Through the looking glass

My new story! It is an artemis/Alice twist, and I know you're probably thinking or saying, aren't there enough of those?

My answer is yes, yes there are. But when plot llamas (just…just don't ask, because all I will tell you is that llamas are awesome) attack you in the middle of the night, and your golf club has been stolen by the plot bunnies that visited you earlier….well…

You know what? Just read.

Thank you, and enjoy….

Artemis reached behind her back looking for an arrow, but only finding an empty quiver.

"Dang it….." she muttered. In the brunt of the fight, and already practically useless…

Well, not totally useless….

Dropping down from the ledge she had been shooting from, she punched, then kicked one henchman that was about to attack robin from the side. Not that he couldn't take care of himself, but just to lend a hand.

"Thanks." He grunted, punching another attacker in front of him.

"No problem." She replied, kicking a henchman next to her, then flipping around and launching herself off the face of a goon behind her, and landed on top of another one.

As soon as the henchmen they had been fighting had been down, robin began running to the other side of the room, towards a computer sitting on a desk, amongst other computers.

Before he could get in five steps, more henchmen suddenly appeared out of seemingly nowhere (artemis was sure that the villains in charge of this operation had some sort of secret trapdoors installed here) and attacked robin.

Artemis sighed, and ran over to her teammate, knocking down the bad guys on the way there.

She wondered how the others were holding up as she swept her leg around, effectively knocking the men around her down.

M'gann was with Wally checking the perimeter, making sure no villains arrived (or left), while Kaldur and Superboy were fighting and distracting the rest of the henchmen downstairs.

And here she was, with robin, doing the main part of the mission. Or at least robin was trying to. The objective was to gather information from the one computer in the corner that had been singled out.

Batman had sent them onto the corner of England, into an abandoned building. It had been an easy mission, get in, grab the information, get out. Until Superboy had stepped on a trip wire on the way into the building. The villains were instantly alerted, and here they were, fighting.

So robin was having difficulty downloading the information only because every time he made a move to plug in the wire to the computer, it was pushed away by a henchman's hand, or if he did manage to plug it in, the wire would be cut and he'd have to find a new wire in his belt.

Robin, being tired of wasting time, motioned for Artemis to take care of the henchmen. She nodded, understanding, and began knocking them down even faster.

He plugged in the 5th wire, and began to work, as the goons were distracted trying to get Artemis.

In another place

"Finally finished! A product of all my hard work." The mad hatter grinned, and rubbed his hands together.

"You mean our hard work, because without it-"

"Yeah yeah yeah, save it for the grammy's*. we have very important date." He grinned wider (if even possible) and showed all of his yellow, crooked teeth.

Mirror master shivered at the sight of the hatters teeth, then picked up their invention and carried out of the room.

Back to the team…

"Are you done yet?" artemis called out, annoyed at all the henchmen.

"Just 2 more minutes." He replied distractedly, looking at the screen, and still typing.

Artemis jumped up and punched a goon about to get robin from the back.

"You said that 5 minutes ago!" she complained.

"Well, this time I mean it! But if you keep complaining I'll-"

"Yeah, I know, take longer."

"….sure…..take longer…." He grinned, and kept typing.

She rolled her eyes, and punched someone behind her.

"…and….done!" robin pressed one final key on the computer, and the lights in the building dimmed, so dark you could barely see anything. The henchman about to punch Artemis in the face (she would have blocked it) froze up, and disappeared into thin air. The lights in the building dimmed, so dark you could barely see anything.


The area was clear of henchmen, but all wasn't right yet.

Artemis felt someone nearing behind her as robin stood up, and inspected where the henchmen were.

When she felt whoever (or whatever) behind her had neared enough, she whipped around, and punched behind her, and heard a crack.

Quickly followed by a groan.



"No, it's the joker! Of course it's me!"

She punched him again (though a little softer)

"Ow! What was that for?"

She shrugged, and said, "You said you were the joker."

"Of course. Only you would take that literally."

"Thanks. I am special, it's just better to hear you say it." She crossed her arms and smirked.

"You just proved my point." Wally crossed his arms and leaned in closer.

"You have a point?"

"For a second there, I thought you were going to surprise me with something actually good. Guess I'm wrong."

Here we go again…robin thought.

"You're always wrong, wall-man. And strange. That too."

He shook his head. "Why do you keep describing yourself? It's lowering your self-esteem, you know."

"I already have a pretty high self esteem, so lowering it does nothing. Though, you need to higher yours. Maybe go to your mommy and daddy? I bet they can help higher it, though it'd take a loooong time to do it."

"Why don't you go to yours? They need to give you a time-out… I bet you're a daddy's girl." Artemis froze up.

"oh daddy, I want some candy! Oh daddy, give me money! Oh daddy, I wan- OW!" Wally clutched his already hurting nose in pain.

"Don't. ever. Talk. Like. That. Again." She said venomously.

Robin shook his head. If only Wally knew what he was talking about…

"I'm going to go and check on the 2 downstairs. I'll be back." She said coldly, then turned and walked away.

Following artemis (but not like a stalker)

Artemis stomped down the stairs.

How dare he! Daddy's girl…..hmph….

She finally reached the bottom, and called out for them, hoping to get out as fast as ossible because it was dark, and there was only one flickering lightbulb down there.

"Superboy? Kaldur? Hello?" there was many doors down the hallway.

It was like everyone's favorite nightmare, the one with the never ending hallway.

"Guys? Where are you? We need to go!" she called out, walking around.

Finally deciding that they were in one of the rooms, she starting walking back towards the staircase to start anew.

As she was walking, she noticed something scampering across the floor. Getting down in a fighting stance, she tensed up, preparing for an attack.

"Show yourself, because I know you're there." She called out.


"aww…look! A bunny!" artemis smiled and bent down, clicking her tongue.

The bunny jumped closer, and wiggled it's nose. That's when artemis noticed something strange.

The bunny wore a purple over coat, and had a pocket watch in it's paw.

It stood up, and waved it's arms around, saying, "I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!"

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