the skin. I titled my head back a moan passed through my lips.
Slowly I descended and felt the carpet rough against my shoulder blades. The mouth from my neck continued down to my collar bone and chest as the smaller hands slid off my jeans, scratching my thighs as they did so. Heat covered my penis and swirled around it to the very tip and back down again.
My skin burned. Every inch felt like fire. When I fluttered my eyes open everything was confusing and unfocused. Clyde and Kenny were around and over me, but I couldn't fully make them out until I closed my eyes and saw with the tips of my fingers and through the touch of their skin.
The mouth around my cock stopped and it felt cold as it slipped away. Sitting up firm fingers took hold of my jaw and pressed something soft long and hard past my lips and down into my throat. Judging by the grip in my hair and familiar moans the dick belonged to my brunette lover Clyde.
Suddenly everything became clear. The fog haze of my brain floated away and to my mild surprise what I saw before me was Kenny on his hands and knees, back arched and fingers clenching the carpet. He flung his head back, cheeks flushed with lips parted. Transfixed I gasped stiff and damp with sweat as Kenny was being pounded by Clyde rather aggressively. I watched Kenny's little thighs flex with each thrust and the change in his manner and voice as he was drawn to climax. Almost simultaneously he slowly collapsed onto the carpet beneath him. Clyde on the other hand waved an arm behind himself until he touched the sofa and slowly lowered his back against the seat. "Holy shit" breathed between his lips and his hard chest heaved as he worked to catch his breath.
"… Yeah" slipped out of me and we both shared a glance, which was quickly averted to an out cold Kenny and back again.
"Wait a second" Clyde held up a finger to me "I did most of the work with you two so I just need a moment." I let him gather his breath and watched Kenny drift off to the land of slumber. We chatted and lay next to each other, not really saying anything much, just stuff to fill the silence, before I pulled myself up onto his layed out form and pressed Clyde's growing hardness inside of me. We both drew in a slow drawl of breath. Gentle at first, pressing our bodies together we rolled slow until we couldn't get enough of each other. Our hands grabbed nails scratched, my hands pressed against his chest and his hands on my hips. Faster and faster until we both came and our heavy breaths filled the room. Kenny didn't stir and for the final time that night we kissed smiled at each other and curled up together, mildly discomforted by the roughness of the carpet on my skin.

I exhaled deep and slow. My muscles twitched and with my eyes sealed shut I took in my surroundings. Blackness covered my eyes, a chilled breeze whispered through the window, rattled the blinds.
Clyde's breath was heavy, that stage before it drifted into a solid husky snore.
Pushing myself up I smiled. This was it. I rubbed my eyes and looked back over at Clyde's open mouthed slumbering face.
I pulled on my boxers and staggered my way up into my now adjoined bedroom with Clyde. It was cold and luckless of life without us to birth it. I crouched in front of my guinea pigs cage,his sniffles and shuffling being the only sound in the darkness. A glimmer of moon and stars from the window were my only light. I stared and pictured what life must be like from the perspective of his tiny bean sized brain. His world within a world. What did I even look to him? Did he even register me as a creature too or was I the God to his world that gave him food and drink and comforted him.
He stopped suddenly, his black eyes looked up at me and he waddled over to his drinking spout. I let him catch his thirst before unhinging the lid and cupping him out the cage. I nuzzled his orange fur to my cheeks and smoothed him a little. He blinked looking around seemingly to enjoy the contact from his one true Lord. I placed him back and went on my way back downstairs.
The house was quiet. It wasn't early by any means but I guessed Ruby would have plodded of to school or skived off in her room after seeing me asleep. I cringed suddenly "Shit… I hope she didn't fucking come into the front room…" In my mind it scanned over the left over chaos and stark naked boys and floppy dicks on show and out cold asleep on the carpet. I decided not to go back to bed and having poured some tea and stuffed my face with a plate of leftover Chinese food. I sat hunched and a little bit chilly and thought about my long ass year and how things had changed, for the better of course. I was now Ruby's sole guardian, I had Clyde, I had a job and my own place with some of my closest friends. Life was swell.
Kenny dressed made a moan of complaint and shimmed out back for a morning smoke.
The floor boards creaked behind and a heavy foot plodded down the hallway, the thick sound alone indicated to me that Clyde was up and coming my way.
"Umm Craig...?" Clyde croaked, his voice rough. He was in what one would call pajamas.
"Yeah?" I replied and felt Clyde tap me on the shoulder as I turned to look at him. He sounded nervous.
I blinked at him and in his hands sat the very same guinea pig I had just pet this morning, limp and dead.
Maybe this year wasn't that great.