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Team B…

Meanwhile, Team B had been traveling along their separate path, and had come across their own problems. Specifically, from Randy who had become too invested in his character.

Jumping ahead, and pointing his toy rapier in front of him, Randy struck a heroic pose, as he continued to try and sound Latin.

"Ha-Ha!" He declared, "Come, my friends! I suspect that the path lies ahead, but be weary for danger could lurk at every corner!"

Stan sighed, reading the copy of the map he had.

"Just keep going straight, Dad." He ordered.

Randy sighed, but complied to his archeologist son's request, as the team kept moving forward.

"Ah!" Kevin declared, outstretching his arms in a very supplicating gesture, looking at the forest with no leaves around them, "This forest has so much history to it. So much of it that I have conquered! It makes me stronger!"

"FEED ME YOUR RAGE!" Kevin declared, running face-first into some of the leafless trees, and acting as if he were making love to it.

Randy turned to Wendy, deeply concerned for his teammate.

"I am concerned about Kevin." He told her, "He has this Pecker of the Undead gig going a bit too much for him."

Meanwhile, in the back of the line, Red tapped Lola on the shoulder with her toy sword, as the second Sonja turned to the one who had drawn her attention.

"Listen here, you whale!" Red declared, "I know you think you're hot stuff around here, but let's make one thing perfectly clear; these are MY classmates. DON'T try to steal them for me."

Lola looked at her cosplaying counterpart confused before speaking.

"Well," She told her, "I'm just doing my job just as any Elementary School student would."

"Oh, that's real cute." Red mocked, "'I'm just doing my job as any other Elementary School Student would.'"

She turned to the Lola Sonja, and eyed her full of hate.

"You know what? I don't even care." Red explained, "You're so insignificant that I don't even notice you."

"Then…why are you talking to me?" Lola asked.

Red cursed at herself for digging her own standstill, but quickly rebutted with a new comment.

"I take it back." She said, "You're a pea."

Lola looked at Red utterly confused as she should be.

"I'm a pea?" Lola asked.

"You're a pea." Red nodded, smiling as she put her fingers within reach of an 'O' sign but leaving a small enough gap between her thumb and index finger to illustrate her point, "This is you. You're begging for mercy… 'Oh help, Red! Don't eat me!' I'm not listening to you because you're so tiny and insignificant. So you scream to all the other peas in the bowl; 'Oh, help me! She's going to eat me!' But I've already eaten all the other peas in the bowl, Lola. Every. Single. One."

Red then bobbed her head up and down quickly while making a noise that sounded like a cross between somebody gargling on Listerine and bloody murder. Lola stared at Red confused before the latter finished their act, and waited for a response.

"So I'm a pea, huh?" Lola asked.

"Yes." Red nodded, smiling.

To Red, Lola was getting the picture in Red's mind of Red stabbing a fork into a pea with Lola's head on it, while her pea guts spilled all across the bowl she was in.

"I'm sooo full of peas, then?" Lola questioned.


"I'm so full of pea-ness."


"So if I'm a pea…and I'm full of pea-ness…"

"Yes?" Red nodded.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"I WILL EAT YOUR PEA-NESS!" Red shouted, loud enough for all her comrades to hear.

At the sound of this, everyone in front of the two (as Red and Lola were bringing up the back of the line,) turned around and stared at Red horrified, and disgusted by such a vulgar-sounding comment.

Red, suddenly realizing her mistake, looked at them shocked, and then gave a soft laugh, trying to make things right.

"Oh…oh no…" She laughed, "I wasn't…"

"Yeah." Randy declared, waving his arm back, "Go to the back of the line!"

Red turned around, and laughed again, thinking it was all a joke.

"I'm already at the back of the…"

"Go back further." Randy told her.

Lola simply smiled at Red, stepping up a bit as Red gritted her teeth together.

Not over by a longshot, Lola. Red thought to herself, Not over by a longshot.

Meanwhile, Wendy and Stan were taking the mid-front of the line, when Stan decided to test out a bit more of his character's personality by doing what Harrison Ford did best; make snarky remarks.

"So what kind of weapon do you have?" He asked, trying to make his voice gruff.

"Oh, this?" Wendy asked, taking her 'pixie dust' (which in reality was just golden glitter,) out of a pants pocket from her dress, "Why it's pixie dust."

"What good is that going to do besides attract Alec Baldwin?" Stan asked.

"It can do a lot of good if you believe in it," Wendy protested, "It can…make your enemies float away…or distract them with its whimsical charm…."

"More like cheap novelty." Stan rebutted.

"All right, Solo;" Wendy questioned, "What's your secret weapon?"

"What I always use." Stan told her, holding up a belt, "A whip?"

She looked at it questionably.

"A whip?" She repeated.

"Yup." Stan said, "Ain't no one gonna mess with someone who's got a whip."

"That's a belt." Wendy pointed out.

"I know," Stan admitted, "But my Dad said I couldn't get a whip, so instead I use a belt, and therefore it's a whip by Roleplaying means."

"Well it certainly is terrifying." Wendy said in a mocking voice.

"Hey I could whip half a dozen schoolchildren with this, so shut it, Tinkerbell!" Stan warned.

"Oh," Wendy laughed, "Like your greaser son; Shia Labeouf?"

Stan looked at her amazed until his face became red with anger.

"YOU BELONG IN A MESEUM!" He said, pointing at her.

It was at this point, that Jimmy, who had been leading the group, flung his hand (and crutches) up, smacking Token in the face. Token stumbled back at Jimmy squinted his eyes, sensing the surroundings as efficiently as no one else in the group could.

"Hold…fhu…friends." Jimmy declared.

"What?" Randy asked, now concerned to the point where he completely dropped his fake Latin accent.

Jimmy turned around and looked at the group ominously.


"WHAT?!" The entire team asked.

"We…are not..ah..alone." Jimmy finished, quickly.

Everyone looked at him confused as Randy laughed, trying to shake it off.

"Look here, Jimmy;" He told him, "We no speak Crypticense, so perhaps if you spoke the language of English maybe…"

"Look!" Jimmy declared.

Randy turned in front of him to see three black-hooded figures with swords that featured strange markings on them, suddenly standing in the path before them.

"Gah!" Randy declared, taking a few steps back.

"Hello." The large cloak in the middle greeted, "We are three of the seven members of the group called The Zodiac. I'm known as Hood #1."

He pointed over to the hooded figure on the left.

"This is Hood #2."

He finally motioned to the figure on the right.

"And that's Hood #3."

He then placed both of his hands back upon the handle of the sword.

"We bid you welcome as we are three of the seven defenders of Menry's Sword."

"Menry's Sword?" Red asked.

"Yes, young one." Hood #1 nodded, "We are the group who defends the sword from those unworthy as yourself."

"Wait a second; are you saying we're not worthy?!" Randy asked.

"Yes, butt-whistlers." Hood #1 said, in a rather irritated voice.

"Hey! I had to quit work for this bull!" Randy shot at the Hood.

"I paid thirty dollars for this!" Wendy declared.

"Quitting work and paying money for a cheap-ass costume does not make you worthy." Hood #1 said.

"Yessssss…." Hood #2 hissed, "You should all turn back."

"Leave now." Hood #3 added.

"Shut up." Hood #1 told them as they backed up, "I said I was doing the talking."

It was at this moment, that Ike stepped forward.

"What do they call you, foul obnes?" Ike questioned.

"Throughout the ages, Child," Hood #1 answered, "Besides the name of Zodiac, many have named our kind different titles. We have been named The Almost People, The Wraiths, The Dementors, Etc. But in this day and age, we are known simply as…The Shaded."

Everyone stood there confused for a full minute, before Lola finally spoke.

"Why do they call you that?" She asked, confused.

"Because they like wearing swimsuits." Red said, sarcastically before snapping at her companion, "Why do you think?!"

"This is your final warning." Hood #1 spoke, now seriously, "Turn back now, or suffer the consequences."

"Stand back, frewinds." Ike declared, stepping forward towards the Hoods, "Now vile dwemons…face the powber of Thor!"

With that, he threw 'Mjolnir' at Hood #1. The hammer was rubber, and did nothing to him, as Ike yelled one simple phrase.

"Two Lightning!"

With that, he finished, and Hood #1 looked at the 'hammer' and back at Ike as the young Canadian did the same.

"Well?" He asked.

"Well, what?" Hood #1 asked, confused.

"You're suppoubsed to fall like in the rubles."

Hood #1 looked at him more confused, as Lola stood up, to try and help the Hood understand.

"Look." She said, "You have to fall down and pretend to be having a spaz attack, or we're reporting you to the game master."

Suddenly, the once-bright sky suddenly turned dark and there was the sound of real thunder in the distance. At that moment, a deep, terrifying voice came from the throat of Hood #1.


With that, the sky returned to its normal state, and Ike and Lola stood there, speechless.

"You know;" Lola laughed, "I think we've become horribly terrified of you. Toodles!"

With that, Lola and Ike screamed in terror, fleeing for cover behind their teammates.

"Their dark powers are beyond all of you!" Lola declared.

"Stand aside, friend." Randy declared, taking his rapier out, and pointing it at the Hoods.

"Hello." Randy declared, "My name is Inigo Montoya; you killed my Mother."

"Father." Hood #1 corrected.

"Whatever!" Randy groaned, quickly getting back into character, "Prepare to die."

"Good, Montoya;" Kevin declared, standing next to his comrade, "Good! I shall aid you in your time of need. Bring it, you hooded ones!"

"I've been to universes of both Disney AND Final Fantasy from both the good and the bad!" Token declared.

"I've fo-fouh-founded the hidden…blade!" Jimmy added.

"And I've managed to fight Arnold Schwarzenegger!" Red declared.

"So have I!" Lola added, "And I did it better!"

"You ran away from these guys, you idiot!" Red scolded.

As the others rallied against the Hoods, Hood #1 handed his sword to Hood #2. The middle hood then held both his hand over one another so that both palms were perpendicular and facing each other. Suddenly, a blue lightning-like energy appeared between both of his palms. Slowly, it formed into a ball, but the LARPers simply kept at their bravado.

Finally, Hood #1 waved his fingertips and the ball was sent over Team B's heads, as they watched the ball fly before it made impact with the ground behind them, blowing it up with a loud 'BOOM.' When they looked, the path behind them was now nothing more than a steaming crater.

"HO-LY SHIT!" Randy and Kevin declared.

"WET YOURSELVES AND RUN!" Wendy demanded.

The others did as they were told, as The Hoods followed them.

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