Mystic Summer Chapter 1 (re-uploaded)

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Harry James Potter; First Year Student, Wizard in training and attendee to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was returning from speaking with the Headmaster.

He had just now recently failed in his task of asking/requesting if he could not live with his relatives which dissatisfied him on how the great Albus Dumbledore can just deny Harry's questions for some stupid reason just because he thinks Harry is not old enough to know the information concerning him and act so aloof about his concerns with his relatives unfair and cruel treatment of him.

Harry thinks to himself, "Well there is one thing I can do; and as Hermione would say 'Time for research and a trip to the Library."

And so that is where he is now, along with a permission slip from Professor Flitwick.

Harry had been able to acquire the permission slip and have it signed, which annoyed Harry slightly as he could have simply gotten one earlier in the year,It would have allowed him to avoid being detected by the spells in the restricted section and not been nearly caught by Filch the caretaker during Christmas when he tried to sneak in last time under his fathers 'special' cloak.

When Harry had asked Flitwick for a permission slip, the short wizard had asked why Harry needed a book in the restricted section of which he had simply replied that it was for some advanced research and summer reading. Which the Charms Professor had accepted as a reply and gave him the slip to get the books from the restricted section, but made sure to warn Harry to be careful of the books that he takes.

The real reason for going to the restricted section was actually so that Harry could get himself some information on how to keep himself safe and secure when he left Hogwarts along with finding a way to get out of the Headmasters watchful eyes and ears so to speak.

There was no doubt in his mind that there was something useful in the Library somewhere for him to use, and so with a stride and a slight jump of his feet he made it to the Library's Restricted Section, while being mindful to show the Librarian Madam Pince his pass for entry when he headed to the section that he needed to get to.

Which after some inspection for authenticity the old Librarian reluctantly allowed Harry to use the restricted section and flipped a switch on her desk with her wand so as to seemingly disable the defensive and security devices guarding the Restricted Section.

Harry was soon browsing the sections of tomes and binds for anything interesting or useful and he was soon out of the restricted section with a bundle of books with some title names of 'Occlumency and Mental Protection - How to Shield the Mind', 'Familiar Protection – Protect your Animal or Pet', 'Goblin Jobs and Positions of Gringotts – How they are Done', along with some spell books in DADA, Transfiguration, Charms along with some Potions books to stop Snape from making a fool out of him in class when working on a requested potion, Also so that he can now properly learn the subject over the summer and the last book was surprisingly a story book which was an odd thing to have in the restricted section but he shrugged it off as it looked interesting to him so he picked it up.

Harry started on the Gringotts book and soon continued onto the others from there, While making notes with some quills on some parchment he had brought with him, but he left the storybook for later for him to read maybe in bed.

When Harry had read enough from the books he felt astounded as to what had been hidden from him and the mind reading spell explained that feeling he got from Snape when he was in his class and resolved to make sure that the horrible man cannot get into his mind again.

Also he promised himself from here on out he was going to do better in school as he knew that he had been too lazy on his work and it nearly made him look like an idiot in front of everyone which made him feel even more stupid so he decided next year to do better and hang out with Hermione more as it had to do with how her Intelligence and focus on the facts and subjects that helped him pass his first year exams and homework.

He knew that she was be a good influence on him and would help him in the long run into improving himself. So with this new knowledge and new goals he set out from the library, once he rented the books of course for summer reading, to seek out a better life and better prospects for himself but what little did he know just how monumental this new move he had made will set his own life and path towards his true destiny.

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