Through the looking glass

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"Oh Artemis, what do you think about this one? Isn't it absolutely adorable?!" M'Gann held up a small pink dress that looked like it would be very tight.

"Umm…I don't know….what about this one?" I held up a longer, looser dress that had a lace neck covering, with lace sleeves.

"I don't know….I think that seems a bit too…..old?" M'gann grimaced and turned around to face the mirror.

"It's not old!" I was confused. Was this not what the women of this time wore? Apparently not, seeing M'gann smile at her reflection.

My eyebrows knit together in thought.

The hatter taught me about nothing of thi- (1)

"-artemis? what do you think?" she held up another very short tight looking dress, which instead of pink was purple.

"its…..nice….." I ground out. What I was really thinking was, does she what to get teased? People th-

"Oh my god…." I gasped.

My eyes widened as I saw a dressing shop.

In the window was a black and red gown, decorated with hearts.

Red hearts.

"What?" M'gann asked, cocking her head. "Have you found a dress yet?"

I shook my head, shaking me out of my frightened stupor.

I'm not in wonderland anymore.

I smiled.

Thank Dinah.

Then I looked at M'gann, and replied.

"no. I just…I just…saw…someone….i thought I knew."

"oh." She looked disheartened. Then her face brightened up. "is it a boy?" she smiled.

"No. it turns out it was just….something else." I gave a weak smile and pulled out a blue dress that goes to your knees.

"So….how about this one?"

Artemis in wonderland…

I looked at the talking rabbit again.

I frowned.

"What are you talking about?" I said crossly, crossing my arms and tapping my foot.

"What am I - WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT? Alice, you must be going crazy! We've been planning this for years!" the rabbit shook his arms over his head in anger. "Why, how will the plan go on without you? Oh my ears and whiskers!" he started pulling out his hair on top of his head.

"Whoa there! Calm down, calm down. Tell me what's going on, and maybe I can help you." I held up my hands in a calming gesture.

"Alice, how could you have forgotten?" the rabbit pouted, and wore an expression as if he was going to cry. "The plan was going down tonight."

"Stop holding me in suspense and just tell me what it is!" I threw up my arms in exasperation.

"the plan Alice. The plan to break down the boundaries."

"what boundaries?" I squinted at him suspiciously as he took out his pocket watch.

He jumped up as his eyes widened comically.

"oh no oh no oh no OH NO! alice come now! Follow me! We MUST LEAVE!" he grabbed my hand and yanked me forward as I stumbled along.

Finally I regained my senses and pulled my hand out of his paws, and stopped.

"stop. I'm not going ANYWHERE before you tell me where you're trying to take me." I crossed my arms.

The rabbit pursed his lips in annoyance, and then rechecked his watch.

He tapped the glass and said, "the time Alice! We must g- hey! Give that back!" I had snatched his pocketwatch out of his gloved paws and held it high above my head.

"Ah ah ah! Not until you tell me what's going on." He jumped as high as he could, but only resulted in hitting my nose with the top of his paw.

"Ow!" I rubbed my nose with my other hand, now standing on my tip toes to keep the watch out of his reach.

"Alright. I'll tell you. But I cant. Not here. Meet me at the lollipop caverns when dusk starts to settle. But at least until it comes, please give me back my watch!" his nose twitched as he tried to jump again.

"No. I'll keep this as a reassurance for tonight. Until then rabbit." I said as I walked back to where I thought the clearing was.

"But Alice! Wait!" I ignored him and kept walking, and soon his voice faded, but the trees didn't.

In fact, I should have been back at the clearing by now!

I picked up the pace, and suddenly, my foot meet air.

"AHHHHHHHH! OW!" I yelped as I landed on my butt from the fall. I rubbed my sore head, as I must have hit it along the fall.

I stood up and looked around.

Then I looked up to try and determine how long I fell.

My heart sunk at the distance. So I tried a different tactic.

"hello? Is there anyone here?" I called out, hoping there'd be someone to help.

After a second, no reply came, so I called again.

"hellloo?" after a minute of no reply, I decided to stop waiting and start trying to help myself.

I felt around the wall, hoping to find maybe some sort of light, or some foothold, but it was all smooth, and a tad bit sticky.

I growled.

Crock women do NOT give up.


After looking at the many….interesting….dresses, M'gann got tired.

From not seeing superboy.

So we went inside her…ship? And returned to the mountain.

As I finished throwing up from Zeny or whatever it's called, I wandered over to what seemed to be a parlor.

'whats this? It must be another of the strange contraptions the hatter told me about… looks like a telly…but much bigger. And no buttons or rabbit ears….rabbit ears….no no, now now ali- …..artemis, no thinking about that. Its all over and done with. Now that wretched girl will be in-



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Artemis finds out wonderland is not all its cracked up to be