Chapter 7 of Mystic Summer (re-uploaded)

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Gringotts Bank - London

Harry Potter, recently trained wizard had just walked out of Gringotts Bank and is about to buy a whole load of more stuff to be ready for his future and alongside him is one of the friends of the orphan's parents who died when he was barely 1 years old is Remus Lupin.

Of whom has amber eyes, a slightly scarred face and shabby clothes of which can be explained with the fact that he is a werewolf and they are not treated the best by the wizarding government.

As they do not get a lot of jobs and when they do the pay is very low due to the racial prejudice against Werewolves and the nights of transformation during each full moon where you are unable to work and length of time for the recovery from the transformation hence the scars on his face from constant transformations over the years.

Harry was walking with him to the non-magical world for their stuff first and would be getting their wizarding supplies on the way back for their meeting with the mysterious cousin/new aunt to his mother's side to the family.

Harry was walking through the wizarding pub the Leaky Cauldron to the London area for muggles and he was making sure that no one was recognising him by wearing the hat he wore earlier today coming to Gringotts.

But had changed its design and colour a bit as it was black and red but was now black and silver with rims of grey.

He had just stepped out of the pub when he noticed a music shop and instrument makers nearby and headed there as he wanted to know what music he would like to listen to also the guitars both acoustic and electric that he practised with was Remus's own ones and wanted to have his own as he had made a spell that changes an electrical device so that it can run independently on Magic instead of electricity so as to not have problems with listening to music or playing it.

It was also so that Hermione can use her mobile phone without problems and so she can speak to her parents and not use an owl.

The spell would help with bringing an electric guitar as he was excellent at playing the instruments and so with Remus he stepped into the store and walked around looking at the rock and guitar bands while Remus went to the guitar making side to get some more guitar picks as he was low on them and his old ones were broken.

Harry was looking and listening to some music and he already picked a few bands like Nickelback, Dragonforce, My Chemical Romance, Green day, AC/DC, Metallica also he looked at another that was called Three Inches of Blood whose Deadly Sinners song sounded awesome with its guitar solos and he picked a few songs from different music styles and genres for a few pranks he had in mind for Snape and the Dumb, dumb headbuster where they sing the most accurate and embarrassing songs ever that describes about themselves and what they are like (A/N: see sequel for this story when this fic is done).

With that done he picked up a CD player along with a boom box and I-Pod Nano and went up towards the instrument making area as he already had his designs in his pocket as he was planning on doing this the first chance he got out of training before clothes shopping.

After that he approached the designer and crafter and presented his designs as he wanted a custom made silver and dark blue Ibanez GRG170DX Electric Guitar and a black acoustic guitar with full care set and picks for strumming it and he could tell that the person was a Muggleborn Wizard as he could see a wand sticking out of his pocket.

So it was no surprise when he would have recognised Harry and told him "You know there is a spell that I can do for you to both instruments so that if you were playing a song the guitar will automatically tune itself to it so as to save time tuning it right yourself if you simply tap a part of the guitar it can switch with its counterpart for easier use and can be shrunk in half inside its case".

So Harry agreed to this after a moment of thought but also asked for the spell and its workings but the man behind the desk said that he could just give him the book for it as he already memorised it so he was given the book and was told that both of the instruments would take half an hour (15 minutes for each guitar).

So later on the pair of wizards left the shop with Harry's purchases shrunken and in his pocket and Remus's guitar picks in his pocket and headed to the nearest shopping centre by taxi and paid for the ride and entered the store and inside it was huge and amazing for the wizards especially the young wizard who was never allowed to go to anywhere fun because of his sadistic relatives cruel treatment.

Which was reluctantly told to his tutors during his training but mainly Remus and Tonks who he had to both stop from tearing them apart as soon as they left the chamber.

As they headed to the first store with the name 'Armani' on it were they went in and got a full wardrobe and suits measured by the tailors and styles picked by the assistants who were very helpful especially after Harry flashed his money when they appeared snobbish at the appearance of Harry and Remus and changed their personality instantly.

After he got the clothes sorted Harry went to get accessories isle were Harry got a few necklaces one of which was a silver phoenix with blue sapphires for eyes and a metal chain (like Sora's one in KH 1&2 but instead of a crown it is a phoenix) and he got a black leather wallet with sunglasses and he did not need a ring as he already had his family rings which looked like:

Potter Ring - A Golden Lion carved and set onto a Ruby background

Black Ring - A Black Grim dog carved and set onto a White Quartz background

Peverell Ring - A Silver Deathly Hallows Symbol carved and set onto a Onyx background

Ravenclaw Ring - A Bronze Eagle carved and set onto a Blue Sapphire background

He liked how they looked as they fit how the house is described like how Potters have the heart of a lion, Blacks have the darkness and power of the grim, Peverell has the power of the Hallows and Ravenclaw is wise as an Eagle.

They paid for their purchases and go on to the next store which is a sports shop were Harry buys tracksuits and trainers (sports shoes) along with a new hat which was slightly better than his old one but he decided to keep it as he liked it and just to be fun he got one with a sliver lightning bolt.

Next he goes to a hairdressers for a haircut as his hair is too long and gets it shortened spiked and tips it silver and blue afterword's with his Metamorphic powers when he leaves the hairdressers and pays for the hair cut.

Later on he and Remus who waited for Harry walked with him as he left the sports store and both went to the nearby book-store named 'Waterstones' for some books to read and buy as Harry got some books on machines and Remus got some books on history.

They are at the food court for lunch after their books shopping and are discussing what they had learned about Sirius Black who is Harry's Godfather and the fact that he is innocent of betraying his family as thought by the rest of the wizarding world and probably was another plan for Dumbles to get control of Harry by taking away his legal guardian and imprison him without a trial in Azkaban the wizarding prison.

The Prison was guarded by Dementors which were evil soul sucking cloaked spectres which reminded Harry of the Nazgul in the Lord of the Rings books he read in the local Library when he was younger and was the only safe place from Dudley his Whale of a cousin who would chase Harry and beat him up and where Harry would learn of the world outside his home as they would take anything he brought home and accuse him of stealing it and there would be more beatings by Uncle Vernon, Harry shakes the bad images away and continued to eat and discuss with Remus about Sirius.

The reason that Remus had changed his mind about Sirius as Harry had shown his memories of his friends in a pensieve which was like a movie version of seeing memories were you were observing them inside a stone basin pillar and from this Remus discovered that Ron's Rat was really the Animagus Peter 'Wormtail' Pettigrew there supposed friend who was thought to have been killed by Sirius but was the true person to betray Harry's Parents by telling Voldemort their location which was Godric's Hollow under the Fidelius Charm which was a spell to hide a location and the areas location was given to a secret keeper for basically keeping the location to themselves and making sure that the people that were under the charm would be kept safe.

Their plan was for Harry to get the Rat near the end of second Year as there was a Wizengamot meeting a bit after the end of the second school year which was a government meeting for those who had an elective seat and would be where Harry could present his case on Sirius plus some new laws and decrees that would help magical creatures, beings and muggleborns.

Once they had left the food court with their plans sorted they went out of the shopping centre with the purchases shrunken and in their pockets and headed back to the Leaky Cauldron by taxi and re-entered the pub and made their way into Diagon alley to buy their wizarding things and their first stop was the Magical menagerie which was the magical pet shop to get Hedwig some things plus a cage for to keep the Rat in for later in second year once it was properly warded and spelled to stop the rat from escaping.

He got a silver oak standing perch that would suit his familiars colour and a titanium metal bowl attached to the stand to collect the snowflakes for her Freeze-burning day as she was a winter Phoenix and not a fire one like a certain headmasters Phoenix which Harry believed was under a controlling potion or powerful spell so that it would listen and obey the commands of the old man.

He got some treats for her like fruit and nuts especially Mangos and Brazil nuts as they were favoured by her which is funny as they were grown in warm countries rather than cold ones since the avian lived in colder climates, Harry got another smaller bowl attached to the stand of the perch that was filled with ice cold water and was charmed to never spill and stay cold along with being automatically refilling so that Hedwig would not be thirsty.

Once they paid and left the pet store they then went to the apothecary store for potions ingredients being mindful of the smell inside they cast a small smell protective charm around their noses to block out the stench of ingredients and bought all of the things needed for the next school year plus a few readymade potions like healing, petrifaction, blood replenishing and pain potions along with one of each ingredient in the store for later use as you can never be too careful when doing potions and you need another ingredient added to a potion.

Next was the book-store where Harry got all the books he required for storage and study during the rest of the summer and after paying they went to a wizarding eye care shop were Harry got more slim and fitting black rimmed glasses so as to not raise suspicion from twinkly eyed old men and had the glasses specially charmed to see through anything, detect magical signatures and traces along with a magical zoom and these features can be switched through simply tapping the side of the glasses once on the right side of the frames and to turn them off you tap the left side.

With that done they headed into Knockturn alley for more obscure books and subjects like Occlumency for his friends like Hermione so that Snape or Dumbles cannot look into her head and he would give them to her during the summer and so they stepped into the dark book-store where Harry got books on mind magic's, blood magic and Legilimency and left the store to head back to Gringotts for the meeting were once they were inside the bank they headed back into the same goblin office were they were told by Ragnock a letter was sent to the person when Harry and Remus left hours ago so that they would know the time of arrival they were to come at.

All at once there was a flash in white and standing in the middle of the room was a slightly tall, beautiful and curly red haired woman whose colour reminded the stunned Harry of his mothers from photos of her and the women had clear smooth slightly tanned skin and slightly pink lips along with ice blue eyes.

The woman then spoke asking "Where is my nephew Harry Potter?"

Said person raised his hand still in shock at who he was seeing and was shocked even more when she screamed "HARRY!" and then rushed over and hugged the startled Wizard who said automatically "Are you my aunt?"

This question snapped the women out of her hugging and made her smile back and at Harry.

She then said "I am your Aunt, Udonna Evans and I am your mothers older cousin," this made Harry even more shocked as he said "Udonna the snow witch from Briarwood once a part of the Mystic Guardians of Magic" Udonna was shocked he knew about her and asked "Yes but how did you know?"

The blushing wizarding just reached into his back pocket and showed her the book about Briarwood of which he kept with him as it was a great story to read before bed every night.

The Snow Witch's eyes widen and takes the book and skims through it all the more shocked while muttering that it could not be possible for someone to document this much into a book unless a magical person had watched all of it and recorded the battles and stories and made a book which may be the case but she snapped the book shut and answered the unanswered question which was "How do I know you?"

The wizard nodded and she answered "Lily sometimes sent me pictures through mail and some of them were of you but you are so much different than the pictures back then as you have become more handsome."

Which makes the wizard blush even more while muttering "Thank You".

They all talked for a while and the Snow Witch was introduced to Remus who shared Harry's views on his condition and about Harry's training and of which had astounded the Witch when he said he could control the elements, about his armour & weapons along with Harry's school year and subjects along with their findings of the old meddling fool and told the witch of their plans of which she agreed on until it was time for them to leave with Udonna of which Harry decided was best and so they grabbed hold and in a flash of light they were in a new and wondrous place when Udonna said "Harry, Remus welcome to Rootcore."

Harry thought to himself "This is gonna be a great summer."

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