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Persona Magi Madoka Magica

Chapter 1: A New Life

Wednesday, September 16th: Raining

A familiar white ceiling lies over Akemi Homura once again. The familiar hospital room. The familiar awakening after a familiar failure. A total failure this time.

She hadn't even made it to Walpurgis Night but instead missed the timing of Sayaka's transformation and Madoka had been killed while attempting to calm down Sayaka's Witch. It seemed like with each new loop, it became more and more difficult to save Madoka. But she'll try again. No matter how many times it will take, she'll just keep on trying until she finds a way to save her.

But first, she needed to repair her eyes and heart and get discharged from the hospital.

Throwing off the blanket she looked down at her hand and blinked. It was empty.

"My...Soul Gem?"

Her hand was completely empty. No purple colored gem of alien origin or ring was on it.

Homura quickly sat up, grabbed her glasses and searched the entire room, but found no trace of the alien gem. Finally, after an hour of searching, she simply walked out of her room, measuring the approximate distance with each step until she was a hundred meters from her room. She took a deep breath and took one more step forward.


She simply stood there and stared dumbly at the wall in front of her.

"What is going on?"

Previous Day

Saturday, April 4th:Cloudy

Kaname Madoka sat up on her bed and looked around her room. Her short pink hair was extremely messy due to her tossing and turning from the strange dream she had last night.

She was with a girl with red hair calling out towards some strange monster wielding swords while a girl with black hair tried to pull her away, only to wake up just as a strange wheel ran her over.

"'s so scary dying in a dream..." she moaned. She slowly got up and headed out of her room to wake up her mother. On the way, she passed by the garden and spotted her father outside, harvesting some cherry tomatoes. "Good morning, Papa."

"Good morning, Madoka," Kaname Tomohisa replied.

"Where's Mama?"

"I think I saw Tatsuya go and wake her up. You should give him a hand. We need to go pick up your cousin after all."

"Cousin?" Madoka asked as she tilted her head. "Oh right, it was today wasn't it?"

"Right, so make sure your mother is awake."


She quickly ran to her mother's room and threw the door open, noting that her little brother, Tatsuya, was sitting on the general area where her mother's head was supposed to be. Walking around the bed towards the large windows, she pulled the curtains open and grabbed the blanket.

"Rise and shine!" she shouted, yanking the blanket off, causing her mother to scream in shock as the sun blinded her before sitting up in confusion.

"Mama's awake!" Tatsuya said happily.

"Hey, Mama," Madoka said as she at breakfast with her family. "What kind of person is my cousin? I don't really remember them."

"Hmm, well to be honest I don't know much myself," Kaname Junko replied. "I haven't talked to my brother for a while but that doesn't mean we can't take care of his kid for a while. All I really know is that he's around your age as he'll be going to your school. Though the last time I saw him he was around Tatsuya's age. Oh right, they did send a where did I...aha!"

Junko fished a small photograph from her purse and passed it over to Madoka. Madoka took the picture and looked at it. A teenage boy with silver hair and eyes was standing there, staring absentmindedly at the camera with an expression that could only be described as bored.

"He doesn't look very friendly," Madoka noted.

"Now don't say that," Junko said. "Not very many boys enjoy taking pictures after all."

"Picture! Picture!" Tatsuya called out from his high chair.

"Well, after a certain age anyway. In any case, please try meeting him first before you make any assumptions about him."

"Okay. What time does his train come in?"

"Oh? I think it was about...oh no! We're going to be late!"


"His train comes in half an hour! We need to leave now!"

"Ah, right! Bye, Papa! Bye Tastuya!"

"Have a safe trip," Tomohisa said as the two of them left.

"Be sure to carry something to do on your way to Mitakihara," his father had told him. "Knowing my sister, she'll be around half an hour to an hour late to come get you."

A boy in a black trench coat with a red scarf around his face sighed as he sat on the bench at the train station with his backpack off to the side next to him. The rest of his luggage had already been sent ahead to his aunt's house. Like his father had predicted, his aunt was late. At least he had a book and an mp3 player to listen to while he waited. The book was a volume from The Man's Life series called "A Great Man." A personal favorite of his.

Every chapter begins: "All men are born with the great spirit of masculinity within themselves. The spirit of true manhood transcends space and time and all people of all genders feel its call." Every time he reads a bit of the series he always feels more like a real man and feels just a tiny bit braver.

With a satisfied smile, he placed his bookmark at a good stopping point and closed the book with a sigh as he thought about why he was here in the first place.

Once again, his parents' jobs had them working overseas, leaving him with some relatives so he could continue with school. This was probably the fifth time too. He didn't have that many friends, due to the fact that he was always on the move and felt little need to make commitments. So he preferred to spend his free time reading and making origami cranes. That was probably why he was always at the top of his class in grades.

Sighing again, he switched the song on his mp3 player and closed his eyes to enjoy the music.

" the Velvet Room."

The boy's eyes snapped open at the sound of an old and creepy voice. He suddenly found himself in what appears to be a limousine with a man with an extremely long crooked nose who was wearing a black suit in front of him as well as a woman with pale hair and golden eyes wearing what looked like a blue attendant's uniform.

"Who..." he began but the old man spoke, cutting him off.

" seems we have a guest who has arrived just a little bit early," the old man chuckled. "But no matter. Allow me to introduce myself...I, am Igor. This place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter. It is a room that only those who are bound by a 'contract' may enter. It may be that such a fate awaits you in the near future. Now...why don't you introduce yourself? It's only polite."

"Narukami...Yuu," the boy replied before adding with a small bow. "Nice to meet you."

"Hmm...I see," Igor nodded. "Now, let's take a look at your future."

He held a hand up and a stack of cards appeared on the table in front of them.

"Do you believe in fortune telling?"

"A bit."

Igor nodded again as he swept his hand over the stack, making the cards move outward in six different points, leaving a single card in the center.

"It's an interesting thing isn't it? Fortune telling that is," Igor asked. "Each reading is done with the same cards, and yet, each result is different each time. Life itself follows the same principles doesn't it, Narukami Yuu?"

Igor flipped the card closest to Yuu's right hand over, showing the image of a tower that has been struck by a bolt of lighting.

"Hmm," Igor mumbled. "The Tower is in the upright position represents the immediate future. It seems a terrible catastrophe is imminent. And the card indicating the future beyond that is..."

He flipped the card to Yuu's left over this time.

"The Moon, in the upright position, representing hesitation and very interesting indeed. It seems you will encounter a misfortune at your destination and a great mystery will be imposed upon you during your stay."

Igor then turned his head up towards Yuu before speaking again.

"In the coming days, you will enter into a...contract of sorts, after which you will return here. The coming years will be a turning point in your destiny. If the mystery goes unsolved, your future may be forever lost. But have no fear, for my duty is to provide assistance to our guests to ensure that your future remains yours."

"I see..." Yuu replied, not really understanding it at all. He then turned his eyes towards the golden eyed woman beside the man. "And she is...?"

"Ahh, I've seem to have neglected to introduce my assistant to you," Igor said. "This is Margaret. She is resident of this place like myself."

"My name is Margaret," the woman repeated. "I am here to accompany you on your journey."

"But those details are for another time," Igor said. "Until then...farewell..."

Yuu's eyes shot open as he noticed two people standing over him. A woman and a girl.

"Umm...are you Yuu-kun?" the woman asked.

"Yes," Yuu replied, deciding to force that weird dream from his mind for the moment. "Are you Junko-baa-san?"

The woman flinched at Yuu's words, causing him to blink in confusion. Did he get that wrong?

"Y-yes...I am your aunt," she replied, gritting her teeth. "But please just call me makes me feel old."

"Okay...?" Yuu replied, not quite understanding how it made her feel old. Instead he turned to the girl next to Junko. "Then you are my cousin...Madoka, right?"

"Yes," the pink haired girl replied. "Kaname Madoka. It's nice to meet you."

"Narukami Yuu," he said as he extended his hand out to her. "Likewise."

Madoka smiled as she took the hand.

"Good," Junko said with a nod. "Cousins should always be on good terms with each other. Anyway, I am so sorry for being late, Yuu-kun, but I really need to go. Madoka here will show you around the city instead, okay? Thanks, bye!"

And with that, Junko ran off to catch the bus, leaving the two teens to themselves.

"Your mother seems...busy," Yuu noted.

"She's always like this in the mornings," Madoka said with a small laugh. "Umm...would you like to walk around first or do you just wanna head to the house?"

"A walk is fine," Yuu answered as he stood up and slung his backpack around his shoulders. "It's still early and it's probably better to know my way around before school next week."

"Then, I know a few places you might like..."

The two of them walked around the city, heading to places that Madoka often visited with her friends. Things like cafes, bakeries, doll shops...extremely girly places. After the first doll shop, Madoka had realized what she was doing and asked Yuu if there was anything he had wanted to see but he was fine with what Madoka was showing him so she just kept on going.

Madoka was glad. Yuu wasn't unfriendly per se, just extremely quiet and perhaps just a little bit shy. When they stopped for lunch at a family restaurant she started trying to get to know him better.

"Ummm, Yuu-kun," Madoka began. "Do you have any hobbies?"

Yuu looked up from his steak and took out some colored folding paper from his backpack and folded it into a crane in less than a minute.

"Wow, that's really good!" Madoka said. "Can I try?"

"Sure," Yuu replied, holding the folding paper out as Madoka picked a pink one. She slowly and carefully tried to mimic Yuu's folding pattern but her crane ended up bent and crooked. "Terrible."

"Uuu...that's mean," Madoka pouted as took another one from him and tried a bit slower this time. It wasn't as crisped as the one Yuu made but it was much better than her first attempt. "See?"

In response, Yuu placed a crane the size of her thumb on top of hers with a smile.

"Wow, that's amazing!" Madoka said as she picked it up. "How long have you been making them to get this good?"

"A long time," Yuu replied, looking off to the side before returning to his steak. "Make them for part time jobs."

"Oh, you mean those jobs that asks for a thousand cranes? Amazing, how long does that take?"

"Maybe a week?"

"Don't your fingers ache though? I could never make that many in a week. A month maybe."

"I'm used to it."

"Is that right?" Madoka asked as she looked down at his hands. They were so much larger than hers that it surprised her that they could fold such a tiny crane so skillfully. A thought then came into her mind. "Do you build any models?"


"You know, the ones that have like a hundred different pieces? The robot ones."

"Oh, those. I want to but can't find any."

"There's a hobby shop just a little bit down. Do you want to check it...out?"

She saw it. A flash of blue hair just on the peripheral of her eye that had stopped right outside the window and looked at her in shock. Turning her head, she met eyes with her friend, Miki Sayaka, who was gaping at her in disbelief.

"Umm, Yuu-kun?" Madoka said as she quickly stood up. "Can you take care of the check? I need to um...use the bathroom!"

"Ah...sure..." he said as he watched the girl run off. "Must really have to go..."

He stood up and picked the check off the table and walked towards the cashier.

"Thank you very much," the cashier said. "Will you be paying for yourself and your girlfriend or will you be paying separately?"

"Cousin, not girlfriend," Yuu corrected. "And both."

"Alright, your total will come to a total of 2130 yen."

Yuu nodded as he pulled out a few bills and coins and handed it to the cashier.

"Hmm...if you don't mind me asking, but you're new in town aren't you?" the cashier asked as they put the money in the register.

"Yes," confirmed Yuu.

"Well then, allow me to welcome you to our wonderful city. I'm sure you can find many things to do around here but that would take a lot of money to do it all so you should think of getting a part time job while you're here. In fact, we're hiring right now."

"Maybe some other time."

"That's fine," the cashier said as they held out his change. "And welcome again to our city."

Yuu took the change as the cashier walked back towards the kitchen area to pick up a dish for another table when he suddenly felt light headed.

"Ergh...was it the steak?"

Madoka had ran outside to catch Sayaka before she could leave.

"Sayaka-chan, it's not what it looks like!" she said quickly.

"Madoka..." Sayaka replied with a hurt tone. "To think you actually managed to get a date before I did...ahh! My dear Madoka is growing up faster than me!"

"Let me explain, Sayaka-chan! That's my cousin!"

"You're dating your cousin? Ahhh! Madoka has fallen from the path!"


"Hahaha, sorry sorry. So that was your cousin huh? He looks nothing like you."

"Mama says that he gets it from his mother's side," Madoka replied. "He's going to be stay with us for a while so I'm showing him around the city. He'll also be starting school with us next week."

"Really?" Sayaka asked. "So what's he like?"

"We didn't really talk all that much but he's a kind person, if a bit blunt. He also likes making origami cranes. Like this..."

Madoka reached into her pocket and pulled out the tiny paper crane that Yuu had made earlier.

"Whoa, that's so cute," Sayaka said as she picked it up. "Must be pretty good with his hands."

"We were going to head over to that old hobby store and see if we can't find one of those robot models for him to build. I always wanted to see someone build one of them."

"You sure that's okay? I mean, your brother might get in the way."

"I'm sure it will be...ah, over here Yuu-kun!" Madoka spotted her cousin walking out of the restaurant and called him over. The boy walked over and turned his eyes towards Sayaka. "Ah, this is a friend of mine, Miki Sayaka. Sayaka-chan, this is my cousin, Narukami Yuu."

"Nice to meet ya," Sayaka said as she held her hand out. "Hmm? What's wrong? You're looking kind of pale there..."

"Just cold...I think," Yuu replied as he wrapped his scarf around his face and shook her hand. "Nice to meet you."

"I don't blame ya. Even though its supposed to be spring..."

"You really don't look well," Madoka said worriedly. "Maybe we should go there another time. It would be bad if you got sick right after you got here."

"I suppose so..."

A cold shiver suddenly ran down his back as he jerked his head to the side. The reason for the feeling became apparent right away. A large truck was barreling down the street with no sign of stopping despite the light being red. The street it was on was empty, but not the one they were on.

"Get down!"

Yuu immediately threw himself on the two girls, causing them to cry out in shock and confusion before a loud crash sounded in the air followed by a loud thud.

The three of them sat up and stared at the wreckage. The truck had clip the back end of a smaller red sedan and caused it to smash into a streetlight that they had been standing right next to.

"W-what the..." Sayaka gasped as Yuu stood up.

The boy looked around and noticed that while there was a crowd gathering, no one was actually willing to get anywhere near the accident. Seeing no other choice, he ran towards the car.

"Oi, are you okay?" he asked the driver, but the man was unconscious with his face in the airbag. Yuu carefully lifted the man's head back and placed his ear near the man's nose. The man was breathing but only faintly.

"110!" Madoka said quickly as she took out her phone. "We need to call 110!"

Yuu ignored her as he went over to the woman on the passenger side. There were several cuts on the woman's face but she was still breathing, much better than the man was anyway.

"Miki!" Yuu called out, causing the stunned girl to jump. "Do you have a clean handkerchief or any tissues?"

"Y-yeah..." Sayaka said. "What do I..."

"Just try to clean this woman's cuts as much as possible," Yuu replied as he looked in the back. There was a girl, around his age lying on the bottom of the car. Compared to the adults, she was in much better shape despite being so close to the point of impact. He could see her chest moving up and down as she was trying to breathe.

He reached his hand through the broken window and unlocked the door and carefully pried it open. The girl seemed to notice him as she slowly opened her eyes and reached her hand out towards him, which he took as he carefully crawled in as well.

"It's okay," he said as softly as possible as he gripped her hand. He remembered the first aid instructor saying it was important to keep people calm and that holding their hand was a good start. "Everything is going to be okay. Can you breathe? Can you take deep breaths for me?"

The girl tried taking a few more breaths but it looked like she was in pain with each breath. Yuu grit his teeth as he slowly pulled the girl's hand off his own hand.

"Please excuse me..." he said softly as he reached for the girl's shirt and tore it.

"W-what the hell are you doing?" Sayaka shouted.

"She's having trouble breathing," Yuu replied with a straight face. "I'm trying to make it easier for her. Can you keep her company? I want to check on the truck driver too."

But he was stopped as the girl grabbed onto his hand again.

"Don't...leave me..." she cried out.

"It's just for a moment. I need to..."


"I'll do it..." Sayaka said as she stepped back from the car. "Anything I should know?"

"Try to make sure they can breathe. If he's conscious, try to make him comfortable but make sure no one moves him. "Moving someone can make a small injury worse."


As Sayaka left, he stayed with the girl to try and calm her down. Occasionally, he would check the girl's parents to make sure they were still breathing, and thankfully they were. Finally, after what seemed like hours to him, the paramedics arrived at the scene. Yuu wanted to leave but the girl just did not want to let him go, forcing him to keep holding her hand as the paramedics extracted her and her parents from the car.

He could feel her nails digging into his skin, which was starting to hurt. He wondered why. It wasn't like the girl was in as bad of shape compared to her parents to be gripping his hand like it was what was keeping her rooted to the earth.

"Don't leave me...don't leave me..." she kept repeating the same words over and over.

He couldn't leave even if he wanted to. Even without her holding onto his hand with such force, he was probably the only thing keeping her from freaking out any further and possibly increase some hidden injury.

He was only finally able to leave when they tranquilized her and carefully removed his hand from her almost death grip.

"You did a good thing here today," an officer said as Yuu allowed a medic to look at his hand.

"Only because no one else would," Yuu replied as bile began rising up from his stomach but he fought it down.

"You okay kid?"

"Maybe...can I just tell you what I saw then go?"

"Sure, whenever you're ready."

"I came out of the restaurant with my cousin who stopped to introduce me to her friend when I saw the truck wasn't slowing down at the light. After that I threw myself over my cousin and friend as a loud crash reached my ears. I guess that was when the car was hit."

"I see...and your name?"

"Narukami Yuu. But I want to remain anonymous please."

"No problem. This is for police eyes only. Do you want the family to know or..."

"No. I just moved here and I don't want to trouble my family so early."

"All right then. Now we may contact you for a more detailed witness statement later on, but other than that, you're free to go."

With that, the officer let him go on his way as he walked back to the two other girls.

"Are you two okay?" he asked. "Were you hurt?"

"Only when you knocked us over," Sayaka said rubbing her back. "Though...considering the's not so bad." she added as she looked at the wreckage.

"Do you think they'll be okay?" Madoka asked.

"Hopefully. Can we leave before a news crew comes?"

"Good idea. I'll see you later, Madoka."

With that, Sayaka quickly ran leaving the two cousins alone before the two of them left as well.

"Not what you expected for your first day, huh?" Madoka asked. "Saving lives, I mean."

"I didn't do anything," Yuu said honestly. "All I did was check to see if they were still alive. The paramedics and doctors are the one saving lives."

"But you saved mine and Sayaka-chan lives when you pushed us away didn't you?"

"That counts? It wasn't that close to us in the first place."

"Come now, there's no need to be modest," Madoka said as she unlocked the door. "We're back, Papa, Tatsuya!"

"Welcome, Madoka," Tomohisa called from the living room, where he was watching TV. "Ah, you must be Yuu-kun. Welcome."

"It's nice to meet you," Yuu replied with a bow. "What are you watching?"

"The news. It seems like there was a pretty bad crash in the city today and a boy was the only one who tried to help them..."

"...though the boy in question already left by the time we arrived, witness accounts say that the boy was in his mid-teens wearing a black coat with a red scarf."

"Eh?" Tomohisa asked as he turned towards the TV and then back at Yuu. His eyes ran up and down Yuu's body, taking in the boy's clothes followed by the bandage on his hand. "That was you?"

"Madoka was the one who called the paramedics," Yuu said pointing to the girl.

"And not only was he helping the victims of the crash, but apparently, he was also seen pushing two girls out of the way just before the car crashed into them. If anyone has any information about this young hero at all, please let us know at channel..."

"I think I'm going to pack this coat and scarf away and never wear them again," Yuu said as he took them off before turning to his uncle. "Have my things arrived?"

"Y-yeah...your room's on the second floor...third door on the right..."

"Thank you."

And with that, Yuu went up the stairs leaving Madoka with her father.

"Did he really...?" Tomohisa asked.

"Yes," Madoka nodded. "The other girl was Sayaka-chan."

"I see...heck of a first day for him isn't it?"

"That's what I said."

"Well, why don't you go and see if he needs any help unpacking?"


Madoka walked up the stairs and towards Yuu's new room and poked her head inside. But instead of seeing the boy unpacking, he was fast asleep on the bed without even bothering to change his clothes. All things considered, he was probably exhausted.

"Hee hee," Madoka giggled as she draped the blanket over him. "Welcome to Mitakihara, Yuu-kun. And thank you for everything today."

Sunday, April 5th:Cloudy

Tomoe Mami slowly opened her eyes to a white ceiling and a comfortable bed as she tried to look around. Her body was aching and her leg felt extremely heavy but other than that, she didn't feel any pain anywhere else. Looking to her left, she noticed an iv drip in her arm.

That was right. A truck had hit her family's car. She had been in a car accident. But now she was in a hospital. Someone had saved her. That boy had saved her.

"Ah you're awake," came a gentle voice beside her. Turning her head, she saw a nurse standing over her. "Nothing too serious," the nurse continued. "Just a broken leg and a few cuts. All things considered, you were very lucky."

"My...parents?" she managed to ask.

"They're still asleep."

The nurse pointed to the spare beds in front of her where a man and a woman were still resting. The woman's face was covered in multiple bandages and the man had a cast around his neck. Relief filled her body, knowing that they were all alive after that, as tears began falling from her eyes.

That boy. Thanks to that boy they were all still alive. That boy saved her and stayed with her despite being total strangers. But for some reason, she can't remember his face. All she remembered were three colors. Silver, red and black. She didn't even know the boy's name.

What she did know however...was that she wanted to meet him again.

Sunday April 12th:Raining/Foggy

The week past by quickly since then, making it the night before the first day of school

Yuu had managed to settle in fairly well and managed to get along with Madoka pretty easily. Her brother, however, was another thing. Deep down, Yuu found the boy's antics cute and playful. On the surface however, it was hard to find it anything other than annoying as the boy made off with one of the sheets containing the pieces.

"Ahh! Tatsuya, come back here with that!" Madoka called out as she chased the boy.

"Robot! Robot!" the boy said as he ducked below her arms.

Yuu could only sigh as he reached for a different one and used the wire cutter to cut another piece off and started working on that instead. He already made two of them within the last week and needed just two more to complete the Red Star set.

To be honest, he was sure he could have finished all four within a week due to their simplicity but Tatsuya's interference greatly slowed his progress since the boy seemed very adept in sneaking into his room while he was working on it. Perhaps he should ask Tomohisa to buy a lock for the door...

"" Madoka panted as she laid the piece sheet back on his desk.

"Thanks," Yuu said as he placed the sheet back on the box.

"Umm...are you nervous about starting school tomorrow?" Madoka asked, trying to strike up a conversation again.

"Not really. It's not like the others since I actually know people going in."

"Is that right? I hope we're in the same class."

"I doubt it."

"Huh? Why not?"

"Because I'm a third year..."

"...Eh?" Madoka stared at her cousin who simply stared back. "But I thought...Mama said...that we were around the same age?"

"I don't know why Junko-san said that but I'm fifteen and you're fourteen right? So you're a second year and I'm a third year..."

Madoka couldn't help but feel just a little disappointed at this news. She had hoped to use school as another way to get to spend time with her cousin. Well, at least she still has the lunch period.

"I see, too bad...ah, it's getting late," Madoka said as she looked at the clock on Yuu's desk. "Time for bed, Tatsuya. Say goodnight to Yuu-kun."

"Bed! Bed!" Tatsuya repeated as Madoka took his hand. "Goodnight!"

"Yeah, good night you two."

As the two of them left, Yuu sighed as he leaned back on his chair.

"So this is the next place I'm spending the year, huh?" he asked as he listened to the sound of rain beating against his window. And before he knew it, he was starting to relax with his eyes closed.

"Do you wish to learn the truth?"

His eyes shot wide open and he found himself in a long...corridor perhaps? It was too foggy to tell. However, he managed to see the faint outline of something in front of him.

"Then try to catch it..." it seem to say as it turned around and vanished into the fog.

Monday April 13th:Raining

"Are we really in such a hurry that we need to run?" Yuu asked as he and Madoka ran down the road, stuffing the last of their breakfast into their mouths while trying to keep dry under their umbrellas. Madoka was using a bright pink one while Yuu had a clear white one.

"Not really," Madoka admitted as she brushed her hands off. "But I usually meet up with my friends and we walk the rest of the way."

"You mean Miki?"

"Yep. Sayaka-chan and another friend, Shizuki Hitomi."

"I see...a real life harem..."

"Please don't say such creepy things with a straight face...ah, good morning!"

Yuu looked up and saw Sayaka standing next to a green haired girl, who were both using umbrellas that were the same color for their hair for some reason. Not that he was one to talk of course.

"Good morning," the green haired girl replied. "Oh, who is this? Your boyfriend?"

""No, cousin,"" the two of them replied at the same time before looking at each other.

"Ah, Madoka you two are already perfectly in synch!" Sayaka said as she covered her eyes and leaned back in an exaggerated manner. "The two of you are perfect for each other. Hitomi, our little Madoka has left us behind!"

"No! I told you that's not it, Sayaka-chan!" Madoka cried as she chased after her friend.

"Are they always like this?" Yuu asked Hitomi, who nodded.

"They are such good friends, don't you think?" she asked with a hand on her cheek as the other two girls finally ran back to them so they could continue their walk to school.

"So are you getting used to the city, Narukami-senpai?" Hitomi asked.

"More or less," Yuu replied as he turned toward the small creek they were walking beside. "It's a very beautiful city...when it's not raining."

"Indeed, and then the fog rolls in and you can't see anything at all."

"So...any more heroic exploits since then?" Sayaka asked with a sly smile on her face.

"Things have been nice and quiet."

"Heroic exploits?" Hitomi asked.

"You know that accident last week?" Sayaka clarified. "The one where the mysterious boy with the black coat and red scarf saved the family in the sedan?"

"Yes, I've been following that story quite closely."

"Get this, the hero was this guy."

"Eh, really?"

"You were the one who helped the truck driver," Yuu countered. "I don't see why you weren't mentioned in the news."

"Probably because the mysterious boy in black and red sounds better, Mister Hero."

Yuu sighed as he scratched the back of his head. He was never really good at expressing himself, but Madoka and now Sayaka kept getting him to talk and he found himself getting caught in their pace more often than not.

Well, it's not like it was a bad thing.

"But you were really calm and cool during that time, Yuu-kun," Madoka said. "Weren't you scared at all?"

"'All men are born with the great spirit of masculinity within themselves,'" Yuu recited his favorite passage from his favorite series. "People needed help and I was able to help them."

"I don't get it," Sayaka replied with a shrug. "The whole masculinity thing anyway…must be a guy thing. I get the whole wanting to help people thing though. I wonder if they're all okay."

"I don't know about the family, but the truck driver's company is in trouble since the man was drinking and driving," Hitomi replied. "I heard about it on the news last night.

"Are you serious?" Sayaka asked as she shook her head in disgust. "Some people just don't know the meaning of restraint. It was barely after noon too."

"Let's just be glad no one died," Madoka said. "At least, I hope no one did. They would have mentioned it on the news if someone from the family died right?"

"I believe they would," Hitomi nodded. "Though I wonder why no one knew your name, Narukami-senpai. Didn't the police question you?"

"They did, but I asked them to keep my name a secret," Yuu replied. "I didn't want the attention after just moving into the city. So please don't spread it around."

"Of course, the hero needs to keep his identity a secret after all," Sayaka said with the same grin she had on earlier.

"Sayaka-chan, please stop teasing him," Madoka said as Yuu sighed again. "Oh, we're here."

Yuu shifted his umbrella slightly so he could see his new school more properly, only to freeze at the sheer size of the building. It was at least five floors high and was as extremely long as well. What does a school need all the space for? Were all the facilities indoors? He was certain it wasn't some rich kid's private school. Quite frankly, he was feeling intimidated by it all.

"Do you need help looking for the office?" his cousin asked helpfully.

"Yes, please," he replied immediately.

"Then, we'll see you later in class, Madoka," Sayaka said as she and Hitomi separated from the two cousins before Sayaka stopped and turned around with that same smirk she had earlier. "Don't take too long now."


Madoka had managed to show Yuu the way to the office before the bell rang and left after finding him a teacher, but not before telling him her class number so they could meet up after class.

Yuu had been left in the care of a man with messy black hair wearing a black suit with a black tie and black shoes. He seems to be going for a theme here.

"Narukami Yuu, correct?" the man asked and Yuu responded with a nod. "I'm Katou Shinichi; I teach history for the third years and am your homeroom teacher, a pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise sir," Yuu said with a nod.

"Hmm…according to this, you've been changing schools quite often, then?"


"It must be rough. The best part about being a kid is that you can make friends to last you the rest of your life, something that's hard to do if you move all the time. Well, I hope you are at least able to make some friends in your yearlong stay with us here at Mitakihara. At the very least, I hope you'll along with my son. He'll be your classmate."

"Yes sir."

"Well, enough chitchatting for now," Katou said as he stood up from his seat. "We need to head to the classroom to introduce you. I hope you had a light breakfast because it's quite the trek."

Yuu felt that Katou-sensei seemed like an interesting man. He was easy going and looked like the type to genuinely care about the students under his charge. That and the man had no problems complaining about various aspects of the school as they were walking.

"After five years of teaching here I still don't understand why we have glass walls," he said gesturing to one of the first year classrooms they were walking past to get to the stairs. "If you're going to let people see through them then why have them at all? It makes it look like everyone's on display in a museum or zoo or something. The school certainly is big enough to be one."

Yuu couldn't deny that. The school seemed even bigger and wider on the inside than it did on the outside. It was a strange phenomenon he also observed in one of the Kaname's bathrooms. That room felt as big as the entire house, and all it contained was a pair of sinks. Perhaps it had something to do with the glass walls as well.

"Well, here we are," Katou said, pointing to a classroom to their right after climbing to the third floor. "Look, everyone already knows you're here. No surprise or privacy at all."

Yuu looked inside and could see the majority of the class looking out at him. There was quite the number of students inside, at least thirty. Turning his gaze away from the "wall" he followed his teacher inside.

"Morning everyone," Katou said as he stood in front of the class. "And welcome to the new school year. First off, I'm Katou, your new homeroom teacher for the year."

Standing at the doorway, Yuu noted that several of the students were smiling and quite a few guys even clenched their hand in triumph. It seems Katou really was a popular teacher or something. Now that he was taking a closer look, he noticed a few empty chairs in the room despite the already large amount of students. There were only a few students that stood out to the eye though.

A dark haired girl in the back, looking at him from behind her bangs, a red headed girl who was sleeping with her head on her desk, and a black haired boy who gave him a small wave when their eyes met during his scan of the room.

"Secondly, as you all can see, we have a new student joining us this year," he heard Katou say as the teacher turned to write Yuu's name on the white board. "Please introduce yourself."

"Narukami Yuu," he said. "It's nice to meet you."

"Narukami has just moved here last week so go easy on him okay? Now let's see, where is an empty seat? How about over there in the back corner?"

Yuu looked over toward the direction where Katou was pointing at and it seems that he was pointing toward the dark haired girl who jumped slightly attention was called to her. Shrugging his shoulders, Yuu made his way to the back and sat down.

"Nice to meet you," he said to the girl in front of him.

"N-Nice to meet you," the girl replied with a quick nod and then an awkward silence fell between them as the girl didn't say anything more.

"I'm Narukami Yuu..." Yuu said, trying to at least learn his neighbor's name. "...And you are?"

"Kure...Kirika...nice to meet you, Narukami-san."

"You too, Kure-san."

"All right settle down now," Katou said. "Now I'm going to take roll call now. Make sure you answer loudly and clearly. Don't want to be marked absent after all."

Katou began running through the lists and Yuu focused, trying to at least remember the names of his classmates.

"Katou Kenichi."

"Here Dad," the dark haired boy who waved at Yuu earlier replied.

"That's 'Katou-sensei' in school. Kure Kirika."

"H-here," Kirika said as she raised her hand.

"Sakura Kyouko...Sakura Kyouko..."

Katou frowned as he walked up to the sleeping red haired girl on the other side of the room from Yuu. The teacher looked down at her and called her name again, but when it seemed like she wasn't going to wake up, pressed his foot on the mechanism on the ground, causing the chair to fold close, and causing her to fall backwards onto the ground

"Ugyaaah!" Kyouko screamed as she fell onto the floor. "Ouchie..."

"Welcome back to the land of the living, Sakura-san," Katou said as the class started chuckling. "If you wish to sleep do it during break or in a class other than mine."

"But it's still homeroom isn't it?" Kyouko asked.

"Still my class. Now sit back up."

The girl grumbled and returned her seat to an upright position as Katou began to read off the names again.

"Tomoe Mami," he said finally as he looked around. "Is she not here yet?"

"I think she's coming now, Dad," Kenichi said pointing out towards the wall.

Yuu and the rest of the class turned their heads to look and they saw a blonde girl who had styled her hair into twin drills at her side making her way towards the door with a pair of crutches.

"Well...I can't really take points off for that," Katou said as he opened the door for her. "Tomoe Mami I presume?"

"Yes, I apologize for being late," Mami said as she entered the room. She then turned her eyes toward the rest of the room and seemed to shift uncomfortably under the gaze until she locked eyes with Yuu. "You're...

"That girl..." Yuu thought as his eyes widened.

Chapter's End Corner

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