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This poem is in the perspective of Katniss after the epilogue in Suzanne Collin's, "Mockingjay" and how she felt the Games scared her and her face has been born again through her daughter. Enjoy!

From neck to toe I'm a free spirit
My un aged hands hang loosely to her sides
My Petite structure walks on air
Light and Free

But my eyes mark torture
My bloodless lips showcase a sage

A withered flower
I was once Beautiful
But time has punished me

Is this really what the Games have done to me?
There's no way my face with return to its former purity
However my face has been born anew through her

From head to toe she's a young
Her chubby legs wobble as she struggles to climb that chair
Eyes widened with innocence and curiosity
And a being so delicate and precious

I see myself in her
Her determination to stand up to walk
Her green eyes and olive skin
Her baby cheeks; oh so baby soft

But her hair is as gold as the sun
Her smile is much more widened than mine
Her smile lights up the sky even in the dark of night
Just like Peeta's

Peeta chose her name
I nodded my head in great agreement
Her name is perfect
Our daughter's name is Dandelion

And every time I see her wobble to a step or hear her giggle
My eyes see further and my smile turns wider
I'm glad Peeta talked me into having a daughter
And I only have to wait two more months for my next girl…

Or will I have a boy?

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