Okay so this is a quick Fanfic about Pony and Steve's relationship. No one in the gang knows that they hate each other, but each of them knows that the other dislikes him. Johnny and Dally are alive, I'm gonna say this is a year after the book except Johnny didn't kill Bob, he just really hurt him, so they didn't go on the run, which means no church, fire or deaths!


P.S. If you are currently reading one of my other stories and are like 'wtf is she doing? Why isn't she working on one of them?' I've just had a bit of writers block but I'm getting past it!

Ponyboy walked down the street still fuming from his conversation with Steve Randle.


"You're nothing but a tag-a-long kid! Why don't you grow up and mind your own fucking business?"

Pony felt fury boil within him, usually he would disregard Steve and walk away, but he was in a bad mood and what Steve said really stuck in his craw, "Soda asked me to come! Jesus, Steve, we're just at the DX! It's not like you're on a date!"

Steve snorted, "Oh yeah, you'd like to come along then wouldn't you? Get right in the way of things!"

This was too much for Ponyboy, he'd never once in his life accompanied Soda or Steve on a date, but Steve always brought it up, like Pony tried to come along. He was fifteen! He didn't need to go with them on their dates, he could get his own! "Why don't you back the fuck off, Steve?" That was sure to piss him off; he hated it when Pony used his name.

"Why you little—" Soda chose that moment to interrupt. Both Pony and Steve relaxed and plastered fake smiles on their face, by unspoken agreement they kept their hatred hidden from the gang.

"Hey guys, have you seen my wrench? It's around her somewhere…" Pony picked it up off the counter and handed it to Soda.

As soon as Soda left Steve swung around to face Ponyboy, "Why don't you get the hell outta' here, kid?"

He shouldn't have bothered; Pony was already half way out the door.


Pony furiously kicked at a bottle on the street. It was so hot outside that sweat already soaked through his T-shirt, maybe that was it; the heat was what was getting to them. Ever since the start of the summer Steve and Pony had been going at it like dogs, unbeknownst to the group, of course.

Pony didn't know what it was, but everything Steve said made Pony want to punch him in the face, and it seemed the feeling was mutual. Everything about the other just rubbed each one them wrong way; they were usually pretty good at hiding it though.

Pony looked up as he rounded the corner; Dally and Johnny were just a ways down the street, coming towards him. He waved and caught their attention, smoothing his face into a cool mask.

"Hey Pony," Johnny said. He was a bit more talkative when it was just Pony or Dally, the people he felt most comfortable with.

"Hey, Johnny. How's it goin'?" Pony asked.

"Shitty," Dally answered for both of them, "Fucking Shepard slashed my damn tires!"

"Didn't you slash his last week?" Pony asked.

"Fuck no; that was the goddamned River Kings! Tim's got problems with them on his turf!" Dally ranted. Then he stopped suddenly, "Hey, Ponyboy, you alright, kid?"

"Huh? Yeah fine." He lied. His stomach was still writhing in little knots like it does when someone beats you at something then acts unbearably smug, but of course he couldn't tell them that.

They seemed to face his lie at face value, "Yeah, well, Johnny and I were just headed down to the DX, gonna' see what Steve can do for my tires, you comin'?"

"Uh, nah, man. Can't." Pony said, unconvincingly.

"Why not?" Johnny spoke up, looking disappointed. Pony felt bad about ditching his best friend but he couldn't see Steve again, he might punch him or something and that would land him in a whole lotta' trouble.

"Uh, hom—" Pony cut himself off from his go to excuse, he kept forgetting that school was out and he didn't have homework, "Darry asked me to do something for him, gotta go or I'll be late!"

"Well okay, you goin' to the Nightly Double tonight?" Johnny asked.

"Yeah, I think everyone is. Meet at my place." Johnny nodded and Pony rushed off before they could question him about Darry's job for him.

Dally watched him go, he liked Pony real well, he was smart and he was Johnny's best friend but, boy, sometimes he did the strangest things.


Steve listened to the sizzle as he open a fresh bottle of coke. He leaned back in his chair and watch Sodapop Curtis attempt to diagnose an engine failure. Sodapop Curtis was the best friend a guy could have, with one exception, and its name was Ponyboy.

Ponyboy irritated Steve to no end. The kid was so arrogant and disrespectful. He thought he was so great because he was going to school and getting good marks, shoot Steve coulda' got good grades too; he just preferred to have a life! That was why Pony was always coming along with Soda and him, because he spent too much time on school and didn't have any of his own friends 'sides Johnny!

Speaking of Johnny, he and Dally entered at that moment, the latter looking very disgruntled.

"Hey Dal!" Steve said, causing Soda to look up from his work, "What's wrong?"

"Fucking Tim Shepard slashed my tires, that's what's wrong!"

"Son of a bitch!" Steve cursed, angry on his friend's behalf.

"Yeah!" exclaimed Dally, happy someone was on his side. Johnny found the whole thing amusing.

Soda shook his head, "Tim Shepard better watch it, they're gettin' awful close to a good whoopin' from our gang."

Steve nodded, sometimes Shepard's guys got too sure of themselves, they needed a good beatin' every once in a while to remind them whose gang was boss around this part of town.

"Yeah, one more move like this and we'll give 'em a time and a place for a rumble!" Dally ranted.

"Where's the car?" Soda asked wiping the grease off his hands.

"It's parked at Bucks," Dally answered.

Steve asked him how bad the damage was and they went and made a plan of how to fix her up.

They finished their business quickly, as they were getting ready to leave Johnny turned to Soda, "Hey Soda, what's Darry got Pony working on?"

Soda looked up, scratching his head, "Huh?" He didn't recall any projects going on between those two.

"Yeah, that's right," Dallas said, "We ran into him on the way her and invited him to come along, he said he had work to do for Darry."

Soda shrugged, puzzled. The two got on a lot better recently, he wasn't sure if Pony was maturing or Darry was loosening up or maybe it was a bit of both, but they finally realized how much they had in common. Still he didn't remember hearing anything like that, he told them so.

Steve looked at the ground and avoided eye contact; he knew why Pony hadn't decided to come with them, the kid hadn't wanted to face Steve before cooling off. That was fine by Steve; he didn't have any reason to feel guilty. So why then couldn't he look in Soda's direction as they prepared to depart for the Curtis home later that evening?

He brushed it off, and started to think about his date. He was going with Evie that night to the Nightly Double, Soda was doubling with Evie's friend Becky.

He had no reason to feel guilty at all, he assured himself.

Okay so next chapter they're going to have it out! I am going to make them equally responsible in the fighting because it's no fun if it's all Pony's fault or all Steve's fault.