"I'm lost." The words echoed throughout the darkness that filled the void. The words rebounded off invisible walls, shaking the weak body that floated with its eyes open wide, trying to find a way out but too tired to put any real effort into it. "How did I get here?" she whispered slowly. The darkness was overpowering the very ability to breathe, to live.

A tear rolled down the soft fleshy cheek and hit the ground. Water. The sound of a ripple, a real ripple, in water, became deafening. The small frame fell into a pool which had abruptly formed beneath her feet and the icy water crashed over her and dragged her down into his freezing embrace. Her brown hair tangled and twirled around her as she was submerged beneath the surface. She tried to grasp for some form of safety, her fingers and toes finding nothing.

She tried not to breathe, to hold back, but eventually she did and she felt the air rush out, bubbling upwards towards the surface. There was no way she could follow them, something was sapping every ounce of strength she had. No sound was in the water except for the girl. There were no monsters, no evil, just pure darkness. And that terrified her.

"H— Help," she begged, pulling herself to the surface with the small amount of energy she could muster. Her voice was beginning to break and become brittle as the cold bit deep into her body. "Someone," she whispered, struggling to move her mouth. "I'm lost." She shivered, her teeth chattering faster than she could move her arms to stay afloat. Looking around, she tried to find something—anything—that could save her. But, it was all still so dark. There was no sign of any terrain or light or any change in her surroundings anytime soon.

"I." She took in a mouthful of water as she forgot to move her arms. "I'm lost," she quietly pleaded, praying someone would find her soon. It was weird that she found herself wishing for the terror to end, just because there was no way she could endure much more.

She was becoming more and more tired and there was no end in sight. "I. I can't hold on m— much. I." She began to sake violently and her eyelids became heavier; it was as if they were made of iron. "I'm f— falling," she called, her voice quivering. The dark water tugged at her ankles as if it was made from a sea of hands.

Snapping her eyes open, she reached up with her hand in one last ditch attempt. "Help!" she yelped, her throat screaming louder than she could. No one replied. Slowly, but surely, she began to sink until only her hand remained above the surface.

A hand flew out from the sky, from nowhere, and grabbed onto her own, tugging her up. "Kari, it'll be okay!"

I originally wrote this when I was in quite a dark space in myself. I was struggling with a lot of things, one of which was writing. It sometimes takes just one person to reach out and that can make a difference. If there's someone in your life who you think might be struggling, then reach out now. Don't wait for tomorrow :)