Chapter 6 of Mystic Summer (re-uploaded)

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Harry Potter was standing in front of a row of people in the large training room after walking inside just a few moments ago and there were a few he recognised like Mr Ollivander the wand maker who gave him his first wand, also someone who looked similar to Dumbledore but with more gray than white hair and it was shorter and more in a goatee fashion and beside him was a old woman who was still good looking with long faded golden yellow hair and hazel eyes and also a couple of goblins he recognised from earlier and one he knew immediately and that was Griphook.

Harry examined the room around him and could see a room cut off with a small door which he supposed was where he was to sleep and live in till completed his training.

So with this discovered he addressed the group in front of him "Hello everyone I know what you are all here for and for those who don't I will tell you and that is I am Harry Potter and I know I don't look like it but I am him as you can see by my scar (shows faint scar to group)." he took a breath and continued

"You have all been assigned to teach and train me in all of your expert fields and skills so that I can be ready to face my enemies and defeat them along with how to live and survive in the wizarding world so I hope we can all get along and work together, thank you for listening."

The Dumbledore lookalike and the pretty old women walked towards Harry and the old man said "It is great to finally meet you Monsieur Potter and I hope thank you for looking after my stone?" his speech having a slight french tone to it.

Recollection shows on Harry's face as he says out loud astonishment "You're Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel," with wide eyes and amazement like a child on Christmas getting a puppy from their parents.

The look of adoration on Harry's face makes Both Flamel's react such as Nicholas laughing at the look of Harry's face and Perenelle cooing at Harry saying embarrassing things to his face of which makes Harry duck his head down and blush furiously and this just sets the male Flamel off again into loud booming laughter and the female one to start saying things to embarrass Harry even more like "Your so cute" and cooing even more at him.

But he was saved from their further embarrassment by a tall, slightly muscular and red haired freckled young man with a claw/tooth earring whose facial features that you could not mistake for a Weasley who walks up to him and says "Bill Weasley Pleasure to meat you, Mum's been telling me about you from what Ron told her and I am going to teach you curse breaking and basic runes."

Harry nodded to this and replied "I hope that I can learn well and be a good pupil" to which the older boy said smiling "You will do great just keep a level head and keep a good track of what you want to do and you will be fine."

Harry nodded back and gave his thanks and Harry made it back to the Flamel's to discuss what he will be learning from them so he asked them to which replied "I Nicholas will be teaching you alchemy and potions as from what I have heard of your Potions teacher you have not learned much and My wife Perenelle will be teaching you spell creation and enchantment training along with Arithmancy to create such things"

"I also want to speak with you about your Headmaster and my old apprentice and what you believe he is up to as I do not trust him with what he has done to my stone this year and have not gotten it back yet."

This shocks Harry and he immediately replies "But he told me it was destroyed and you were happy with not living immortal anymore." This shocks the male Flamel and he begins cursing and muttering darkly in french mixed with english about stupid and sly thieves but Harry is distracted from this by the female Flamel taking Harry away to guide him to his other tutor's and trainers he has not met yet.

He did so and he first met a man who looked to be of Native American roots who told Harry that he was his Animagus trainer and was named Checotah Redwood and next to him was a man who looked old and Oriental but strong he said his name was Mr Chung who would teach him Kung Fu and other Martial arts till Harry Himself could teach others if he wished, which he did.

Next to him was The Goblin that he noticed earlier and said "Hello Griphook, I wonder what you are teaching me?"

To which the shocked goblin replies "Mr Potter it is an honour that you remember me and as per your question I will be teaching you weapon crafting and forging along with how to make a special magical armour which can be summoned to your body with a special phrase or sentence of your choosing but there was something else that I wanted to tell you and if you can bring your familiar with you."

To which Harry replies confused "My what?" "Your familiar, the animal that you came in here with." the goblin answers and so Harry calls for Hedwig who was sitting on a chair away from everyone else and she arrives on his shoulder with a swoop of her wings and begins nibbling in his ear in affection to which the young wizard chuckles at along with Perenelle who says she is beautiful and as the snowy owl hears this she puffs up her chest in pride at being complimented which makes Harry chuckle more but turns his attention back to the first ever Goblin he met who says that "Yes your Familiar is the animal that you bond with and speak to and understand but it seems as though someone has put a few spells and curses on this owl that prevents you from speaking to her magically and has blocked some of her true powers as some owls have gifts of their own."

When the goblin said his Harry was more angry than ever before as he said angrily and loudly that it catches the attention of everyone around him.


(Far away in a castle an old man nearly shits himself and cannot know why but he still feels a foreboding around him and nearly screams like a little girl when a wave of magic hits him full of anger and revenge)

Harry next raised his hand and a silver ball of magical energy blasts out of it and surrounds his precious snowy owl companion to which the owl itself feels like a barrier has been lifted and once the light of the magic is lifted the owl floats in the air and shines brightly with a white and silver light of its own and a wonderful song comes from it and the light gets brighter and brighter (A/N: look for the film Stardust near the end of it and you'll get the idea).

Until a burst of magic goes off like a tidal wave and goes through everyone and fills them all with hope and strength and once the light goes away, there were the owl once was floats a beautiful white, black and silver phoenix which glides down towards the star struck black haired wizard and faces him speaking in his mind surprising Harry.

"My young wizard I thank you for your help and am honoured that I am your familiar as I if you must know am an Avianus which is a rare bird with the ability to become a powerful phoenix and I am the most powerful with your magic connected to mine and mine's to yours and I'm glad for your honest caring of me as I have not met anyone who is more pure and kind as you."

The young wizard blushes and replies "Thank you Hedwig and I hope to be your companion for a long time." Which the Avianus replies in return "And you will as phoenixes cannot die as they are only reborn from their ashes but that is for fire phoenixes as I am a winter phoenix I will be reborn from snowflakes" to which Harry says "That is great as I will never want to lose you and be alone."

Harry looks down at this fact as he was always alone for a long time and for having his parents being dead and being treated not like family by his relatives; the Dursleys.

The tutors who watch this feel they should be getting back on track but that is already done by a man in the back who walks up to Harry and says to him, "You will never be alone Prongslet when you got your Uncle Moony with you."

The young wizard looks at the man for a moment then hugs him saying loudly and happily "Uncle Moony" and said person laughs loudly and says tearily "Yes it's me and I am not going to let you get away from me this time not even dark creature wards will keep me from you."

With this being said Harry says back confused "What do you mean Uncle Moony?" Remus sighed and said in reply "I tried to get chances to see you on your birthday, but wards surrounding the area where you lived stopped me from getting to you and they were made for werewolves to keep them away from other people's homes, and when I tried to get the headmaster to let me see you he would not let me saying it was for your own protection."

Harry grows even more angry at the way the old man had ruined his chances of meeting his only other family but he calms down as he looks at his new uncle saying.

"I don't care for your little furry problem at all." To which he replies, "How did you know about my problem."

Which the young wizard says with an eye roll "Its not that hard when you have just said about it without knowing so and that marauder nickname along with your shabby clothes which reminds me we will go into town after this and buy new clothes and ones that are not cheap and it is not charity it's for my family which is you and anyway what are you going to teach me."

He replies back saying blushing a bit at his slip up "Well I will be teaching you about DADA and History of Magic which I know you know very little of due to how I can remember Binn's being as boring and as sleep inducing as ever as he was the same when I was a student.

Also I will be teaching muggle history as I have lived in the muggle world looking for jobs also I will be teaching you about your parents along with wizarding customs like music and dancing which I learned from your mother who taught me how to play and be a guitarist both acoustic and electric as she was into all that."

This just astounds Harry as he will be learning from a man who knew his parents and what they did.

Harry began his walking around to say Hello to all the other tutors with Perenelle and Remus behind him along with his avian companion on his shoulder who he was speaking to mentally about the powers she had like freeze-flashing which is like a fire phoenixes fire travel but with snow and ice where you can be anywhere at any place in the world except for some places which are warded for protection and many other abilities available.

But he was cut off from the conversation by the wand maker Ollivander who says "Why Mr. Potter I am most grateful to be teaching you how to make wands and if you do well I will give you a special project to begin that will be most beneficial in your future and as I said I did expect great things from you and I will see if you do."

Olivander speaks in a mysteriously low voice the same as when Harry first met him and was not so creeped out as last time as he was used to it now and with a wave goodbye to speak to him later he met his last tutor who was young women wearing a weird sisters top and denims with a wand holster and badge saying 'Auror' along with a shocking bubblegum pink hairstyle who spoke to Harry.

"Wotcher Harry I'm Tonks and you better not say my first name or you'll regret it which is Nymphadora so remember not to say it, anyway I'm going to teach you how to use your metamorphic ability as I am one already" she demonstrated by changing her hair to blue and her eyes to brown from amber and says to him "I was in Hogwarts a year before you so I did not meet you then and anyway I hope to have some fun with you and teaching you how to duel like an Auror and how to do Charms."

With that said she leaves to speak with Remus who greets the the young witch policeman with a smile.

Harry soon again stands in front of all the people who are willing to help him be a better person and strong wizard and with one thought in mind "This is going to be awesome".

(Five months of training later in magically time held chamber)

Harry Potter got up and did his daily ritual that he had gotten into a few weeks of training which was:

1. Get up and get ready EST.

2. Do exercise and practice Tai Chi

3. Go to tutors for Magical and Non-Magical subjects

4. Learn Creating and Forging skills with Griphook

5. Learn Metamorphic and Animagus skills with Mr Redwood and Tonks

6. Practice Martial Arts with Mr Chung

7. Learn Music and Magical Customs with Remus

8. Go to Mr Ollivander for Wand Making and Crafting

9. Go do Potions and Alchemy with Mr Flamel

10. Go do Spell crafting and Arithmancy with Perenelle Flamel

11. Learn Parselmagic and Parseltongue from books and Elemental Powers with help of both Flamel's.

12. Rest for lunch

13. Go learn History and Astronomy with Remus

14. Duelling and DADA with Tonks

15. Learn Runes and Curse breaking with Bill Weasley

16. Have dinner with Tutors and Instructors for discussions on classes and improvements for tomorrow

17. Charms Practice with Tonks

18. Reread subjects and do summer Homework

19. Got to Bed

The lessons had been very helpful as he now had a complete understanding of the Wizarding World and was coming along nicely with his now improving skills as his increased power allowed Harry to learn things much quicker so he had progressed very rapidly especially his defence both magical and non-magical.

He was nearly ready to go out of the chamber and sort out his life and meet his other family member who it appears even Remus had no idea about which meant that it was a last resort for saving him from Dumblefuck so that the old man did and would not know about her and make sure that she was not able to get to Harry and ruin the old coot's plans which from Harry's discussion with the Flamel's who pointed out to Harry that he was probably to be a sacrifice to Voldysquirt as he called him to get rid of the Horcrux in his scar which was completely gone now (read previous chapter).

The other Horcruxes were going to be found through some work between Harry and the goblins as there was a Parselspell he made from modifying the point me charm that now tracks down Horcruxes and other dark devices like a compass which was a big help when he would track it down and he knew how to destroy them with another Parselspell he made which was less difficult to control than with Fiendfyre a dark fire spell which even once you cancel its use it just keeps going on and on while burning everything in site until there is no more fuel for it to burn.

Harry now stands with more defined muscles and greater strength and thanks to Remus with the man's Werewolf abilities; he helps Harry keep up with his own strength, speed and agility and how to control it well.

Harry also stands at a height of nearly 6 ft with his magic somehow making his magical maturity grow earlier than when it was supposed to at 13 therefore making him look a bit older and taller and more in control of his Magical Abilities. Another surprise came from his training as he discovered that he was apparently a Multiple Animagus meaning he can turn into any animal ever discovered or not and could be a Magical or Muggle creature if he knew about it and understood it or had a picture of it in his mind.

Harry's elemental powers have been mastered as he can control all the elements which is Fire, Water, Earth and Air and by an extension Ice, Lightning and Agriculture which is control of plants and trees and Thunder.

It was now time for Harry to begin his special projects so he heads to Ollivander and starts his first project which is the making of his own wands and he starts the first one with finding the proper wood to suit him by waving his hand over the range of magical woods as normal ones don't work as you need a wood that has grown in a magically saturated rich area for it to work and so with his hand waving over the magical woods his hand next stays over the correct wood with the best match to him which was Australian Blackwood which draws off the elements of Earth, Water, and Wind.

This wood represents strength and determination; it is a neutral wood, indifferent to Light or Dark Magic. It is said to possess both healing and destructive powers and is thought to be good for potion making.

It is an excellent wand wood for helping repelling or conjuring curses, next he goes to pick a wand core and he does the same way he had done the wood choosing and his hand stops over a white and silver tail feather which belongs to his avian Hedwig who stays in her phoenix form most of the time and finally he chooses a Magical Gem that helps bond the core and wood along with his blood sample and a potion mixed with the blood and is added with runes afterwards which represent indestructibility and invulnerability.

So Harry does the choosing of the gem and this time his hand goes over a large Sapphire of which he cuts down to size with a crafting tool once he had picked it up and so it would be able to fit the wand.

He begins his construction starting with carving of the wood till it is 13 inches long and round with a hole in the bottom to place the blood potion, core and gem inside then he covers over the hole with the leftover wood to make the handle but he first must add the ingredients before he seals the wand the core in then he places the potion in next and finally puts in the gem at the open end to stop it falling out then he carves a handle for it and places it together with the wand.

Lastly he pushes his magic through much like he did for Hedwig but more concentrated and fine till there is a flash if silver light and the first wand is ready

Harry picks it up and carves the runes on the handle and wand (like told earlier) and he then places the wand into one of the holsters he made out of Rare White Chinese Fireball Dragon hide with pre carved runes to stop someone from stealing either wand or the holster or seeing them as they have an invisibility harm on them when the wand is not in use.

Next, he starts on his second wand as he is now allowed one more with being an emancipated wizard and he begins the process again and picks his choices like wood, which was Silver Oak that is known as Wizard Wood, this wood is perhaps the strongest known wood for wand making.

This wood draws off the element of fire, as well as lightning, it seeks a powerful companion. A guardian and liberator also it excellent for Protection, Defence, Prosperity, Sacrifice and Power.

The core was a Manticore scale, wrapped around in a mane of its own hair and lastly Harry picks a single piece of Diamond which was from the shards of the Koh-I-Noor Diamond (A/N: It is translated as the mountain of light and is one of the most famous of diamonds in the world).

Harry begins the same process with the carving, the runes, the handle and the making of them until he has a 14 inch silver wand and it is placed inside a Hebridean Black hide wand holster. With the left over hides he makes a third wand holster for his Holly and Fire phoenix feather wand of which he learned was from the Headmasters familiar which was a little unsettling but did not let it bother him.

Harry then straps both his wand's to himself as he places his new ones on his wrists and his old one to his hip he then moves onto his personal project of which he was making in his spare time which were Wand-Guns which simply put they were a gun but with the spells as bullets instead of regular metal bullets and Harry already had a design for them and that was from Desert Eagle guns (A/N: Think of Call of Duty games) but all you needed to do was place a spell in a magically forged metallic crystal that was made into the shape of a bullet, load it up and fire.

The gun also had a few runes for protection and reloading to save time and today he was testing them out so he set up his targets and he started with an expelliarmus bullet followed by a stunner bullet and a final reducto bullet of which had exploded his third target.

The gun can and would hold any spell as long as it's made for defence or attack and it cannot fire the unforgivable curses because they are too much strain on the clip and barrel holding the magical bullets in place for the gun and would blow up the gun and his hand along with it, they are placed in a special belt which had the different spelled bullets stored inside a small square pouch that could magically transfer the bullets needed to the wand-gun's clip when reloading (with only a thought needed) but it had separate spelled bullets in its current clip to give it a variety and the special gun's holsters were both made out of Hungarian Horntail dragon-hide mixed with Hebridean Black dragon-hide.

Harry, after he stores his Wand-gun set away, then goes to his next class/lesson with Griphook whom he had learned a lot from about the goblin species and their jobs.

Harry is to do his final test, which is to find the correct weapons for him to fight with and to select the appropriate metals to use for the weapons and his magical armour that he is to make after his weapons.

He stands in front of an array of metals all magically selected for him as soon as he steps up and those metals are Titanium, Steel, Adamantium (This surprised Harry as he thought that it did not exist except in fiction) and Iridium and so he takes these and stands in front of a range of pictures of weapons and two of these glow silver as soon as he raises his hands over them and those weapons are a Scythe and a Katana so he gets the designs he made for these weapon as he was already shown the selection earlier in his training and to make designs for each one and so he begins work with the forging and making of both weapons.

After a while when he is done they are wonderfully made as the Scythe (like Marluxia's scythe's it is the Fickle Erica and is black silver and white) is 3 metres long and with the adamantium for the blade, steel for the handle, titanium filled with his own magically made silver crystal inside the blade and iridium for the rest of it.

Next is the Katana and it is adamantium for the entire blade and iridium for the hilt and steel for the handle and has a very thin layer of titanium under the silver lacquered wood for the Katana's scabbard as extra defense (A/N: just picture a silver and gray katana).

The armour is different as all he needs to do is picture what you want it to look like and what goes were and that is just what he did and soon he was covered in his armour with a helmet and body armour (A/N: Its a cross between KH BBS's Ventus' and Terra's armour) with his scythe on his back the Katana to his side and a small shield on his right arm for defence and his wand guns just above his waist and under his arms.

The Armour was indestructible with the metals and enchantments along with his attributes in strength he could were it without being tired from the weight also the Armour was stored inside a magical watch that was made out of the remaining titanium and steel as the rest was in the armoured shield and it would activate with the phrase 'Mystic Silver Armour' and attach itself to his body, weapons and all and the armour could amplify wandless magic so as to not tire himself out when using it as wandless magic takes more energy to use.

Harry continued practising his magic, armour, weapons and martial arts for the last few days until it was the final day and everyone gathered around for it with Harry in front of his tutors and trainers.

Harry speaks to them and says "Thank you for this and everything you have taught me I really appreciate for what you have done for me so that I can live my life as I want it."

Tonks steps forward and says back to Harry "We all would like to thank you for meeting someone like you as you are a great person and to show our appreciation myself and Remus have decided to award your own Marauder name which is 'Mystic' as you truly are a mystical and wonderful person and prankster also we all made this gift together for you."

Remus and Bill steps through with something under Harry's cloak which Harry finds out from the Flamels to be the Cloak of Invisibility from the Deathly Hallows that belonged to Ignotus Peverell who was his ancestor and one of the Peverell brothers in the wizarding legend and children's story also he learned that it is rumoured that Dumbles has the Elder Wand from Antioch Peverell but the Resurrection Stone is still missing which belonged to Cadmus Peverell.

The gift which was now shown under the elusive legendary cloak is shown to Harry who's eyes widen at what is seen which is a large but fast looking brand new g-strider Suzuki motorbike that is detailed with an image of Hedwig in her Phoenix form on both sides and silver and black all over with the sides fitted with what looks like giant cannon blasters of which is explained by Remus who says they copied his wand-gun idea but made it cannon form and has large crystals inside of them to fire pure magical energy but said cannons can fold inside of the bike by magic so as to not draw attention when riding through towns and cities and he could ride it as because of his looks and height he has the appearance of someone who is old enough legally to drive it and he is given a magical licence that will fool any law enforcement.

Remus also tells Harry how the bike can disappear and shrink with spells attached to it so that it can be hidden from sight and be easier to carry and that Tonks built it as she was taught by her father who is now a mechanic and vehicle designer/builder.

On top of the seat is a helmet with a picture of Hedwig's face on the front protective lens and around the helmet, next to the bike is a silver and black wooden chest that Harry makes out are made out of the same wood as his new wands which are more powerful than his old one but he suspected with his blocks that was the only one at the time to have worked for him and that the trunk is wrapped in the same hides of his holsters for more protection.

He was told that the trunk is fully warded, expanded inside with several compartments and his old trunk is inside that has been improved as well as it has three compartments now and all the usual trunk security charms and wards for him to sell which he thinks to give to Ginny Weasley who he was told by Bill is starting this year at Hogwarts and to save her buying a second hand one seeing as their family is poor and may not be able to buy one but to make sure to change it slightly so that it will not be noticed as his old one. Harry decides that he likes the other Weasley's besides Ron who with discussions with everyone else in the room decides that he is a spy and a pawn from dumb - ass -door who reports Harry's activities to the old fart.

Harry thanks everyone profusely for his gifts and is told by Olivander that one of the compartments is full of his very own wand making set plus all the magical woods, cores and gems ever recorded so that Harry can make new wands for his friends and it has an extra feature which is a replenishing charm and ward in it so that he will never run out of ingredients and Harry is told that the rest of the new trunk has his things inside like books, clothes and broom and its compartments set up like:

1. Clothes and uniform/wardrobe

2. Broom and Quidditch kit storage

3. Wand craft kit + ingredients container

4. Living area i.e. bed and living room (literately)

5. Personal Library (books old/new)

6. Storage of Bike and repair tools

7. Compartment seven (empty at the moment)

Harry did not know what to do with the last empty compartment but he would decide later as he was finally going out of the chamber with his Bike and Weapons that was inside the trunk straight away into its storage compartments but still with his wands on him. He came out and said goodbye to everyone and Bill tells him that he will keep an eye on Ron as he will be at the Burrow during the summer which Harry learned from him is their home.

Harry gave his old trunk to Bill to so that it would be given to Ginny but to tell her that Bill had given it to her as a gift for starting Hogwarts and he also told him to make sure to stop her from being a fan girl by telling her about him and not the boy who lived crap that everyone thinks and also the trunk had an extra charm and ward added by Harry before he gave it away which would detect dark objects inside and report it to Harry alone by a device he made which was like a sneakoscope but would make a noise when a dark object was activated as Harry had a feeling that he would need to do so for some strange reason.

Harry said goodbye to everyone and they all promised to meet up some time later on but Harry kept a firm hand on Remus so that he would not leave and not go with him to get clothes so that Remus would not be thinking it was charity and so that he could come with Harry to meet his mother's cousin later on when the shopping trip is finished.

Harry walked back to the office that it all started with and asked for a Gringotts card from Ragnock which was how Muggleborns with accounts at Gringotts usually bought things in the muggle world that where expensive and hard to pay with just coins and a magical satchel which he could think of how much money he would want and it would appear in the bag and with both items, the two wizards walked out of the office to start their shopping spree in the muggle and magical world.

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