Shane POV

I woke up to someone shaking my shoulder. I open my eyes to see my 9 year old daughter with tears running down my face. I look at my alarm and seeing that it is only 5:30 in the morning, I hold up my covers to let Destiny climb into bed with me. Its only an hour before I was to wake my daughters up anyway.

Its been two years since we lost Claire. Destiny had started to speak a lot more around a year ago, but she never asked about her mum.

"What's the matter sweetheart? Did you have a bad dream?" I asked, slurring my words with tiredness.

"No," she replied a little grumpily. "I couldn't sleep, and Lexi wouldn't shut up in her sleep, asking mum why she left her and ran away."

I sighed, and started to get out of bed. "Why didn't you wake her Dee?" I asked using my special nickname for ker that only I was allowed to use, "You both have school tomorrow and know that if she is tired from a bad dream, she wont go."

This is the reason I started wearing pyjama bottoms to bed instead of just boxers. I left Dee in my bed and went to Lexi's room to see herwrithing around in her bed. I walked up to her restless body and gently awoke her.

As soon as she saw it was me, she flew into my open arms and cried into my neck. I hugged her tighly and stroked her hair. Once she had calmed down enough to talk, she mumbled 'milk' into my skin and we tip-toed downstairs with her on my hip.

By the time her milk had warmed up, Lexi had stopped crying altogether and wa just sitting on my hip wide awake.

I took her into the living room and put on a kids channel for Lexi to watch, while I went upstairs to shower and get ready for work.

I could hear Ryan and Michael at it AGAIN! I mean, seriously, don't they ever stop. They had been a couple for the past two years. Ryan was called a fangbanger but she couldn't sive a shit. Ryan had fallen pregnant 4 months ago (not sure how that was possible), but it seems that being a vamp baby, it grew doubly quick, so realistically, she was about 8 months.

I carried on walking, feeling sick of hearing them at it once again. I carried on down the hall and stopped by Alyssa's door. It was slightly a jar and I opened it to see Alyssa sleeping peacefully with the covers tucked tightly around her. She reminds me so much of my mum sometimes.

She stirred and opened her eyes to see me standing in her doorway.

"Fuck off you perv." She mumbled. I just laughed and left the room.

I'm not joking, about a month and a half after Claire disappeared, I got a job in the police department. This was mainly so I could keep my eyes open for any sign of Claire, as well as helping other adults and children that have been in Claire's situation. Once I had silently dressed, I woke Dee and we went downstairs to make pancakes for breakfast.

Breakfast was going fine until Lexi asked an awkward question.

"Why doesn't mummy love me?" she asked.

"Cuz you're a whiny brat th-"

"Dee, thats enough. That is no way to talk to your sister. Lexi, of course mummy loves you, she didn't leave us willingly. She was taken by some very bad people." I said, my eyes filling with tears.

I took both daughters to school, telling them I would pick them up at two, when I finished work.

I met up with my boss Richard Morrell, I know right, and I got my update. I was told that I had to patrol downtown warehouses and scout them out.

I had been working for about two hours searching abandoned warehouses whilst Morrell searched the ones across the street, when I saw a Morrell stumbling out to the street carrying a body.

Claire POV

I have no idea how long I've been down here, but it feels like forever. I had become a useless wreck. I can barely sit up, my body is covered in bruises and I'm pretty sure I have some broken ribs as well as broken arm and leg.

The lights are switched on suddenly and I hear the two vamps (that's what I call them abominations called parents) enter the room.

I started to whimper forgetting the punishment, a back hand sending her slamming into a wall, the hard surface biting into her bare breasts. Since she had been kidnapped, she hadn't warn cloths, the vamps didn't want them to take time to get them off.

"What did we tell you about making unwanted noise?" asked the female. I couldn't even use her name, it made me feel sick.

"Answer your mother!" yelled her partner.

"She is not my mother, just like you ain't my father!" I snapped back with as much venom as my weak voice would allow.

This just earned me another smack across the room. I screamed in pain as I landed on my broken leg. Suddenly I felt something penetrate me roughly from behind, his favourite position. He was slamming into me so fast, using his vamp speed that my head was smacking against the wall with every thrust.

Soon she came over to join us and I felt her straddle my back facing her partner. She started a heavy make out session with him whilst my vision was blurry from the smacks on my head.

I tried to think of Shane, but I could barely remember his face. He had probably moved on anyway. My daughters would have a step mum, and I would be alone.

The next few events happened within seconds. The door was busted open and I saw a man in uniform stood in the doorway. He shot a silver stake into both people above me killing them instantly. With the male vamp falling backwards, his member was ripped out of me with a harsh pain.

The policeman walked slowly over to me.

"Claire, I am here to help you," his voice sounded soothing, as if trying to comfort me, "My name is Richard Morrell, do you remember me?" I slowly nodded my head; he let out a grateful sigh and moved closer to me.

"Do you think you can stand?" I shook my head feeling safer by the second. "Is it OK to touch you to carry you outside?" I hesitated before again, nodding my head. I watched as he took off his jacket and lay it over me, before rolling me onto my back and picking me up bridal style.

I let out a little scream as he picked me up as my muscles and bones disagreed with the contact. "Let's get you to the hospital Claire"

"I want Shane" I whispered. I didn't even know if he heard me as he carried on walking outside.

He finally answered, "Well he is over there. Time for you two to reunite".

He took me towards the figure by the cop car. As soon as I recognised Shane I broke down crying. He ran towards me and picked me out of Richards's arms to hug me close. I didn't care about the pain my injuries were causing, I was too happy. Shane started sobbing with me and we became a blubbering wreck.

We got in the cop car, me in Shane's lap still crying silently into his shirt, and set off towards the hospital. Shane made a quick call to Alyssa asking her to pick up the kids in an hour from school.

Once we got to the hospital all the pain in my body was starting to amplify and I could barely move. Shane lifted me up and I let out a long scream through gritted teeth.

When all the doctors came near me I started freaking out. I don't even know why, it was totally irrational since I knew they were here to help me, but I just didn't want anyone to touch me except Shane or Richard (and only Richard because he saved me).

I felt something prick my arm and look down to find some sort of tranquiliser being injected into my arm. I felt the word go fuzzy. But I didn't care about the world.

I was back with my true love

Back with my soul mate.

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