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3 years ago.

I make my way towards his room, feeling like I was about to puke. Just as I reach his door I let the tears run freely, feeling disgusted about the meeting I had with Queen bitch only moments ago.


I was in my room, trying to read War and Peace. I know right, me reading? But I had to read it For Lissa's stupid Literature class back at Lehigh. I would probably have not read it and lied my way through the whole essay, but Lissa is making me quiz with her so I'm stuck in my room until I finish it. Just as I was about to chuck the book at the wall out of frustration, there was knocking coming from the front room. Grudgingly getting off my bed, I made my way towards the door, opening it to find the most annoying, flirtiest pig I have ever met, Adrian Ivashkov, Who also happened to be my boyfriend. After the whole church incident with Dimitri, He decided to head back to Russia to live with his family for a little while. I was heartbroken. Still kind of am, But Adrian was there helping me through the whole thing. I know how it must have felt for him, seeing your girlfriend crying over another man? But we got through it, and surprisingly we are stronger than ever, and have been for about 5 months.

"Rose?" I snapped out of my daze, and let my eyes fall on Adrian's worried face, "Are you alright?" he asked. Clearly he had been trying to get my attention for a while now. "Yeah I'm fine, well kind of. Lissa has me trapped in my room reading War and peace." I sighed dramatically. Adrian's face relaxed, the concern being replaced by a lazy smile. "I had to read that back in High school once. Didn't even get past the first page," "How did you pass?" I asked suspiciously, knowing Adrian; he probably forced some kid in his class to write it for him. "I paid one of our maids back at home to do it. She seemed to really like the book, that she never gave it back. But I guess it was kind of a win/win situation." Before I could say anything else, a Dhampir, looking like he was around sixteen, with brown hair and a clumsy posture, came running down the hallway in a hurry. "Guardian Hathaway, the Queen would like to have a word with you-" His eyes quickly flickered to Adrian and then back to me, "Alone." He added. "Do you know the reason behind this meeting?" Adrian asked, curious as to why his aunt would want to speak to his girlfriend. The boy mumbled a "no Lord Ivashkov" before scattering back down the direction he had come from. "Well that was weird" I mused. I grabbed Adrian's hand, squeezing it to try and ease the worry he was feeling towards the meeting. He looked at me, with a troubled gaze. "I'm sorry about all this .Don't worry about going. I will head over there now and tell her no. I will not let her manipulate yo-" I pressed my lips to his, silencing his rambling. Before he had time to respond I quickly pulled away, "Adrian, don't worry. It's probably some Guardian thing or something to do with Lissa, I'll be fine" I tried to sound as calm as I could, even though I was more worried than him. Adrian sighed and leaned a kiss onto my head, "I guess I will see you later My Little Dhampir, I love you" "I love you too" I mumbled, and watched him make his way towards the end of the hall.

After about 10 minutes of contemplating whether I should go or not, I made my way to my closet, changing out of my ripped denim jeans and a tight red singlet to my Guardian attire. Tying up my hair, I made my way down the steps and towards the Courts main building, where the Queens Office was held. I walked past the front desk, where the receptionist was too busy playing a game of Solitaire on her computer to notice me. Without knocking I entered the room, where Guardians aligned the walls, and Tatiana herself sat at her desk, destroying people's life I guess. I stood still, my arms crossed behind my back, and staring straight ahead. After 10 minutes, of waiting, I was about to leave, but before I could make a move, she decided to finally speak. "Miss Hathaway, I'm guessing my message was received to you." She looked up from her papers, giving me an ice cold glare. "Yes your majesty." I said, trying to show no emotion, which was hard since that bitch made me wait for fucking so long. "I suppose you're wondering why I wanted to talked to you about." I replied with a nod. "Well I hear you and my nephew are still together, and I'm not very happy about that. So I am here to make an offer," I felt sick to my gut. I knew this was going to come sooner or later, except I was hoping later was going to end up being never. Tatiana continued talking, "You leave Adrian and everyone you love will be left alone, along with him." I could feel my throat close up. Not being able to respond, Tatiana continued." And be warned Miss Hathaway, If you do not break up with my nephew I will harm those you love. Wouldn't it be a shame if Lehigh kicked poor precious Vasilissa out? What about your father? I hear that he has committed many crimes, we wouldn't want to see him locked up would we?" I couldn't take it anymore, and yet, I still wasn't able to move my mouth. "And your mother? It would be horrible if she lost her job. Oh and let us not forget that young Ozera boy. How would Lissa feel if he were to be killed by the Strigoi? There are many Moroi who are willing turn for me. And Eddie, why he is only so young, it wouldn't be hard to put him working in one of the storage places." I swear I was about to faint. "And what about my dear nephew? It would be such a shame if he lost all his money. If his parents kicked him to the curve." A sudden rage came over me, along with disgust, "What is wrong with you? You would hurt your own nephew just because we love each other?" "Sacrifices sometimes have to be made, no matter how harsh the consequences are." My heart broke in that moment, my breathing became hitched and my legs become wobbly. She held a small smirk to her face, knowing she had won. And she did. I loved Adrian so much and I also loved them. I couldn't handle losing Adrian, but what other choice did I have? His whole life was going to be taken away from him and I couldn't let that happen. I'm just a bump in the road. If I leave, he would be sad at first but eventually he would move on. Find a nice girl that the queen approved of, settle down and have a few kids. Everyone would be safe, and as a Guardian and a friend, that was the choice I had to make, I had to let them go. "So what do you say, Miss Hathaway, do we have an agreement?" I opened my mouth, terrified that nothing would come out, but also hoping nothing would. I almost didn't recognise my own voice as I replied, "Of course your majesty." "Very well, you may leave." I made my way slowly to the door, scared that if I walked any faster I would collapse. I reached the door, but was stopped by her voice, "Oh, and M iss Hathaway, if you do break our deal you will not only lose your loved ones but you will be taken away." My only response was a cold glare and a snarky comment, after all I am Rose Hathaway, and I have to go out with a bang. "It's Guardian Hathaway to you, Queen Bitch and if you break your end of the deal I will be the one who will be coming after you." Before the guards could stop me I headed off to break the love of my life's heart.


I could hear him rustling about in his room through the door. I had been standing here for over 15 minutes, trying to wrap my head around everything has happened today. I go to knock, but my hand freezes. It's like ripping off a Band-Aid Rose, Quick and easy. Yeah, except this wasn't going to be so easy. I wiped the remaining tears off my face-which didn't really change anything because new ones just replaced them- Took a deep breath and forced my hand to knock. The door swung open, and there, in a long grey dress shirt and jeans, stood Adrian.

"Finally! I was so worried, what took you so-"His words dropped off when he got a better look at my face. "Rose? Rose what happened? What did she do?" he went to hug me but I took a step back. I knew one touch and I would be a goner. Hurt was etched on his face but it was overlapped with anger and confusion. "Rose? Please tell me what happened? I will fix it. Just please talk to me" His voice was hoarse, it almost looked like he was about to cry himself. I took a deep breath and looked down at my feet. "I can't do this anymore Adrian. I can't be with you, I thought I loved you but I don't, I'm sorry." The silence that was followed after it seemed to go on forever. "Rose is she making you do this? Is she threatening you with something? Because it doesn't matter to me, I can protect you from her! Just please…please don't do this" He crumpled to the floor, and held my legs while he cried. That image will forever haunt me. Never have I ever seen Adrian beg or even cry. How could I do this? It's not too late to back out. But I know that Adrian couldn't do anything to stop the Queen from doing what she wants. I took a deep breath and removed his arms from my legs. "No Adrian she isn't doing anything. This is all me. I just don't love you; I never have and never will. I thought I could get over Dimitri but I guess not. I decided to visit him in Russia and my flight leaves in an hour so I have to go and pack. Take Care Adrian." and with one last look at his more broken face, I sprinted towards my room.

I had booked a flight to Chicago, which was meant to be leaving in 45 minutes. After packing my bags I sat down and began to write letters to everyone.

Mum and Dad, I am sorry for leaving without a goodbye, but it's for the best. I know you guys weren't there in my life as much as I wanted you to be but I forgive you. Don't come looking for me. Even though I just said that, I know you both won't stop until you find me but remember I'm your daughter. If I don't want to be found than I won't. Take care of everyone for me,

Love your rebellious daughter, Rose.

Eddie, I shouldn't be doing this. But I need to. I am so sorry for everything I have ever done to you. I am sorry about telling Mason where the Strigoi were; it was my fault he died. I am sorry for making you come with me to break Victor Daskov out, it's my fault you have bad marks on your file now. I love you Eddie, you are like my older brother, always looking out for me and always being there when I need you. I'm sorry I couldn't do the same. Take care of lissa for me,

Love, Rose.

Christian, even though you were annoying as hell you were always a bestfriend and a brother to me. We understand each other more than you might know so I trust you when I say this: Protect Lissa at all costs. Emotionally and physically. My leaving will hit her hard but of course you know I don't leave without a reason and without coming back, I'm not that easy to get rid of ;) as disgusting as it is to say, I will miss you.

Love ya Dragonfly, The one and only Rose Hathaway.

Last and not least, it was time to write Lissa's Letter. I made her's short and simple.

Lissa, I never thought I would be saying goodbye to you. I never I would ever have to leave you again but I do. You are my best friend, my family, please don't ever forget that. Don't worry about trying to find me; I will pop back up eventually. And I am always watching ;) I love you liss, I am so sorry, I hope that one day you can forgive me.

Love your Sister, Rose xo

I folded them up and laid them on my bed. Taking one last look around my bare room, I closed the door and headed towards the courts garage, hopped into the car that Abe got me, and headed towards the airport.

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