A/n: The story was originally posted years ago. This is a revised verison of what I took down years ago. Back then this story was Dedicated to RiaKim4eva, will remain so now. Thank you to all of my fans who have been patient in this reposting and in my lack of consistency.

The story

Rai had just gotten the position of Shouko (sp) warrior and Kim kissed him. No one realized, not even Kimiko, that kiss was full of love. Kim had fallen for Rai and she didn't know how to tell him. Her mind drove her in circles when she realized she loved Rai. Her heart beat faster when she was with him, her mind when in circles when she was near him. She was even daydreaming about Rai. This time she was in a black mini shirt with black knee high heels. She wore a black sports bra with a hot pink heart in the center. Her hair was down her back this time black with red ends to make it more of the punk side than the Goth. She had Black eyeliner one with black lipstick. She was on a quest for the shen gon wu Orb of love. The orb of love caused problems. You fall in love and don't have any control over yourself for 12 hours and you are forced to do your capture's work. Rai was with her. He wore a green short-sleeved hoodie with tan baggie pants with white sneakers. Clay and Omi were out hunting the shen gon wu healing hands of Laylae (Lay-LEE), an ancient healer who supposable 'fought' alongside Grand Master Dashi.

"so… what does it do again?" Ria asked worried about what Kim was going to do to him when he already knew what the orb of love did. He just wanted to break the silence.

"The love orb. Its holder can pick a person and make them fall in love with them for 12 hours and make them do what ever they wished. So say Omi was the holder and he choose Wuya. Wuya would fall in love and do anything Omi said for 12 hours."

" eeewww… you choose Omi and Wuya why?"

"Because I'm not going to use me as an example."

"Why not me and you that's not as disgusting as Omi and Wuya."

"Your right but still…"



"What happens if the person already loves the holder?"

" Um… I think the scroll said that the person loves the holder more and has no control over anything for 24 hour and the holder has no control either."

"I'm confused. "

"Okay so say Clay is in love with my best female friend, Keiko, and Keiko is the holder. If Keiko chooses Clay, he will have no control for a day and Keiko would have no control either so if that happens Clay become a desperate guy and could force himself her."

"Okay then." Rai was a little disturbed by the example Kimiko chose to give.

" Hey Rai?"

" What?"

" Would you ever do that to me?"

" Nope." 'Well… maybe'

" Good. I'd probably kill you if you did."

" …"

"Don't '…' me."

"But its weird… you'd kill me if I did. You're always trying to kill me." Rai runs.

"Hey!" Kimiko runs after him. Rai tripped of a pink ball. Kimiko and Jack pick up the ball at the same time. The pink ball was the Orb of Love.

"Jack Spicer, I Challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown. My Shroud of Shadows against your silk spitter. The game is … first to get the orb wins."

" Kimiko I expect your challenge."

" Xiaolin Showdown." The scenery changed to maze, a watery maze. Kimiko and jack ended up on opposite ends of the maze. The Shen gon wu appeared in the middle of the maze.

"gon he tempie." Jack ran straight, turned right and left and then had to back track. Kim pulled on the shroud of shadows and ran forward left right left straight left, right, and made it to the center. Jack entered the center as Kimiko touched the shen gon wu. The scenery changed back to the wooded area. The 3-shen gon wu landed in Kim's arms. Jack Spicer moped and growled as Kimiko cheered, quickly escaping with Raimundo.

Back at the temple.

Kimiko had changed out of her outfit and into a white v-neck shirt and a white squirt with white flip-flops. Her hair was down and flowing in her natural hair color, raven black. She was studying the shen gon wu scroll. She was studying the orb of love. She needed the orb of truth to find out what she wanted. There were 4 orbs, orb of love, truth, tsunami, and spirit. Orb of truth allows you to find anything out with out the person figuring out you found out. Kimiko had a problem. Raimundo. She loved him and she was afraid of rejection.